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1. Which is a black tarlike' composition largely asphalt containing such other ingredients as rosin, portland cement, slaked lime, petroleum that is used as a protective coating in ballast and trimming tanks, chain lockers, shaft alleys, etc.?


2. After being rescued from the vessel accident, the people agreed that they had much to ______.


3. If you do not wear goggles and helmet, your chances of being ______ will be greater.


4. The ship can leave the port ______ the joint inspection.


5. What is the term applied where one flange of a bar is bent to form an obtuse angle with the other flange?


6. Which of the following is a block having two sheaves of different diameters, placed in the same plane one above the other?


7. Which is a single sheave block having one side of the frame hinged so that it can be opened to allow the bight of a rope to be placed on the sheave, thus avoiding the necessity of threading the end of the rope through the swallow of the block?


8. Which is a half shell block with a single sheave bolted to a mast or other object which serves as the other half shell?


9. How can the error be corrected when writing in the official log book?


10. Which of the following is an outside area on a vessel's hull from bow to stern between certain waterlines to which special air, water, and grease-resisting paint is applied?


11. Which of the following is a structure built up around a mast from the deck to support the heel bearings of booms and to provide proper working clearances when a number of booms are installed on or around one mast?


12. Which is a piece of plate adjoining the hawse hole, to prevent the chafing of the hawser against the cheek of a ship's bow?


13. Which is a triangular-shaped plate fitted parallel to and between decks or side stringers in the bow for the purpose of rigidly fastening together the peak frames, stem, and outside plating?


14. What is the curve representing vertical sections parallel to the central longitudinal vertical plane of the bow end of a ship?


15. Which is a spar projecting forward over the bow for the purpose of holding the lower ends of the head sails?


16. What is generally, but not exclusively, applied to various devices used to prevent water from entering hawse and chain pipes, etc.?


17. Which of the following is a gangplank usually fitted with rollers at the end resting on the wharf to allow for the movement of the vessel with the tide?


18. Which of the following is a distortion, such as a bulge; to become distorted; to bend out of its own plane?


19. Which is a departure of a plate, shape, or stanchion from its designed plane or axis when subjected to load?


20. Which of the following is a four- to six-inch angle bar welded temporarily to floors, plates, webs, etc. It is used as a hold-fast which, with the aid of a bolt, pulls objects up close in fitting?


21. Which of the following is a hatchway or opening in a deck provided with a set of steps or ladders leading from one deck level to another for the use of personnel?


22. Which of the following is a support of wood or metal shaped to fit the object which is stowed upon it?


23. What is the comprehensive term used for all ropes of whatever size or kind on board a ship?


24. What are foundations of heavy blocks and timbers for supporting a vessel during the period of construction?


25. Which of the following is a riveted joint in which the ends of the connected members are brought into metal-to-metal contact by grinding and pulling tight by clips or other means before the rivets are driven?


26. Which of the following is a fore foot in which displacement or volume is placed near the keel and close to the forward perpendicular, resulting in full water lines below water and fine lines at and near the designed waterline, the transverse sections being bulbshaped? OR Which is also called a bulb or bulbous bow?


27. When a vessel is entering or leaving a port, record of engine speed is kept in the __


28. Has any person ______ on board during the voyage otherwise than as a result of accident?


29. When oil is discharged overboard,an entry is required in the _


30. What language shall the issuing country use in medical certificates ?


31. Please charge the expenses ______ the ship's account.


32. The lower end of a vessel's stem which is stepped on the keel and the point in the forward end of the keel about which the boat pivots in an endwise launching is called _


33. What are pieces of timber of which a frame in a wood ship is composed called?


34. Which of the following are strips of timber, metal, or boards fastened to frames, joists, etc., in order to bring their faces to the required shape or level, for attachment of sheathing, ceiling, flooring, etc.?


35. Which of the following is a frame that is bent to fit around the boss in the way of a stern tube or shaft?


36. What is the term applied to boards or a movable platform used in transferring passengers or cargo from a vessel to or from a dock?


37. The Mariner's Handbook ______ general information affecting navigation and is complementary to the Sailing Directions


38. The accident ______ caused damage to ship's hull.


39. The most critical time during bunkering is when


40. Let ______ the real fact of the accident.


41. A pumproom is suspected of accumulating gases after a ventilation machinery breakdown. Where should the combustible gas indicator case be placed when testing the pumproom atmosphere for combustible gases?


42. Dunnage may be used to protect a cargo from loss or damage by _


43. The damage to winches is due to ______.


44. In case of accident ______ the risk of sinking, all effective measures shall be taken to steer clear of the fairway to avoid ______ the traffic.


45. According ______ the report, ship hit the wharf during berthing.


46. Please get everything ready prior ______ shifting.


47. As soon as the ship is berthed,you should lower the gangway and stretch a net


48. Which is an inclined platform, fitted at the intersection of the forward weather deck and the shell, for stowing an anchor?


49. Any person maintaining a listening watch on a bridge-to-bridge radiotelephone must be able to __________.


50. He must have had an accident,or he ______ then.


51. The ______ showed that said ship complied with the requirements of the Convention.


52. The patches where rust have been removed should be wiped clean before paint is


53. Never make comment,estimate or guess in your Offical Logbook,but ______ only.


54. A lashing used to secure two barges side by side,lashed in an "X" fashion,is called a ______.


55. Steam smoke will occur when ______.


56. An accident came ______ my mind when I saw the broken case.


57. An accidental grounding is called __


58. Which is a roof like canopy of canvas suspended above a vessel's decks, bridges, etc., for protection against sun and weather?


59. What is the term applied where one flange of a bar is bent to form an acute angle with the other flange?


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