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1. C3 - Ejectors are simple, reliable, inexpensive, effective and ______________.


2. C3 - What can cause white smoke exhausting from a diesel engine?


3. C3 - What is the sign of an early injection timing in a diesel engine?


4. C3 - Regarding main propulsion boilers, what condition would normally be indicated if the bridge reported that white smoke was observed coming from the stack?


5. C3 - Poor atomization accompanied by an elongated flame from a stem atomization burner is most likely caused by _______.


6. C3 - Which of the following will have the greatest effect on the mean effective pressure in a cylinder of a diesel engine operating at normal load?


7. C3 - If the turbocharger of a four-stroke /cycle diesel engine fails to operate properly, which of the following statements best describes the probable effect?


8. C3 - What will result in the longer ignition delay period resulting from the use of low cetane fuel?


9. C3 - Which of the following could result if there is late fuel injection in a diesel engine?


10. C3 - In a diesel engine, late fuel injection is indicated by black or gray exhaust smoke with ___________.


11. C3 - Late fuel injection in a diesel engine is indicated by low firing pressure. What might be the other indication?


12. C3 - Late fuel injection in a diesel engine is indicated by low firing pressure. What is the other indication?


13. C3 - White stack smoke from a main propulsion boiler could indicate _______.


14. C3 - What will be the result of prolonged operation of a diesel engine closed cooling sysetm with temperature lower than that of designated temperature?


15. C3 - On a steering gear system, what does the telemotor receiver unit control?


16. C3 - What is the main operating characteristic of diesel engines that distinguishes them from other internal combustion engines?


17. C3 - What is the purpose of the flywheel?


18. C3 - An operating turbocharged diesel engine that suddenly loses power, is due to a/an _______.


19. C3 - What might cause the sweating of the crankcase of a refrigeration compressor?


20. C3 - Diesel engine mufflers or silencers reduce the engine exhaust noise by _______.


21. C3 - What could influence the ratio of pressure rise during the period following initial fuel ignition in a diesel engine?


22. C3 - What maintains the crankshaft axial alignment on a large diesel engine installation?


23. C3 - When associated with main propulsion diesel engines, shaker, circulation, and spray are the three general methods used in __________.


24. C3 - A pneumatic pressure tank is installed in a sanitary system to _____________.


25. C3 - What is the secondary function of a waste heat boiler?


26. C3 - What is the primary function of a waste heat boiler?


27. C3 - When there is an increase in load on your boiler, what is needed to attain a good combustion?


28. C3 - A knocking sound from one cylinder of an operating air compressor indicates


29. C3 - The exposed portion of the outboard propeller shaft is protected against seawater corrosion by___________ .


30. C3 - A refrigeration system compressor crankcase is sweating or unusually cold. This is an indication of


31. C3 - In a low pressure air compressor, the loss of volumetric efficiency normally results from__________.


32. C3 - How is the speed of a radial piston hydraulic motor controlled?


33. C3 - How do we maintain constant steam pressure?


34. C3 - If the discharge valve is closed before the drive motor is stopped, which of the following types of pumps will most likely be damaged?


35. C3 - How is the designed capacity of a centrifugal pump being maintained?


36. C3 - Which of the following describes a characteristic of scale forming impurities in boiler water?


37. C3 - A good quality oil used in main propulsion engine lubrication systems should be________ .


38. C3 - The conical steel or composition cone installed on a propeller, known as a fairwater cone, provides which of the following benefits?


39. C3 - Which of the following statements is true concerning the overall efficiency of air compressors?


40. C3 - An important point of consideration when replacing a dry type intake filter on an air compressor is to______


41. C3 - When the relief valve opens it discharges high pressure refrigerant vapor to the____________.


42. C3 - How is dissolved oxygen in boiler feed water minimized?


43. C3 - In a pneumatic automation system, a unit producing a signal to govern the position of the controller of the measured variable, relative to the value of the measured variable, is said to have ________.


44. C3 - How do lubricating oil and grease gets into the boiler water system?


45. C3 - What is the function of a hydraulic telemotor transmitter used in an electro-hydraulic steering gear system?


46. C3 - A seven cylinder, two-stroke/cycle, single acting diesel engine with a cylinder indicated horsepower calculated as 1350 kW and brake horsepower measured at 7466 kW.What is its mechanical effeciency?


47. C3 - When is the highest pressure in a diesel engine cylinder normally occurred?


48. C3 - Excessive side clearance between a piston ring and its groove will cause the ring to____________.


49. C3 - A turbocharger is an air compressor driven by__________.


50. C3 - After a normal firing, you should check for a/an __________.


51. C3 - What is the device used to keep moisture from passing through the system?


52. C3 - An air conditioning system with clogged filters will have which one of the following conditions?


53. C3 - What is the purpose of turning a main propulsion diesel engine with the cylinder test cocks open prior to starting?


