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1. The primary function of a flame safeguard system, as used on an automatically fired auxiliary boiler, is to prevent __________.


2. A photoelectric cell installed in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler burner management system __________.


3. During unsafe firing conditions in a large automatic auxiliary boiler, various control actuators are interlocked with the burner circuit to prevent start-up, in addition to safety shutdown. These controls are referred to as __________.


4. Which of the listed sequence of events occurs when an automatic auxiliary boiler is prepurged?


5. The pressuretrol which is installed on an auxiliary boiler senses steam pressure changes and __________.


6. Which of the following actions takes place in the control circuit of an automatically fired auxiliary boiler when the desired steam pressure is obtained?


7. Which of the following statements describes how the fuel oil enters the whirling chambers of the sprayer plates used in a auxiliary boiler return flow fuel oil system?


8. The solenoid valves in the fuel oil supply line to an automatically fired auxiliary boiler, are automatically closed by __________.


9. A variable capacity, pressure atomizing, fuel oil burner functions to __________.


10. When the steam pressure drops below a set value on an automatically fired auxiliary boiler, fitted with rotary cup atomizers, the combustion control system will __________.


11. Control of the fuel oil metering valve in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler is accomplished by a __________.


12. If manual control of the water level in a steaming boiler is required, the proper method of control is with the auxiliary feed __________.


13. The boiler main feed stop check valve is located nearest the __________.


14. When operating with the auxiliary feed line, feed water flow is controlled __________.


15. In what section of a boiler would you find a steam quality of 90%?


16. Steam baffles are used in the steam drum of a water-tube boiler to __________.


17. The internal feed pipe in a D-type marine boiler __________.


18. Which of the following statements represents the purpose of boiler sliding feet?


19. Under what operating conditions may water wall header drains be used for blow down?


20. One advantage of installing water wall tubes in a boiler furnace is to __________.


21. In most marine boilers, the primary reason the first few rows of generating tubes, called screen or furnace row tubes, are made larger in diameter than the rest of the generating tubes is because __________.


22. The purpose of the division plates installed in boiler superheater headers is to__________.


23. Desuperheated steam can be found at the __________.


24. Which of the following locations could desuperheated steam be considered to occur?


25. The primary purpose of a control desuperheater installed in the steam drum of a boiler is to __________.


26. The minimum feed water inlet temperature to a boiler economizer is determined by the __________.


27. Boiler fuel savings gained by the use of an economizer can amount to __________.


28. Which of the conditions listed could cause steam formation in the economizer?


29. The boiler economizer provides additional heat to the __________.


30. A check valve is located between the economizer and the steam drum to __________.


31. One factor for determining the minimum feed water inlet temperature to a boiler economizer is the __________.


32. Which of the listed refractory materials can be used in an area directly exposed to the highest heat in the furnace?


33. In a regenerative air heater, air is bypassed around the heater while __________.


34. When heated, brickwork in a boiler is kept from buckling by the installation of __________.


35. Which of the listed refractory materials is composed of wool fibers and clay binders?


36. Boiler refractory firebrick is secured to the casing by __________.


37. Boiler refractory previously baked out and fired is most sensitive to __________.


38. On a boiler safety valve, the blow down adjusting ring is locked in place by a __________.


39. What is the primary operational difference between a nozzle reaction safety valve and a huddling chamber safety valve?


40. When excessive static boiler pressure has resulted in the initial lift of the valve disc, a huddling chamber safety valve will continue to lift open as a result of ___________,


41. Scavenging air lines are connected to boiler stack periscopes to __________.


42. Which type of waterside deposits can normally be removed by chemically boiling out a boiler?


43. Steam line water hammer can be best prevented by __________.


44. A water-tube boiler can be laid up either wet or dry. If it is to be laid up wet, you should __________.


45. Which of the methods listed would be most effective in repairing a steam cut on a seating surface of a superheater handhole plate?


46. Which of the tools listed is used to remove a boiler tube from a header?


47. When you are installing a new furnace floor in an oil fired boiler, the clearance between the firebricks should be large enough to __________.


48. Which of the listed procedures is the most important factor to take into consideration when making repairs to the refractory surrounding the burner openings?


49. A furnace wall in which there are open spaces around the brick as a result of firebrick shrinkage, is __________.


50. Which of the listed refractory materials should be used for patching a burner front formed of plastic, castable, or tile?


