Assessment Test

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1. A chart with a natural scale of 1:160,000 is classified as a


2. A chart with a scale of 1:45,000 is a __________.


3. A chart with a scale of 1:80,000 would fall into the category of a __________.


4. A cloud of marked vertical development (often anvil-shaped) would be classified as __________.


5. A cloud sequence of cirrus, cirrostratus, and altostratus clouds followed by rain usually signifies the approach of a(n) __________.


6. A coastal chart could have a scale of __________.


7. A coastal current __________.


8. A cold front moving in from the northwest can produce __________.


9. A compass card without north-seeking capability that is used for relative bearings is a(n) __________.


10. A correction for augmentation is included in the Nautical Almanac corrections for __________.


11. A current moving across a lock entrance toward the river or toward the dam is called a(n) __________. A


12. current perpendicular to a vessel's track has the greatest effect on the vessel's course made good


13. A cyclone in its final stage of development is called a(n) __________.


14. A dead reckoning (DR) plot __________.


15. A dead reckoning (DR) plot __________.


16. A deadhead is a(n) __________.


17. A decrease in barometric pressure is associated with all of the following except __________.


18. A Doppler log in the bottom return mode indicates the __________. A


19. Doppler log in the volume reverberation mode indicates __________.


20. A Doppler speed log indicates speed over ground __________.


21. A Doppler speed log indicates speed through the water __________.


22. A double star is a star that __________.


23. A drawbridge may use visual signals to acknowledge a vessel's request to open the draw. Which signal indicates that the draw will NOT be opened immediately?


24. A easterly wave is located 200 miles due west of your position, which is north of the equator. Where will the wave be in 24 hours?


25. A facility used for the discharge of a cargo of a particular hazard, such as chlorine, butane or ethane, must have what to warn water traffic of an immediate danger during fire or cargo release?


26. A first magnitude star is __________.


27. A flashing green light displayed at a single lock means that the lock is __________.


28. A flashing red light displayed at a single lock means that the lock __________.


29. A frontal thunderstorm is caused by __________.


30. A gale is characterized by a wind speed of __________.


31. A general chart could have a scale of __________.


32. A generally circular low pressure area is called a(n) __________.


33. A great circle track provides the maximum saving in distance on __________.


34. A great circle will intersect the equator at how many degrees of longitude apart?


35. A green buoy has a yellow triangle on it. This is a(n) __________.


36. A group of stars which appear close together and form a striking configuration such as a person or animal is a __________.


37. A hand held instrument used to measure distances between objects and the ship is a __________.


38. A harbor chart could have a scale of __________.


39. A hurricane is characterized by winds of __________.


40. A hurricane moving northeast out of the Gulf passes west of your position. You could expect all of the following EXCEPT __________.


41. A HYDROLANT warning would normally be sent for all of the following EXCEPT __________.


42. A hygrometer is a device used for determining __________.


43. A katabatic wind blows __________.


44. A large group of stars revolving around a center is known as a __________.


45. A lateral system buoy displaying a quick light __________.


46. A latitude line will be obtained by observing a body __________.


47. A light characteristic of composite group flashing indicates that there is a(n) __________.


48. A light having characteristics which include color variations is defined as __________.


49. A light that has a light period shorter than its dark period is described as __________.


50. A light, feathery deposit of ice caused by the sublimation of water vapor directly into the crystalline form, on objects whose temperatures are below freezing, is called __________.


51. A lighted buoy to be left to starboard, when entering a U.S. port from seaward, shall have a __________.


52. A lighted preferred-channel buoy may show a __________.


53. A lighthouse can be identified by its __________.


54. A line connecting all possible positions of your vessel at any given time is a __________.


55. A line of clouds, sharp changes in wind direction, and squalls are most frequently associated with a(n) __________.


56. A line of position derived by radar range from an identified point on a coast will be a(n) __________.


57. A line of position formed by sighting two charted objects in line is called a(n) __________.


58. A line of position from a celestial observation is a segment of a __________.


59. A line of position is __________.


60. A line on a weather chart connecting places which have the same barometric pressure is called an __________.


61. A line on the Earth parallel to the equator is a __________.


62. A List of Lights entry (L Fl) is a single flashing light which shows a long flash of not less than __________.


63. A local wind which occurs during the daytime and is caused by the different rates of warming of land and water is a __________.


64. A low HDOP (Horizontal Dilution of Precision) number such as 2 indicates a __________.


65. A low, uniform layer of cloud resembling fog, but not resting on the ground, is called __________.


66. A magnetic compass card is marked in how many degrees?


67. A major advantage of the NAVTEX system when compared to other systems is that __________.


68. A marine chronometer should be rewound once every __________.


69. A marine sextant has the index arm set at zero and the reflected image of the horizon forms a continuous line with the actual image. When the sextant is rotated about the line of sight the images separate. The sextant has __________.


70. A mean sun is used as the reference for solar time for three reasons. Which reason is NOT a cause for use of a mean sun?


71. A Mercator chart is a __________.


72. A mercurial barometer at sea is subject to rapid variations in height ("pumping") due to the pitch and roll of the vessel. To avoid this error, measurements of atmospheric pressure at sea are usually measured with a(n) __________.


73. "An electronic or electric device that indicates the rate of turn of a vessel," defines a/an


74. "Proceeding from seaward" for the purpose of the direction of buoying offshore, lateral system buoys would be proceeding __________.


75. "Revolution" is the __________.


76. "Rotation" is the __________.


77. "Space motion" is the __________.


78. "Stand" of the tide is that time when __________.


79. "Surface circulation" is another term for __________.


80. 15° of latitude is equal to __________.


81. 17 degrees of latitude is equal to


82. 90° - Ho = __________.


83. A "Norther" in the Gulf of Mexico is __________.


84. A backlash below a lock is defined as a __________.


85. A barometer showing falling pressure indicates the approach of a __________.


86. A barometric pressure reading of 29.92 inches of mercury is equivalent to


87. A bluff bar is a bar __________.


88. A body can only be observed at lower transit when __________.


89. A bold reef is a reef __________.


90. A boundary between two air masses is a(n) __________.


91. A bridge over a navigable waterway is being repaired. There is a traveler platform under the bridge's deck that significantly reduces the vertical clearance. If required by the CG district commander, how will this be indicated at night?


92. A buoy having red and green horizontal bands would have a light characteristic of __________.


93. A buoy marking a wreck will show a(n) __________.


94. A buoy with a composite group- flashing light indicates a(n)


95. A cardinal mark showing an uninterrupted quick-flashing white light indicates the deepest water in the area is on the __________.


96. A celestial body will cross the prime vertical circle when the latitude is numerically __________.


97. A celestial body's complete orbit around another body is __________.


98. A chart has extensive corrections to be made to it. When these are made and the chart is again printed, the chart issue is a __________.


99. A chart position enclosed by a semi- circle is a(n) __________.


100. A chart position enclosed by a square is a(n) __________.


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