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1. The requirements for special welding procedures to be used on a MODU must be contained in the .


2. C16 - When required, the steering gear, whistle, and the means of communication between the pilothouse and the engine room on a passenger vessel shall be tested by an officer of the vessel within a period of not more than how many hours prior to departure?


3. C16 - MARINA was created and geared towards the following objectives except__________.


4. C16 - For the purpose of training and drills, if reasonable and practicable, rescue boats on an OSV must be launched with their assigned crew __________.


5. C16 - The standard outside diameter pipelines to enable pipes of reception facilities to be connected with the ships discharge pipelines for residues from machinery bilges should be_________.


6. C16 - Watchkeepers should have a mandatory rest periods of _______ in any one week.


7. C16 - On a vessel making a voyage more than 48 hours long, regulations require that __________.


8. C16 - Before a vessel can pump oily water within a Special Area, it has to comply with the following conditions except______.


9. C16 - Which should be done with the ashes from your vessel’s incinerator which has burned packages containing plastic?


10. C16 - You are preparing to contain an oil spill. You must first receive approval from the Federal On-Scene Coordinator (OSC) prior to __________.


11. C16 - In bridge resource management, which of the following statements are example of "hazardous thoughts" I.) I can do it II.) It won't happen to me III.) Why takes chances IV.) it's not my job V.) Don't tell me what to do VI.) We're all in the same ship


12. C16 - When a vessel violates the oil pollution laws, who may be held responsible?


13. C16 - The person on a MODU who is responsible for maintaining the engineering spaces in a clean and sanitary condition is the __________.


14. C16 - This is the most effective management development technique.


15. C16 - The routes, zones or areas of operations of domestic ship operators are prescribed by which government agency?


16. C16 - In general, how often are sanitary inspections of passenger and crew quarters made aboard vessels?


17. C16 - Welding and burning are among the factors which give the highest risk of fire on board ships. Precaution has to be taken to avoid this risk. Which of the following safety rules may be regarded as the most important?


18. C16 - Managerial performance is based upon accomplishment of _____________.


19. C16 - Which of the following would fit MOST on motivation?


20. C16 - Recruitment, training and development of organization members is ________


21. C16 - When oil is accidentally discharged into the water, what should you do after reporting the discharge?


22. C16 - When two fire hose teams are attacking a fire they should __________.


23. C16 - The requirements for special welding procedures to be used on a MODU must be contained in the .


24. C16 - What refers to establishing objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with customer requirements and the organization's policies?


25. C16 - What are the factors that affect good working behaviors? I. Same nationality II. Same religion III. Same age


26. C16 - Systems where Filipinos can be employed abroad as seafarer. I. Direct hire II. Manning agency III. Trade union


27. C16 - What does onboard leader needs to possess an important quality so he will be respected well by his subordinates? I. Honest and fair in all matters II. Treating all crew in equal basis III. Avoid cause of disappointment


28. C16 - What are the key factors to good human relations?


29. C16 - When manager and employees define goals for every department, project and person and use them to monitor performance, the method is called __________.


30. C16 - Which of the following is the most ideal in maintaining behavioral working group?


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