54. C3 - The rate of the fuel injection in a diesel engine cylinder depends primarily on ____________.


55. C3 - Excessive accumulation of carbon deposits on a boiler burner throat ring and diffuser could result in ______.


56. C3 - A seven cylinder, 2-stroke/cycle, single acting diesel engine has a 750 mm bore and a 2000 mm stroke. What indicated power will be developed if the average mean effective pressure is 14.8 kg/cm2 at a speed of 96 RPM?


57. C3 - A diesel engine indicator diagram measures 12.5 cm in length and has a area of 22 cm2. What is the cylinder mean effective pressure if the spring used has a scale of 1.25 mm equals 1 kg/cm2?


58. C3 - A diesel engine indicator diagram has an area of 22 cm2 and a length of 12.5 cm. If the scale of the indicator spring is 1 mm = 1 kg/cm2, what is the cylinder mean effective pressure?


59. C3 - Economy and efficiency in the operating of a marine boiler have traditionally been characterized by _____.


60. C3 - How will you operate a centrifugal fire pump at reduced capacity?


61. C3 - Blisters developing on boiler tubes can be caused by _________.


62. C3 - Why is some main diesel engines vibrating at a certain RPM?


63. C3 - To obtain the best mixing of air and fuel with a fuel oil atomizer, you need to adjust the ________.


64. C3 - Which of the following factors tends to increase scale formation on the saltwater side of a heat exchanger used in a diesel engine cooling water system?


65. C3 - Where is the charging valve of a refrigeration system located?


66. C3 - The most important parameter for a marine diesel engine is the rating figure usually stated as ________.


67. C3 - Compressed air to operate air powered tools is supplied by which of the following ?


68. C3 - In most installations, the firing rate of a boiler using steam atomization is indicated by the ________.


69. C3 - What may cause white smoke exhausting from an operating diesel engine?


70. C3 - What is the purpose of an exhaust gas bypass installed on a waste heat boiler?


71. C3 - In a boiler furnace, incomplete combustion due to insufficient air yields an excess amount of _______.


72. C3 - What does the indicator card or pressure-volume diagram show?


73. C3 - What condition of an inlet manifold pressure does a turbocharged diesel engine have in relation to the load?


74. C3 - Corrosion and grooving on the blading of an exhaust driven turbocharger is caused by certain components of residual fuel oils. These components are vanadium, sodium, and _____.


75. C3 - If crank web deflection readings is positive, what does this indicate?


76. C3 - If fuel injection to a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine begins earlier than designed, why is ignition maybe delayed?


77. C3 - When a diesel engine compression pressure is checked, where is the indicator connected?


78. C3 - If the speed of a turbocharged diesel engine is maintained constant, the turbocharger speed will _______.


79. C3 - Waterside grooving is usually very difficult to locate in a boiler tube before leakage occurs because _______.


80. C3 - Which of the following is used for bilge systems, evaporators and gas freeing systems on tanks?


81. C3 - What is a low cylinder compression pressure and a high exhaust temperature indicate from among the choices?


82. C3 - On a turbocharged, medium –speed, diesel engine, which of the following problems is an indication of a restricted air intake passage?


83. C3 - The speed of the turbocharger for a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine driving a generator at constant speed depends on the _______.


84. C3 - What statement is correct pertaining to Oily Water Separator, OWS?


85. C3 - A diesel engine is warmed up and white vapor is noted in the exhaust,what does this indicate?


86. C3 - What can cause a combustion knock occurring in a diesel engine?


87. C3 - What indicats a sudden increase in lube oil pressure to the main turbine?


88. C3 - All of the diesel cylinders firing pressures are normal, yet all of the exhaust temperatures are low. Which of the following situations is responsible for this condition?


89. C3 - The pressure in an operating diesel engine cylinder continues to rise for a short period after the piston passes top dead center as a result of the __________.


90. C3 - Which of the following conditions is responsible for the fuel oil to atomize when using a steam atomizer in an auxiliary boiler?


91. C3 - What is a practical way of checking for excessive fuel injection in one cylinder of an operating diesel engine?


92. C3 - Which of the listed conditions would indicate a dirty atomizer sprayer plate?


93. C3 - Excess air must be provoked to an operating boiler to allow for _______.


94. C3 - The potable water piping systems in ships must be ____________.


95. C3 - What component of a diesel engine converts the linear motion of a piston into the rotary motion required to drive gears, propeller shafts, and generators?


96. C3 - If a boiler is smoking a black and increasing the boiler front air box pressure does not reduce the smoke, the cause can be ______.


97. C3 - What can cause black smoke exhausting from an operating diesel engine?


98. C3 - If fuel injection occurs too early, a diesel engine will lose power for what reason?


99. C3 - The development of pinhole leaks where the boiler tubes enter the water drums and headers, may be evidence of _______.


100. C3 - What do pyrometers commonly found on diesel engine exhaust systems consist of?


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