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1. C5 - The heating of conductors as a result of resistance in a distribution circuit causes a power loss expressed as_______.


2. C5 - The greatest detrimental effect on idle electrical equipment, such as cargo pump motor is the_______.


3. C5 - "An electrical device which employs a stationary armature and a rotating electromagnetic field is used aboard ship as a_______. .


4. C5 - AC circuits possess characteristics of resistance, inductance, and capacitance. The capacitive reactance of a circuit is expressed in_____ .


5. C5 - The frequency output of an operating alternator is controlled by the______ . .


6. C5 - Which of the following types of motors is often designed for use in correcting power factor?


7. C5 - The purpose of a cage rotor winding placed on the rotor of a synchronous motor is to ________.


8. C5 - A constant output voltage from an AC generator is maintained by the_________.


9. C5 - The capacity of a storage battery is measured in_______.


10. C5 - When paralleling two AC generators, what should be the frequency of the incoming machine prior to closing its breaker?


11. C5 - From among the choices , what is the reactive power drawn by a motor from an AC generator?


12. C5 - What is the approximate voltage per cell produced by the nickel-iron (Edison) battery?


13. C5 - What is the approximate discharge voltage produced by one cell of a wet type nickel-cadmium battery?


14. C5 - What is the normal open-circuit voltage of one cell of a fully charged lead-acid battery?


15. C5 - What should be the ideal in-service temperature of a running electric motor bearing?


16. C5 - Which of the listed sections of an emergency switchboard is used to supply power for alarm signals under emergency conditions?


17. C5 - An emergency generator driven by an internal combustion engine, shall be tested under load for a minimum of 2 hours at least once evry ___.


18. C5 - A milliammeter with a full scale deflection reading of 100 milliamps is known to have an accuracy of plu or minus 2%. A meter reading of 5 milliamps would indicate a line current of between _____.


19. C5 - In an alternating current electrical system, a low system power factor is a direct sign of ____.


20. C5 - When a resistor is used as a shunt and is connected in parallel with a meter movement coil, it will provide _____.


21. C5 - An ammeter reads slightly ‘zero’ when its lead are disconnected, this is a result of ______.


22. C5 - A series wound DC motor has its armature and field connected in series with a resistor. When the motor is disconnected from its power supply, this motor will exemplify _____.


23. C5 - Which of the following equipment below is not fitted to the generator trouble detecting system?


24. C5 - Common nickel-cadmium and nickel-iron storage batteries utilize _____.


25. C5 - Motor name plate data includes, C rise. What does C rise mean?


26. C5 - What do you call a valve which is operated by an electromagnet?


27. C5 - Why is it necessary to reduce the charging rate of a lead -acid battery when it is near full charge?


28. C5 - The RPM of an AC generator can be measured with a/an _____.


29. C5 - Which of the meters listed should only be used after a circuit has been electrically de-energized?


30. C5 - What determines the division of kilowatt load between two paralleled alternators?


31. C5 - Electrical circuits are protected against overheating by means of a/an ___.


32. C5 - What do you call a device which prints out a permanent record of the plant operating conditions?


33. C5 - Which of the following components are used to convert AC produced in the generator windings to direct current?


34. C5 - All feeder circuit breakers are molded-case circuit breakers, which means ______________.


35. C5 - In order to protect the generator in service from overload, the non-essential load is isolated from the system by what device?


36. C5 - An adjustable resistor, whose resistance can be changed without opening the circuit in which it is connected, is called a ____.


37. C5 - What is the standard method of controlling the output voltage of a 440 volt, 60 Hz, Ac generator?


38. C5 - What determines the power factor of an electrical distribution system being supplied by a single AC generator?


39. C5 - How is the voltage output of an AC generator accurately controlled?


40. C5 - A molded-case breaker provides protection against short circuits in what way?


41. C5 - Voltage will always lead current in a/an_____.


42. C5 - What is the most inefficient method of voltage reduction from the stand point of power loss?


43. C5 - Wat is the most practical method of controlling the RPM of a step-speed AC motor ?


44. C5 - Transformers are used onboard ships with AC generators to ____.


45. C5 - The basic “control action” of a magnetic amplifier is dependent upon _____.


46. C5 - What is the method of testing for a reversed shunt field coil in a DC motor?


47. C5 - What is the distinct characteristic of the hydrogen gas that is giving off from the lead - acide battery during charging?


48. C5 - If a transformer is connected to a DC source, the transformer will overload at the _____.


49. C5 - What will happen to the alternator If the energy input is significantly reduced to the prime mover of one ship board alternator operating in parallel with others?


50. C5 - Which of the following refers to an electrical device being used to increase or decrease the voltage in an AC.current?


51. C5 - As an armature revolves within a magnetic field, friction is developed between the rotated magnetized particles as they pass though each magnetization cycle. This results in ____.


