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1. C2 - A vessel heading SSE is on a course of:


2. C2 - For a vessel constrained by its draught, describe the day signal with its corresponding size.


3. C2 - A towing vessel pushing a barge ahead and rigidly connected in a composite unit shall show the lights of:


4. C2 - Whenever a course alteration is made to avoid collision, it should be:


5. C2 - A commercial airline in the water is:


6. C2 - Of the listed vessels, which is to be regarded as a vessel "restricted in her ability to maneuver" in accordance with the Navigation Rules?


7. C2 - As defined in the Rules, which vessel would qualify as a "vessel not under command" among the listed?


8. C2 - Of the listed, which vessel is NOT classified as vessel "restricted in her ability to maneuver" in accordance to the Rules?


9. C2 - The competence and vigilance of the officer of the watch provide the most direct means of:


10. C2 - The "collision avoidance rules" shall apply to which of the following vessels?


11. C2 - Your vessel is underway in fog and you hear two prolonged blast on your starboard quarter. What appropriate action should you do?


12. C2 - You are underway on a power driven vessel in open water when you observe a crossing power driven vessel approximately 8 miles away at 22 degrees on your port bow. Bearing steady, what action do you take?


13. C2 - The listed lights will be exhibited by a vessel engaged in fishing while at anchor?


14. C2 - In ANNEX III of the International Rules, if whistles are fitted at a distance apart of more than 100 meters, it shall be arranged that they:


15. C2 - To which of the following annexes of the Collision Regulations is titled as Additional Signals for Fishing Vessel Fishing in Close Proximity?


16. C2 - The word "seaplane" means it includes:


17. C2 - Power-driven vessel "A" is fitted with radar and is making way in fog. Under the collision regulations, vessel "A" should proceed at:


18. C2 - Under Annex III of the Collision Regulations, the sidelights of a vessel of 20 meters or more in length shall be fitted with inboard screens painted:


19. C2 - A vessel shall navigate with caution at what speed?


20. C2 - Rule 10 states that is a vessel is obliged to cross a traffic lane then she shall do so:


21. C2 - In restricted visibility, a power-driven vessel underway but stopped and making no way through the water shall sound which of the following fog signals?


22. C2 - Clear instructions are issued in writing by Master at night order book, which is the most important reminder that he always wrote?


23. C2 - You are on a power driven vessel when you suddenly run into a fog bank. What action would you take?


24. C2 - What prudent action would you take if you are the officer on watch on board a power driven vessel and you suddenly run into a fog bank?


25. C2 - Action to avoid collision. Any alteration of the course and or speed to avoid collision shall if the circumstances admit, be large enough to be readily apparent to another vessel.


26. C2 - What is the action to take while in fog if a vessel ahead is detected by radar?


27. C2 - Under the Rules, any vessel may slacken her speed, stop, or reverse her engines to:


28. C2 - A vessel is deemed to be in what situation when she approaches another vessel from more than 22.5 degrees abaft other vessel's beam?


29. C2 - When the range of the target is decreasing and the bearing remains constant, the ships are on:


30. C2 - Looking straight ahead at night you observe the masthead lights and both side lights of another vessel. What action should be taken?


31. C2 - A vessel which is "restricted in her ability to maneuver" under the Rules, is a vessel which is:


32. C2 - Rule 9 A vessel shall not cross a narrow channel or fairway if:


33. C2 - The Night Orders Book includes the following except?


34. C2 - In addition to the required fog signal, pilot vessels may sound which of the listed?


35. C2 - All lights mentioned in the Rule be exhibited during what hours?


36. C2 - From a fishing vessel by day, at what direction do long nets lie?


37. C2 - A light showing one or more flashes at regular intervals, the duration of light being less than that of darkness.


38. C2 - The vessels engaged in fishing with purse seine gears may exhibit two yellow lights in a vertical line. These lights shall flash alternately every second and wit equal light and occultation duration. These lights may be exhibited only when the vessel is:


39. C2 - In order for a stand-on vessel to take action in a situation, she must first determine that the other vessel:


40. C2 - A vessel engaged in trawling, in addition to its identity lights, is exhibiting two white lights in a vertical line. What is she doing?


41. C2 - Which of the following is not true in respect to the OOW?


42. C2 - A look-out is best posted in which location?


43. C2 - Three short blasts on a whistle means:


44. C2 - What is the meaning of the two white lights displayed by a fishing vessel, visible all round the horizon, vertically disposed, in addition to normal fishing lights?


45. C2 - As per Annex II of the Rules, the additional signals for trawlers when hauling their nets is:


46. C2 - Vessels engaged in pair trawling show what day signals?


47. C2 - As per Annex II of the Rules, which of the following is the additional day signal for trawlers when the net has come fast an obstruction?


48. C2 - What does this signal displayed by a small craft signify when in passage up a river, she is showing a rigid replica of the international code flag "A"?


