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1. C8 - When is the cylinder lubrication oil for low speed main propulsion diesel engines admitted to each cylinder?


2. C8 - Which of the following causes a cylinder line to cracked?


3. C8 - Visual inspection of a fuel injection valve, removed during overhaul, shows heat discoloration of the lower end of the valve. What does this indicate?


4. C8 - A fuel leak occurs in the high pressure fuel piping between the injection pump and fuel nozzle. Why is this required immediate repair?


5. C8 - Which of the following conditions could contribute to the cracking of a diesel engine cylinder head?


6. C8 - When taking out the fuel injector from cylinder head, which of the following is the most advisable to do?


7. C8 - What is caused by excessively low air pressure in the intercooler of reciprocating air compressor?


8. C8 - What is the effect of air in the fuel lines to the fuel injection nozzles to a diesel engine?


9. C8 - When a DC motor that fails to start, what is the first thing to check?


10. C8 - What can cause by a crack in a cylinder liner?


11. C8 - What is the result of excessive oxygen in boiler water?


12. C8 - What indicates air blowing from the intake air filter of an operating air compressor?


13. C8 - A restrictor valve in a hydraulic hatch cover system does which of the following?


14. C8 - What do you call a gear on which the teeth are cut parallel to the axis of the shaft?


15. C8 - Visual inspection of chrome-plated piston compression rings reveals a black ring face at the position of the cylinder liner ports. What is this ring condition indicated?


16. C8 - If the engineer on watch has reason to doubt the accuracy of the water level shown in the boiler gauge glass, What should he do first?


17. C8 - Which immediate action should you take when the temperature of one line shaft bearing increases above its normal operating temperature?


18. C8 - When a fuel injection nozzle overheats, which of the problems listed below can be expected?


19. C8 - If an operating bilge pump is developing good vaccum, but it is unable to discharge any water. Which of the following problems listed below is the most probable cause?


20. C8 - What may cause a low discharge pressure in a refrigerating compressor?


21. C8 - Fuel injection nozzles are usually of the multi-orifice type with the number and placement of the holes arranged according to the __________.


22. C8 - What could be the cause of heavy soot accumulations in an auxiliary boiler?


23. C8 - When it is necessary to bypass the flow from the fuel oil meter in the fuel oil service system?


24. C8 - A refrigeration system compressor crankcase is sweating or unusually cold. This is an indication of ________.


25. C8 - In a low pressure air compressor, the loss of volumetric efficiency normally results from _________.


26. C8 - If one of the bilge system manifold valves does not properly seat, the ___________.


27. C8 - If you suspect that a gage is sticking and giving an inaccurate reading, you should_______.


28. C8 - For the proper control of the air temperature in an air conditioning system using chilled water circulation, which of the listed conditions should remain constant regardless of load changes?


29. C8 - A reciprocating air compressor is running roughly and vibrating excessively, indicating that the _______.


30. C8 - A dirty intercooler on the ship service air compressor will result to ______.


31. C8 - The purpose of an air compressor unloading device is to_____.


32. C8 - A centrifugal pump vibrates excessively during operation. Upon disassembling the pump it is found that the impeller is out of balance. Without an available spare, you should ________.


33. C8 - To prevent overheating and scoring of the shaft after repacking the stuffing box, which of the following procedures should be carried out?


34. C8 - One of the main functions of wear rings as used in a centrifugal pumps, is to_________.


35. C8 - Which of the following problems occurring in a hydraulic system can be caused by the use of an oil having a viscosity lower than specified?


36. C8 - Which of the following actions should be taken first if one bilge well of a multiple suction bilge system is unable to be pumped out?


37. C8 - Excessive leakage and premature failure of valve packing is a result of _________.


38. C8 - The operation of a thermostatic steam trap depends upon the ________.


39. C8 - The pump packing gland has been repeatedly tightened by small increments until the gland has bottomed. Which of the actions listed should be carried out next if the leakage continues to be excessive?


40. C8 - One cause of leaky valves in a low pressure air compressor may be attributed to______.


41. C8 - To maintain design discharge pressure from a centrifugal pump, the design clearance must be maintained between the ____.


42. C8 - If the foundation bolts of a reciprocating air compressor are loose, which of the conditions below will occur?


43. C8 - The clearance volume for a single stage compressor is defined as the space created between the ______.


44. C8 - If one hydraulic pump of an electro-hydraulic steering unit fails, the vessel's steering can be initially and best maintained by using the _______.


45. C8 - A centrifugal pump may fail to deliver water when first started if the______.


46. C8 - Water leaking from a pump packing gland is kept away from the bearing housing by the use of ______.


47. C8 - If a centrifugal pump vibrates and is noisy when operating, the cause could be________.


48. C8 - What is the indication of distortion on the spray pattern of a nozzle or injector?


49. C8 - What causes the possibility of non-atomized fuel dripping from the fuel injection nozzles after injection of the fine fuel mist has finished?


50. C8 - How can a leak in a heating coil in a fuel oil storage tank should be detected quickly?


51. C8 - What indicates the crackling noise coming from the centrifugal pump housing?


52. C8 - What is the possible cause why a lube oil pump fails to build up discharge pressure?


53. C8 - What is the action by the chief engineer when your vessel is underway in a channel and all of a sudden the vessel runs a ground?


54. C8 - What does an unusual or new vibration in the hull or propeller shafting indicate?


55. C8 - What could be the possible cause why a diesel generator engine freely turns over but fails to ignite properly?


56. C8 - What procedure may cause piston seizure?


57. C8 - What can cause dirt in a fuel oil system to the diesel engine?


58. C8 - Which of the listed adjustments must be made to a naturally aspirated four-stroke/cycle diesel engine if a turbocharger is to be installed?


59. C8 - What is caused by restrictions occurring in the small orifices of pneumatic control system components?


60. C8 - What is the consequence of having a moisture erosion in the last stages of the low pressure turbine?


61. C8 - Which of the following could be the direct cause of crankcase explosion in a diesel engine?


62. C8 - Regarding the thermo hydraulic feedwater regulator, what caused the formation of steam in the outer tube?


63. C8 - If the main propulsion turbine begins to vibrate severely while you are increasing speed, what should you do?


64. C8 - In what way does lubricating oil supply to the crankpin bearings in a marine diesel engine?


65. C8 - Which of the following could be the possible reason if the pump fails to deliver liquid?


66. C8 - What cause an excessive power loss in a straight reaction turbine?


67. C8 - When inspecting piston rings through the ports of a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine, what indicates black areas on the sealing surfaces.


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