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1. C15 - The duties of a chief engineer upon taking charge of the department include _____________.


2. C15 - If you must enter the water on which there is an oil fire, you should ____________.


3. C15 - Hydraulic hose assemblies are permitted by regulation to be installed between two point of relative motion _____.


4. C15 - The regulations require that all electric and electro-hydraulic steering gear motors shall be _____.


5. C15 - Each pressure vessel containing refrigerants, which may be isolated, shall be ___________.


6. C15 - In the case of an injury, causing a person to be incapacitated for more than 72 hours, the master or person- in-charge of a mobile offshore drilling unit must submit a report to _____________.


7. C15 - According to steam regulation, piping subject to main boiler pressure must be hydrostatically tested at specified intervals. Therefore, which of the following statements is true?


8. C15 - In accordance with regulations, the hailing port marked on the stern of a vessel indicates ____________.


9. C15 - The regulations require a method for the relief of an over pressurized refrigeration system. Which of the following statements complies with these regulations?


10. C15 - The regulations require a method for the relief of an over pressurized refrigeration system. Which of the following statements complies with these regulations?


11. An electric driven steering gear power unit is required by regulations to be capable of putting the rudder over from 15° on the other side in not more than 60 seconds under emergency power with the vessel running ahead. For a 20 knot vessel, this test must be carried out at _____.


12. If accidents are considered as an 'unexpected contact', you will be able to perform a better job by observing which of the following practices?


13. C15 - What is the minimum number of fire pumps required on a cargo vessel of 2,000 GT?


14. C15 - What is the minimum number of fire pumps required on a cargo vessel of 900 GT?


15. C15 - The Oil Record Book on a vessel NOT engaged on a foreign voyage shall be maintained on board for not less than __________.


16. C15 - What law governs the basic principle of vessel nationality?


17. C15 - Under SOLAS passenger ships and ships other than passenger ships of ______ and upwards constructed on or after 2002 must carry Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) to assist in accident investigation.


18. C15 - According to Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), a power driven auxiliary steering gear for a vessel capable of a 12 knot service speed, must be able to meet the rudder movement requirements at which of the minimum vessel speeds listed below?


19. C15 - Lifeboats for ocean-going vessels shall carry in excess of the required regulation by________.


20. C15 - As per SOLAS Regulation, the minimum Fuel supply for fast Rescue Boat shall last for______.


21. C15 - What type of construction material should be avoided regarding fire protection purposes? (SOLAS II-2/2.2.3)


22. C15 - Part C, Chapter VI of SOLAS deals with:


23. C15 - The ISPS Code was Adopted by Contracting Government with Part A & B. The mandatory requirements & guidance is under the provisions of _______ of the SOLAS as amended.


24. C15 - Any completed pages of the Oil Record Book must counter sign by the_________.


25. C15 - Who is given the authority to carry out assessment for a certification as required by Chapter XI-2 of SOLAS as amended of the ISPS Code?


26. C15 - Sludge are to be disposed off at sea


27. C15 - When oily ballast has been pumped overboard, an entry must be made in the __________.


28. C15 - What form of oil discharge in large quantities that affects birds at sea and may strand on beaches if these do not disperse into the water?


29. C15 - According to SOLAS requirement for lifeboat fall, what action must be taken with the fall at interval of not more than 5 years?


30. C15 - Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require that electric and electro-hydraulic steering gear motors shall be


31. C15 - Coast Guard regulations (46 CFR) require the upper ends of sounding tubes, terminating at the weather deck, to be closed by a


32. C15 - ____ is contained in Annex II of MARPOL 73/78?


33. C15 - At what security level is further specific protective security measures to be maintained for a limited period of time when a security incident is probable or imminent, although it may not be possible to identify the specific target?


34. C15 - Under the New Regulations, what does SOLAS Chapter XI-1 deals with?


35. C15 - Annex V of MARPOL 73/78 contains requirements pertaining to the discharge into the marine environment of____________.


36. C15 - What IMO conventions take care of the human safety at sea?


37. C15 - One of the many objectives of the ________ is to ensure the early and efficient collection and exchange of security-related information.


38. C15 - The SOLAS 74 Chapter IX requires a mandatory compliance for Tankers, Bulk Carriers and Passenger vessels until July 1998. What is this law?


39. C15 - Sanitary, ballast, bilge or general service pumps may be accepted as fire pumps provided: (SOLAS II-2/4.3.2)


40. C15 - The ISM Code requires ship owners or shipping companies to assign onboard their ship a ______ .


41. C15 - According to regulations, all pressure vessels other than unfired steam boilers shall be protected by pressure-relieving devices that prevent the pressure from rising more than _____ above the maximum, allowable pressure.


42. C15 - According to regulations, a power driven auxiliary steering gear for a vessel capable of a 20 knot service speed, must be capable of producing a specific range of rudder movement at which of the minimum speeds listed below?


43. C15 - Which of the following statements is correct concerning the regulations regarding internal combustion engine exhausts, boiler and galley uptakes, and similar sources of ignition?


44. C15 - Regulations require that OSV’s under 100 GT must have a steering system that is capable of moving the rudder _____.


45. C15 - Regulations require that an indicating light, located at the propulsion control station, be illuminated if there is an overload what would cause overheating of the _____.


46. C15 - The regulations regarding hydrostatic testing of main steam piping state that _____.


47. C15 - The master or person in charge of a MODU must record the date of each test of emergency lighting systems, power systems, the condition of each and the performance of the equipment____________.


48. C15 - In accordance with regulations, a steam propelled cargo vessel over 25 gross tons may have a Certificate of Inspection issued for ____________.


49. C15 - According to regulations, the master or person-in-charge of a vessel is required to submit a report of a loss of life _____________.


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