49. C2 - Rule 9 A vessel proceeding along the course of narrow channel or fairway shall:


50. C2 -A high intensity all-round flashing red light is exhibited by a WIG craft only when:


51. C2 - What lights and shapes are to be shown if a vessel is aground?


52. C2 - As far as Rule 9 of the Rules of the Road is concerned, a vessel proceeding along the course of a narrow channel or fairway, shall:


53. C2 -One of the most important innovations in the 1972 Regulations (COLREG) was the recognition given to traffic separation schemes. Under Rule 10 of this Regulation states that in so far as practicable, a vessel must avoid:


54. C2 - The stated limits of the danger area about a mine clearance vessel when engaged in minesweeping operations is:


55. C2 - In order to attract the attention of an approaching vessel, what lights may a vessel engaged in fishing show?


56. C2 - A vessel may exhibit lights other than those prescribed by the rules as long as the additional lights:


57. C2 - Which of the following dimensions is CORRECT on the signal shown by a vessel constrained by her draft displaying a black cylinder?


58. C2 - For a vessel at anchor, what are the additional and optional fog-signals?


59. C2 - Deviation from Colreg is:


60. C2 - What is the vertical distance between the shapes shown by a 50-meter passenger ferry that has lost her propulsion while underway and she has to display her signals by day?


61. C2 - A bell or a gong, or other device having similar sound characteristics and at a distance of one meter from it, shall produce a sound pressure level of:


62. C2 - The required audibility of whistles for vessels 75 meters but less than 200 meters in length as prescribed in Annex 3 is:


63. C2 - When pushing ahead in fog, a vessel towing shall sound:


64. C2 - Your vessel is proceeding along a narrow channel displaying the signal required by the rule 28. A small vessel commences to cross the channel from starboard to port. It appears that she will impede your passage. What signal should you give under the circumstances?


65. C2 - Fog signals, required under the Rules for vessel underway, shall be sounded:


66. C2 - The masthead light of an air-cushion vessel must be visible and shown over how many points of the compass?


67. C2 - In which of the following situations should a fishing vessel fishing in close proximity exhibits one white light over red light in vertical line?


68. C2 - As prescribed in what rule shall a vessel aground give the bell signal and if required the gong signal?


69. C2 - As stated in the Collision Regulations, "Exemptions" is contained in what part?


70. C2 - Pre-departure Check List includes the following, EXCEPT:


71. C2 - These are methods of Collision Avoidance, except:


72. C2 - Being the OOW navigating in an area of restricted visibility, a single-letter signal "MIKE" was heard being sounded at an interval of not more than two minutes. You have determined that this signal is coming from a:


73. C2 - The fog signal for a pilot vessel more than 100 meters in length at anchor, on station is:


74. C2 - What can be the possible course when you notice that the range between two ships is decreasing while their bearing remains constant?


75. C2 - What action would you take as OOW, while in up-river passage you see a small craft showing a rigid replica International code flag ALPHA?


76. C2 - What would an OIC-NW should do prior to relieving an officer incharge of navigational watch?


77. C2 - A stand-on vessel is:


78. C2 - In what rule in the Collision Regulations can you find the provision made with respect when navigating in narrow channels by power-driven vessels?


79. C2 - This Rule states that any subsequent alteration of the bearing between two vessels shall not make the overtaking vessel a crossing vessel within the meaning of these Rules of relieve her of the duty keeping clear of the overtaken vessel until she is finally past and clear.


80. C2 - Under what rule in the Rules of the Road contained this scenario when two sailing vessels are approaching one another so as to involve risk of collision?


81. C2 - What rule indicates the actions of a give-way vessel?


82. C2 - This rule states that when two power driven vessel are meeting on reciprocal or nearly reciprocal courses so as to involve risk of collision each shall alter he course to starboard so that they will pass port to port.


83. C2 - Whilst calling attention to all the usual precautions to be taken, it also calls for the exercise of personal intelligence on the arising of any unforeseen circumstances. In what other rule conforms with this statement?


84. C2 -What rule applies when inspite all the precautions made the vessel can deviate from these rules necessary to avoid immediate danger?


85. C2 - In what rule in the Collision Regulations does the responsibilities of a seaplane on the water is stated?


86. C2 - The term "trawling" which means the dragging of the dredge net or other apparatus through the water is defined in which Rule?


87. C2 - In what Rule are the lights prescribed for a vessel is restricted in her ability to deviate from her course because of her draught and the available depth of water?


88. C2 - In what rule does it prescribes that a vessel engaged in dredging shall exhibit the lights and shapes to indicate to other vessels the obstructed area?


89. C2 - A vessel engaged in underwater operations and at anchor is required to sound the fog signal as contained in which rule?


90. C2 - The signal for a power-driven vessel required to make on her whistle when the vessels are in sight of one another are prescribed in what rule?


91. C2 - Which signal, other than a distress signal, can be used by a vessel to attract attention?


92. C2 - You are in sight of a power-driven vessel that sounds two short blasts of the whistle. This signal means that ______.


93. C2 - The prohibition against displaying lights which may be confused with required navigation lights applies __________.


94. C2 - When can an officer of the watch deviate from the Rules of Road?


95. C2 - Your intention is to overtake a vessel moving in a parallel course in a narrow channel. As you approach the other vessel's stern _______


96. C2 - You are transiting a narrow channel. What can happen in this situation?


97. C2 - You intend to overtake a vessel in a narrow channel. As you approach the other vessel's stern __________.


98. C2 - Which statement applies to Rule 8 (b) of the 1972 Colregs?


99. C2 - The presence of a pilot on board does not relieve the master and the officers of their responsibility for the safe the navigation of the vessel. If that notion is correct, what is the use of having pilot on board?


100. C2 - According to the Collision Regulations, determine which statement is CORRECT regarding the word "underway"?


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