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1. C4 - Additives commonly found in turbine lubricating oil includes,______________.


2. C4 - The ash content of a fuel oil is significant to the operating engineer because it_____.


3. C4 - Dirt should not be allowed to contaminate a grease lubricant because the_______.


4. C4 - Which one is fitted between oil tanks and other compartments and must be at least 760mm. wide?


5. C4 - If two different fuel oil are mixed in one tank during bunkering, which of the following substance will be produced?


6. C4 - On purifiers, as a rule of thumb, the time interval set between automatic de-sludging of 180 cst heavy fuel oil should be?


7. C4 - Failure of the fuel oil service pump to maintain fuel oil flow to the burner could be caused by ____.


8. C4 - An emergency bilge suction is required for _____.


9. C4 - Which of the following procedures will tell you that the lube oil being used by the engine is still in good condition?


10. C4 - On a gear pump, what is the usual method of reducing the delivery pressure?


11. C4 - When taking over the engine room watch, what should you check concerning the operational lubricating oil purifier ?


12. C4 - What might be the cause of an increase of marine diesel engine crankcase pressure?


13. C4 - The rate of expansion of heated fuel oil varies with the ______.


14. C4 - The lubricating oil on the exhaust side of the turbine blower gets dirty after only a few hours in service. What can the reason be ?


15. C4 - When fuel oil has seriously contaminated your lube oil, you should __________..

16. C4 - The minimum temperature requirements for fuel oil in storage tanks is related to the _______.


17. C4 - Which characteristic of fuel oil is the most significant when determining the temperature to which the fuel oil must be heated for proper atomization?


18. C4 - If a bilge pump is able to develop vacuum, but is unable to sufficiently pump out the bilges, you would check for all of the following EXCEPT _____.


19. C4 - Which type of pump would be most suitable for pumping large quantities such as oil cargoes ?


20. C4 - When heated, fuel oil will ______.


21. C4 - The construction of the main propulsion engine lube oil sump should ________________.


22. C4 - What might be the cause of marine diesel engine having an excessive consumption of lubricating oil?


23. C4 - The flash point of a residual fuel should be used to determine the _____.


24. C4 - What is the best gasket material to use in cargo fuel oil lines?


25. C4 - Fuel oil viscosity to the atomizer can be reduced by ________.


26. C4 - The BTU value of fuel oil is determined by a/an _______.


27. C4 - Which of the following signs may indicate there is serious water contamination in the M/E lube oil system ?


28. C4 - Which component of a hydraulic system would enable the pump to be temporarily shutdown. And yet provide an instantaneous source of hydraulic oil?


29. C4 - Demulsibility of a lube oil is defined as _________________.


30. C4 - What procedure must be done in order to have the fuel oil viscosity entering the atomizer be reduced?


31. C4 - Which of the following problems occurring in a hydraulic system could cause the use of an oil having a viscosity lower than specified?


32. C4 - The portion of a hydraulic hose that determines its overall strength, is the_________.


33. C4 - The pour point of lubricating oils is affected the most by which of the following?


34. C4 - The neutralization number of lube oil used in the machinery has exceeded its permissible range, therefore, it will be necessary to ______.


35. C4 - An organic solid lubricant, such as graphite, is suitable as an oil additive when used in_______________.


36. C4 - A filter used in a multi-operation hydraulic system would most likely be located______.


37. C4 - What is the harmful effect of sulfur in a fuel?


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