Assessment Test

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1. C2 - Which of the listed operational checks should be continuously made on the main propulsion reduction gears?


2. C2 - In the distribution of heat balance in a four-stroke diesel engine, which of the following has the least part?


3. C2 - What could cause a failure of the fuel oil service pump to maintain fuel oil flow to the burner?


4. C2 - In running on fuel with bad ignition quality and long ignition delay, what is the best method to reduce this delay?


5. C2 - What requirements have to be met to carry out a cold standby starting on marine diesel oil?


6. C2 - What is the best way to recondition a defective fuel injector?


7. C2 - Which of the following clearance readings should be taken and recorded in drydock?


8. C2 - When the tailshaft is drawn from a vessel in drydock, which of the following inspections listed below is required to be carried out?


9. C2 - After a long period of operation, a wear ridge, caused by piston ring action, will develop near the top of the cylinder liner. Why is it necessary to removed this ridge when piston rings are renewed?


10. C2 - What is the maximum time interval for hydrostatically testing boilers on a cargo vessel having water-tube boilers as required by regulation?


11. C2 - The studs and bolts on marine boiler mountings must be removed for examination at least every _____.


12. C2 - Which of the following item is NOT being checked by the surveyor during the Annual Survey of the Planned Maintenance System?


13. C2 - What is the survey cycle of all the CMS items?


14. C2 - When reconditioning fuel injector nozzle, the needle and its seat should______ .


15. C2 - Which of the following equipment is covered by CMS?


16. C2 - During the CMS, when any defect or damage is found, similar machinery or equipment are required to be opened and repaired to the satisfaction of whom?


17. C2 - Who among the following surveyors is tasked to examine ship cargoes, investigate accident at sea and prepare accident reports for insurance purposes?


18. C2 - What kind of survey is carried out by the Surveyor within one year from the date of approval for application of the PMS?


19. C2 - The steering gear and all working parts should be inspected and lubricated by engine room watch keepers. What will happen if this routine neglected?


20. C2 - Who has the access to update the maintenance documentation and the maintenance program on board ship?


21. C2 - What particular machinery item on main propulsion diesel engines is NOT to be surveyed by the Chief Engineer?


22. C2 - All spaces shall be made safe for access i.e. gas freed, ventilated and illuminated, and prepared for the surveyor to examine the structure in a safe and practical way. Which of the following means of access, acceptable to the surveyor shall be provided? I.      Portable light II.    lifts and moveable platforms III.   portable ladders


23. C2 - Classification societies recognize survey performed by the Chief Engineer under which of the following conditions?I. Must have held that position for at least one year on ship with same type of propelling machinery. II. Must hold a valid license required for the machinery issued by respective authorities. III. Surveys done on pressureless service tanks which do not form part of all hull structure.


24. C2 - In some instances, some survey items deemed appropriate by the Society could be delegated to ship’s owners, however, when satisfactory maintenance has not been carried out, the Society will require _________. I – Emergency survey II – Open-up survey III – Preventive Machinery Maintenance Survey


25. C2 - Which of the following reason the Society may cancel approval of the PMS when it is considered difficult to be continued?    I.        the PMS is found not operated in accordance with the approved scheme   II.        damage or deficiency found on items covered by the PMS has not been rectified at date recommended    III.        when the shipowner/ ship management company is changed


26. C2 - As a management level officer in a crosshead type propulsion diesel engine, what is the appropriate action if you found that oil consumption is increasing in every voyage? I.        Replace worn out stuffing box rings II.        Overhaul piston/ replace o-rings    III.        Replace broken piston rings


27. C2 - Under the rules of Classification Societies, which of the following items is/are NOT permitted to be surveyed by the Chief Engineer? I.Tanks forming part of the vessel’s hull structure II.Main and auxiliary boiler III. Main air compressor


28. C2 - Confirmatory survey on auxiliary engines carried out by the Surveyors includes which of the following? I - engine to be examined running under load and the governor and circuit breaker tested II – all safety devices, remote controls, and automatic alarms to be tested III – engine performance data to be taken for evaluation


29. C2 - What are the areas usually covered during Safety Equipment Inspection? I. Firefighting and distress equipment II. Navigational equipment III. Details of required navigational lights and sound signals


30. C2 - On the following list, what is/are the important documentation that is/are included in the Planned Maintenance System? I. Maintenance documentation and history II. Reference documentation III. Signing instruction


31. C2 - Harmonizing system of ship survey certification provides which from the following choices? I. one-year standard intervals between surveys. II. a maximum period of validity of five years for all certificates for cargo ships. III. a maximum period of validity for 6 months for “Passenger Ship Safety”


32. C2 - On the following ship’s machinery, which of these may exclusively be surveyed by the surveyors? I.Main and aux. steam boilers II.Apparatus under pressure III.Main drive gears and shafting


33. C2 - Why does survey of the boiler safety valves have to be carried out?   I.        Safety valves need to be adjusted under steam to a pressure not more than 103% of the approved working pressure.    II.        The pressure gauge used for adjustment of safety valves is to be calibrated    III.        The popping pressure of safety valves fitted on the boiler is to be ascertained


34. C2 - Despite the CMS Program, a thorough examination may be required on similar parts when ____________.    I.defects or failures are found on areas surveyed     II.surveyor is in doubt of maintenance records III.survey schedules are not followed


35. C2 - What kind of the survey system which alleviates the problem caused by survey dates and interval between surveys that does not coincide?


