Lorque Lorque and Associates was founded by father and daughter for the greatest good of the greater numbers, if not for all. It is directly administered, controlled and managed by C/E Bienvenido S. Lorque, Engr. Ma. Jennifer Jane Lorque-Cabunilas,  Engr. Christopher Trance Cabunilas  and their associates.

Aside from our e-mail address at <benslorque@yahoo.com>, our website www.lorquelorqueassociates.com has a FAQ’s and FORUM where knowledge and ideas could be exchanged pertinent to camaraderie, inquiries and solution to the problems on Marine Engineering modern technology both at sea and ashore.

Our Professional consultancy fee is very affordable and each registered member who are entitled to open our website shall avail full benefits they expect.

Other than its purposes and objectives, we served as direct mentor to whatever problem/s each member may ask for or inquires related to engineering problem/s they may encounter, likewise, to provide a solution/s when necessary related to modern marine engineering technology wherever they may be.