52. C5 - Increasing the load on the secondary windings of a transformer will cause a/an _____.


53. C5 - What determines the speed of a squirrel cage induction motor?


54. C5 - Basic operating characteristics of the operational amplifier such as gain and stability are the function of its______.


55. C5 - The source of emergency lighting and power at loss of normal ship’s power on a cargo vessel should be obtained from the ____.


56. C5 - Two DC drive motors provide input to a single output reduction gear. Upon relieving an at sea watch you notice that one motor has reduced voltage and zero current compared to the normal voltage and current indicated on the opposite motor. What should you check first?


57. C5 - While starting a main propulsion synchronous motor, the ammeter pegs out at maximum and then returns to the proper value after synchronization. What does this indicate?


58. C5 - The main difference between a shunt-wound motor and squirrel-cage motor is that the shunt-wound motor has _____________


59. C5 - A transformer in an electric circuit serves to ___.


60. C5 - Capacitors can be used in electric distribution systems to improve power factor. This is accomplished by seesawing energy between the capacitor and the ____.


61. C5 - Why is it desirable to operate paralleled AC generators at the same power factor?


62. C5 - Which of the substances listed can be used to shield sensitive equipment from static magnetic fields?


63. C5 - To limit the current flow through a DC, voltmeter to as low a value as possible, the moving coil is provided with a/an ____.


64. C5 - Why is it necessary that a battery charging rooms should be well ventilated?


65. C5 - If overloading an electric motor becomes necessary in an emergency, What should you do?


66. C5 - In a single motor electrical steering system what supplies the main steering motor?


67. C5 - Local action in a dry-cell, or lead storage battery is the process whereby__________.


68. C5 - Which of the following losses is/are present in every direct current generator armature? I. Winding copper loss II. Core eddy current loss III. Magnetic hysteresis loss


69. C5 - The 24 volt DC bus on the emergency switchboard is used to supply power to the ___. I. gyrocompass power failure alarm system II. smoke detection system III. general alarm system


70. C5 - Incandescent lamps are classified according to ____. I. shape of bulb and type of service II. size and style of base III. operating voltage and wattage


71. C5 - A DC ammeter would normally be connected ______.


72. C5 - Which of the following statements represents the correct method of connecting the shunt of an ammeter prior to taking a reading?


73. C5 - What should you do to the charging current when a lead-acid battery gassing freely while receiving a normal charge?


74. C5 - External shunts are sometimes used with ammeters to _____.


75. C5 - What is a common method used to control the speed of the AC propulsion motor on a diesel-electric propulsion ship?


76. C5 - What keep the line losses in a distribution circuit at minimum?


77. C5 - The Wheatstone bridge is a precision measuring instrument utilizing the principle of changes in ____.


78. C5 - In a compound-wound motor, where is a portion of the line current flows through?


79. C5 - How does the speed of a synchronous motor change?


80. C5 - Which of the following is the function of an automatic voltage regulators provided on main switchboards?


81. C5 - Power transformers are rated in _____.


82. C5 - When the voltage and the current developed in an AC circuit reach their peak values at the same time, the power factor is considered to be _____.


83. C5 - When voltage and current developed in an AC circuit reach their peak values at the same time, the power factor is ___.


84. C5 - The operating torque of the disk or timer element in an AC reverse power relay is obtained from _____.


85. C5 - What is the maximum allowable primary current of a 2 KVA step - down transformer with a four to one turns ratio if connected across a 440 volt line?


86. C5 - The open-circuit voltage of a fully charged lead-acid battery cell is _______ .


87. C5 - A milliammeter, with a full scale deflection reading of 100 milliamps, is known to have an accuracy of + or - 2%. A meter reading of 10 milliamps would indicate a line current of between .


88. C5 - What is the function of damper windings in a synchronous motor ?


89. C5 - The rated temperature rise of an electric motor is the_______.


90. C5 - The part of the shipboard electrical system used to control the distribution of power to the branch circuits, is the______.


91. C5 - Voltage generated by most AC generators is fed from the machine to the bus by means of ____ .


92. C5 - Battery charging rooms should be well ventilated because the charging process produces ______.


93. C5 - When reading electrical motor controller diagrams, it helps to know that________.


94. C5 - A device that utilizes the principle of electromagnetic induction is the______ .


95. C5 - Which of the following physical characteristics does a wound- rotor induction motor possess that a squirrel cage motor has none?


96. C5 - A low voltage source is being used for testing armature coils. A coil short circuit will be indicated by a ___________.


97. C5 - When measuring AC current flow, you must always connect the meter ___________.


98. C5 - To increase the frequency of an operating AC generator, you should __________.


99. C5 - An electrical device which prevents action from occurring until all other required conditions are met is called _______.


100. C5 - The main purpose of the auxiliary winding on a split-phase, single- phase motor is to_______ .


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