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1. If you attempt to tighten a leaking hydraulic fitting with pressure on the system, you will _____.


2. If one of the bilge system manifold valve does not properly seat, the _____.


3. Lint from cleaning rags can be harmful to hydraulic systems because the lint _____.


4. The harmful effect of sulfur present in the boiler fuel oil is that it ___________.


5. What do next after adding grease to a ball bearing with a hand held grease gun?


6. Trip the three way dump valve


7. Before doing any work on a hydraulic system equipped with accumulators, you should________.


8. The minimum delivery pressure required for diesel engine fuel oil injection depends primarily on the ___________.


9. Fuel oil penetration into the cylinder of a diesel engine is ___________.


10. Which of the following statements represents the proper relative direction of flow through a globe valve?


11. In a two stage flash evaporator, heated feedwater is vaporized in the_________.


12. The purpose of an air compressor unloading device is to________. .


13. After the installation of new impeller wear rings, by pressing them onto the pump impeller hub, it is advisable to_____. .


14. Which of the following precautions should be observed concerning the introduction of a fire resistant fluid into a hydraulic system?


15. A good quality oil used in main propulsion engine lubrication systems should be _____________.


16. Foot valves are primarily designed to _____.


17. The construction of the main propulsion engine lube oil sump tank should _______ .


18. The final heating of the feedwater in a flash type distilling plant is carried out by_____


19. Fuel supplied by each unit injector on a two-stroke/cycle single acting diesel engine is directed into each cylinder at a very high pressure through the ___________.


20. Very small irregularities on the seat and disk of a globe valve may be manually repaired with the valve in place by the process known as _____________.


21. The combustible element in fuel that could cause major air pollution is _______.


22. As routine maintenance, the bilge manifold valves are periodically removed and examined. Prior to re-securing the valve bonnets, the valve _____. I. disks and seats should be checked and lapped if necessary II. Bonnet, flange gaskets should be renewed if they were cut or torn III. stem packing should be renewed if the packing has hardened, the glans have bottom out, or the glands can not be tightened


23. When assembling a run of liquid service piping, which of the following factors should be considered? I. How the type of fittings used will affect the flow II. What type of gasket material should be used III. What radius should be used for each bend in the run


24. Which of the following centrifugal pump components converts the liquid velocity to pressure?


25. The injection pressure of a hydraulic fuel injection nozzle can be increased by _______.


26. Zinc anodes are installed in a marine raw-water cooling system to _____________.


27. What is the significance of ash content in fuel oil to marine engineers?


28. What happen when you heat the oil?


29. Which of the following statements best describes an oil lubricated stern tube bearing installation?


30. To correctly identifies the position of the journal when the shaft is ______.


31. Hydraulic pumps most commonly used in steering systems are of the ______ .


32. An oil fog lubrication system is recommended for______.


33. An O-ring seal in a hydraulic system will begin to leak when it has lost its interference fit due to____.


34. One of the main functions of wear rings, as used in a centrifugal pumps is to ____ .


35. If a centrifugal bilge pump were continually operated with the discharge valve closed the____________.


36. What instrument or process determines the BTU value of boiler fuel oil?


37. Which of the following actions should be taken FIRST if a bilge-well of a multiple suction bilge system is unable to be pumped out?


38. The first step when beginning to set the slide valves on a duplex reciprocating pump is to _____ .


39. If the capacity of a centrifugal pump decreases gradually over a long period of time, you should replace the _____ .


40. In order to properly remove air from the casing of a centrifugal pump when starting, the pump should have a_____.


41. Before performing any maintenance on a hydraulic system storing energy in an accumulator, you should _____.


42. A centrifugal pump requires priming____________.


43. How often should cargo oil pump relief valves on tank vessels be tested ?


44. If you are operating a centrifugal water service pump with worn wear rings, the____ .


45. Which of the listed pumps is not a positive displacement pump?


46. Greases are generally produced by ____.


47. After installing a new hydraulic pump in a system, what special attention should be given to the hydraulic system?


48. The rate of heat transfer between the hot and cold fluids passing through a shell-and-tube type heat exchanger will _____


49. The by-products of oxidation, as a result of water contamination of hydraulic oil, are generally _____.


50. Valves used in the machinery space piping systems, and constructed with threaded valve systems, must be _____.


51. Which of the listed conditions can lead to cavitation in a centrifugal pump?


52. Main propulsion engine lube oil sumps should be constructed _________.


53. When securing a distillate pump on a low pressure fresh water evaporator, which of the listed steps should be carried out first?


54. Tube scaling in heat exchangers causes the heat transfer rate to decrease because the _____.


55. While the oily-water seperator is operating in the processing mode, if a low vacuum, what is the probable cause?


56. If the foundation bolts of a reciprocating air compressor are loose, which of the conditions below will occur?


57. The amount of fuel injected into a diesel engine cylinder by a unit injector, is controlled by ___________.


58. Gate valves should not be used for throttling as __________.


59. During the repair and overhaul of the pump relief valve used in a hydraulic system, the set point was reduced by 10 bars, which of the following statements describes the result of the set point being lowered?


60. Demulsibility of a lube oil is defined as _____.


61. The emergency bilge suction valve is typically used____________.


62. An important point of consideration when replacing a dry type intake filter on an air compressor is to____.


63. Accidental flooding of the engine room bilges through the bilge system is prevented by______________.


64. If the chemical analysis of a lube oil sample taken from the main propulsion machinery indicates an increased neutralization number the _______.


65. Assuming oil and water flow rates remain the same, what would be the effect of scale formation occurring on the inside of the cooling water tubes of a lube oil heat exchanger?


66. The viscosity of fuel oil is indicated by its____________.


67. C5 - In a centrifugal pumps operating with a high suction lift, foot valves are primarily designed to______.


68. What is the theoritical lift of a pump handling fresh water at atmospheric pressure?


69. What equipment is required when processing bilge slops for overboard discharge?


70. A hydraulic system gear pump being fed from a reservoir frequently indicates signs of excessive pitting after two months of service. Which of the following would most likely contribute to this condition?


71. Tubing is sized by_________.


72. The ability of lubricating oil to resist viscosity changes during temperature changes is indicated by the________.


73. An emergency bilge suction is required for________________.


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