36. C2 - By what means the vessel can effectively be monitored of its sea worthiness by the classification society in order for classed continuity?


37. C2 - Which of the following list of machinery cannot be surveyed by the Chief Engineer?


38. C2 - What survey ensures that the necessary repairs or renewals have been effectively made and that the ship is fit to proceed to sea without presenting an unreasonable threat of harm to safety or marine environment?


39. C2 - Which of the following is NOT included in the Planned Maintenance System documentation?


40. C2 - When is the best time to give a boiler a bottom blow?


41. C2 - A diesel engine fails to start due to excessive water in the fuel. Before the engine can be started, where could water be removed from?


42. C2 - Which of the following is NOT part of the survey arrangement base on planned maintenance and therefore, excluded in the Continuous machinery Survey scheme?


43. C2 - What are the surveys performed by a government ship surveyor?


44. C2 - If a ship does not operate an approved PMS, who is responsible to arrange the attendance of a Surveyor on the first port?


45. C2 - Which of the listed substances is used as an absorbing agent in the shipboard dehydration of refrigeration system?


46. C2 - What other chemical test is conducted daily in a boiler water aside from the Alkalinity Test?


47. C2 - How many In-water Surveys (IWS) is being required by Classification Societies in each five-year survey cycle?


48. C2 - What kind of maintenance system is adopted when records indicate that it is necessary and not at arbitrary chosen intervals?


49. C2 - The oil separator trap is located between the/or __________.


50. C2 - On a diesel engine jacket cooling water system, the low pressure alarm should be set...


51. C2 - What kind of survey is to be carried out at each anniversary after the vessel delivery?


52. C2 - Which admits air to the piston of a cylinder relay valves in a correct sequence for engine starting?


53. C2 - Which of the following items of machinery can be surveyed by the Chief Engineer?


54. C2 - In an auxiliary diesel engine, after a major overhaul and survey, which of the following would the classification surveyor wish to check before returning it into service?


55. C2 - Which of the following listed construction details of internal combustion engines is required?


56. C2 - What is the reason why replacement of piping for diesel engine high pressure fuel systems must be of the same length and diameter as the original piping?


57. C2 - What is the purpose of the expansion tank in a closed type jacket cooling water system of a diesel engine?


58. C2 - Why is it necessary to blow down a gauge glass periodically?


59. C2 - What is the purpose of the heater module in the jacket-cooling water system?


60. C2 - What causes carbon to adhere to the inside surfaces of a fuel oil heater?


61. C2 - When should you blow down the boiler water gage glasses?


62. C2 - An interlock in the remote operating valve line of air starting system, stops the valve opening in what condition?


63. Why is it necessary to blow down a gage glass periodically?


64. Which of the following items is/are NOT covered by CMS? I.    Tail shaft   II.    Boiler   III.    Air compressor


65. C2 - Which of the following terms represents the form of heat removed from the refrigerant in the condenser of a refrigeration system?


66. C2 - Heat which brings about a change in the physical state of a substance without a change in temperature, is called____.


67. C2 - The degree to which the viscosity of an oil will change with a change in temperature is indicated by the_______.


68. C2 - Latent heat can be defined as the heat which must be added to a substance in order to change its_______.


69. C2 - It is a form of energy which crosses the boundary of a system during a change of state produced by a difference of temperature between the system and its surroundings.


70. C2 - Heat may be transferred by __________.


71. C2 - The principle which states that "energy cannot be created nor be destroyed", is known as the law of _______.


72. C2 - The purpose of end clearance on a diesel engine piston ring is to __________.


73. C2 - An impulse-reaction turbine is characterized by which of the following arrangements?


74. C2 - An increase in clearance between reaction blade tips and the turbine casing will result to_______________ .


75. C2 - What is carried out whenever any repairs or renewals are made which could materially affect the safety and condition of the ship?


76. C2 - Classification society ship surveyors perform which of the following surveys?


77. C2 - How long is the survey cycle for all CMS items?


78. C2 - What kind of survey is to be carried out after the vessel had been delivered to an owner?


79. C2 - In reference to air conditioning, when air attains the maximum amount of moisture it can hold at a specific temperature, it is said to be __________.


80. C2 - Which of the following problems may be encountered when using an oil having a viscosity higher than that specified for an operating a hydraulic system?


81. C2 - The unbalanced force, which is directed toward the center of the circular path is called ________.


82. C2 - As steam accomplishes work in an engine or turbine, the pressure of the steam is reduced because it __________.


83. C2 - It is the responsibility of the ship’s staff to obtain from the fuel supplier a sealed, labeled, and representative fuel sample at each bunker operation, how many days should it be retained onboard?


84. C2 - The location of a vessel’s frame stations may be obtained from which of the listed drawings?


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