51. After patching refractory with plastic firebrick, holes are poked in the patch on 1 1/2 inch centers in order to __________.


52. To assure a long service life for boiler refractory materials after installation, the most effective method is to __________.


53. When installed, the economizer relief valve should always be set __________.


54. When water washing a boiler, the proper sequence for washing the sections should be the __________.


55. Which of the listed mediums should be used when water washing a boiler?


56. According to the data given in the illustration, which of the following would be the physical state of the fluid at a gage vacuum of 25.03 inches Hg, and 126.08 degrees Fahrenheit? Illustration SG-0026


57. If the saturation pressure of water is increased, the relative values shown on the illustrated graph of SG-0001 will change. According to pertinent information found in the steam tables of SG-0004, this will result in __________. Illustration SG-0001 and SG-0004


58. Which of the following statements is true concerning the information tabulated in the table? Illustration SG-0004


59. According to the data given in illustration, which of the following would be the physical state of the fluid at a gage vacuum of 28.09 inches Hg, and 117.99 degrees Fahrenheit? Illustration SG-0026


60. If a boiler generates saturated steam at 125.3 psig, how much heat is required to change the water into steam if the feed water temperature is 240°F? SG-0004


61. What physical changes will occur to the steam within a boiler that has been properly bottled up when additional heat is applied?


62. The major heat loss in an oil fired boiler is the heat __________.


63. A lower than normal boiler stack gas temperature usually indicates __________.


64. A high carbon monoxide content in the flue gases of a boiler indicates __________.


65. When the rate of heat transfer through tube walls is so reduced that the metal becomes overheated, which of the following conditions will result in the boiler?


66. Cratering and water tracking in boiler tubes is caused by __________.


67. The formation of a pit in the surface of a boiler tube is most likely to occur when __________.


68. In a water-tube boiler, waterside scale formation is caused by __________.


69. Blisters developing on boiler tubes can be caused by __________.


70. Waterside abrasion of boiler tubes can be caused by __________.


71. Fireside burning of boiler tubes is usually the direct result of __________.


72. Boiler tube failures can result from __________.


73. Warping of superheater screen tubes can be caused by __________.


74. An excessively high superheater temperature could be the result of __________.


75. When operating under constant load, the superheated steam temperature may rise above normal if the __________.


76. Under normal operating conditions, a drop in the steam temperature leaving an uncontrolled interdeck superheater could be caused by a __________.


77. Insufficient combustion air supply to the furnace would cause __________.


78. Dirty generating tube surfaces may cause higher than normal superheater outlet temperatures because __________.


79. Which of the following would indicate a moderate leak in the desuperheater?


80. Which of the conditions listed could cause a boiler economizer to leak?


81. Which of the conditions listed would indicate excessive soot buildup on the economizer?


82. Slag buildup on boiler furnace refractory is undesirable because it causes __________.


83. Which of the following conditions is indicated by an external bulge or bowed area of the boiler furnace wall?


84. Which of the following problems can occur when an excessive number of water screen tubes are plugged?


85. Which of the conditions listed occurs when glassy slag, formed by the burning of fuel oil contaminated with salt water, melts and runs over the furnace wall?


86. Excessive foaming in a steaming boiler can cause damage to the __________.


87. In a boiler equipped with an automatic feed water regulator, erratic variations in the water level could be caused


88. Rapid fluctuation in the superheater temperature of a steady steaming boiler indicates __________.


89. Oil accumulation in boiler water would __________.


90. High boiler water level can cause carryover and __________.


91. Large steam drums are not required in the design of a coil-type auxiliary water-tube boiler because __________.


92. The gage glass on a coil-type auxiliary boiler is connected to the __________.


93. Bottom blow valves are installed on auxiliary water-tube boilers to __________.


94. The rate of heat transfer in a water-tube auxiliary boiler can be increased by


95. The purpose of try-cocks used on an auxiliary boiler is to __________.


96. The tube sheets installed in a fire-tube auxiliary boiler are normally connected by __________.


97. Which of the following statements concerning fire-tube boilers is correct?


98. Which of the listed problems will happen when the water level of a fire-tube type auxiliary boiler approaches the crown sheet?


99. Fusible plugs are installed in fire-tube boilers to __________.


100. Constant capacity, pressure atomizing, fuel burners designed to meet a wide variation in steaming loads on an auxiliary boiler, are __________.


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