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1. C12 - A fire may spread by which of the following means?


2. C12 - The function of the bypass valve on the self-contained breathing apparatus is to __________.


3. C12 - Foam extinguishes fire by_______.


4. C12 - Extinguishing oil fire is very effective when ________.


5. C12 - Fuel vents are fitted with corrosion resistant screen to prevent ____.


6. C12 - Annual servicing of a hand portable CO2 fire extinguisher includes_________ .


7. C12 - A spark arrestor _______.


8. C12 - On an inspection of your tankship you notice that there are no portable fire extinguishers in the pump room. To comply with regulations, you __________.


9. C12 - How often shall crew members participate in fire drills?


10. C12 - What is required in addition to the heat, fuel, and oxygen of the fire triangle to have a fire?


11. C12 - Fire alarm system thermostats are actuated by __________.


12. C12 - The supply of carbon dioxide used in the fixed extinguishing system aboard a cargo vessel must be at least sufficient for __________.


13. C12 - What is the function of the bypass valve on the self-contained breathing apparatus?


14. C12 - According to 46 CFR's Part 96, what is the minimum period of time that an approved self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is required to provide an air supply?


15. C12 - Maximum allowable working pressure for each oil transfer hose assembly must be at least_______.


16. C12 - Which unit will provide excellent mobility to the wearer in an unsafe atmosphere and provide oxygen to sustain life?


17. C12 - Which of the listed tanks present the greatest potential for an explosion?


18. C12 - Which of the following vessel's making a sea voyage requires to keep an oil record book?


19. C12 - Fire main outlet valves or hydrants located on e decks shall be in _____.


20. C12 - Who among these officers onboard are considered knowledgeable enough who can act as guides in order that provisions of International laws and Conferences are observed and implemented?


21. C12 - Which part is the weakest link when the pumping connections are made up of flanged hoses in an oil pumping activity?


22. C12 - If a fire hose is left unattended and under pressure with the nozzle shut off, the fire hose will _____.


23. C12 - Which of the following statements is true concerning carbon dioxide when used as a fire extinguishing agent?


24. C12 - Fires resulting from “spontaneous combustion” are usually caused by the improper disposal of________.


25. C12 - “Dry Powder” fire extinguishers, which contain a mixture of graphite and sodium chloride as the extinguishing agent, are generally used to fight which type of fire?


26. C12 - The dumping of plastic such as fishing nets or garbage into the sea is regulated by_____________.


27. C12 - If a fire occurs in an electric cable, in which the inner layers of insulation have burned, you should FIRST _________.


28. C12 - Which of the following fire extinguishing agents has the greatest capacity for heat absorption?


29. C12 - The MAIN objection to the use of a dry chemical fire extinguisher on an electrical fire is that the __________.


30. C12 - Through which of the listed process is sufficient heat produced to cause spontaneous ignition?


31. C12 - Gasoline is a flammable liquid whose vapors are ___________.


32. C12 - Which of the petroleum products listed has the lowest flash point?


33. C12 - Which of the following statements concerning chemical foam is TRUE?


34. C12 - Who is responsible to the Operation Manager for the technical aspects and seaworthiness of the ships, except for the engineering spaces and personnel?


35. C12 - What is the purpose of adopting international convention onboard?


36. C12 - In firefighting, the term 'protecting exposures' means _____________.


37. C12 - What is the main reason of implementing provisions on International Conferences or Convention onboard?


38. C12 - Automatically closed fire dampers installed in the vessel's ventilation system are operated by the use of a ____________.


39. C12 - If the crew are still on board and salvage tug is around, what would the master do if it is determined that saving the ship is not possible?


40. C12 - Which is NOT a mandatory requirement of the shipboard oil pollution emergency plan?


41. C12 - What is termed as the process of killing the ineffective bacteria from the water so as to make it safe for drinking?


42. C12 - Which of the following statements is true concerning Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF)?


43. C12 - What is a major advantage of using a positive pressure type self-contained breathing apparatus?


44. C12 - Which of the following conditions is true concerning flammable liquid vapors with a concentration above the explosive limit?


45. C12 - According to the Pollution Prevention Regulation, who makes final decision of when oil transfer may begin?


46. C12 - During man overboard situation, the first person who saw the incident shall _______ .


47. C12 - Why an upper limit switch is used when handling lifeboat equipment?


48. C12- When two fire hose teams are attacking a fire they should __________.


49. Combustible gas indicators operate by drawing an air sample into the instrument _______.


50. Which extinguishing agent is most likely to allow reflash as a result of not cooling the fuel below its ignition temperature?


51. You are fighting a fire in the electrical switchboard in the engine room. You should secure the power, then __________.


52. You are fighting a class "B" fire with a portable dry chemical extinguisher. The discharge should be directed __________.


53. Mechanically foam used for firefighting is produced by mechanically mixing and agitating ___________.


54. When firing a pyrotechnic distress signal, it should be aimed__________.


55. Which of the documents below identifies chemical listings, its physical properties, health hazards as well as firefighting procedures?


56. A liquid, as listed on a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) having a flash point at or above 100°F is called a/an ____________.


57. Under the ISM Code, what is a document issued to a ship which signifies that the Company and its shipboard management operate in accordance with the approved safety management system?


58. What does the presence of load line certificate endorsement onboard indicate?


59. You are underway when a fire breaks out in the forward part of your vessel. If possible you should __________.


60. Chemical foam is most suitable for use on a fire involving _____________.


61. C12 - How does foam extinguish an oil fire?


62. C12 - Except in rare cases, it is impossible to extinguish a shipboard fire by __________.


63. C12 - The total available supply of CO2 for use in a fixed extinguishing system of a cargo vessel shall be at least sufficient for_________________.


64. C12 - A definite advantage of using water as a fire extinguishing agent is its characteristic of __________.


65. C12 - A galley grease fire would be classified as .


66. C12 - In the event of a fire, the doors to a stair tower must be closed to prevent the spread of fire by __________.


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