Assessment Test

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1. Which of the listed conditions describes the effect on intrinsic semiconductor operation as a result of a temperature increase?


2. Transformers are used onboard ships with AC generators to _____________.


3. A carbon resistor operating in electrical equipment that is NOT properly cooled will______.


4. The basic “control action” of a magnetic amplifier is dependent upon _____.


5. If the bearings of an electrical generator are falling more frequently than expected and the lubricating oil is sludging then you should _


6. You can determine if a circuit breaker has tripped by ___


7. The schematic symbol for an operational amplifier in an analog circuit is a__


8. In general, polyphase induction motors can be started on full line voltage by means of __


9. Tightly knit metal braid wire can be used with a printed circuit board when______.


10. You are reconnecting to a three-phase induction motor to the supply line. To prevent possible damage to the load, due to the wrong direction of rotation, you should ____.


11. Which of the following statements represents the main difference between a relay and a contactor


12. A cycloconverter (CCV) is a static power converter that_______.


13. As an armature revolves within a magnetic field, friction is developed between the rotated magnetized particles as they pass though each magnetization cycle. This results in ____.


14. A device used in an electrical circuit to change alternating current to direct current, is known as a______.


15. Where a thermal-acting breaker is required to be used in an area of unusually high, low, or constantly fluctuating temperatures, an ambient compensating element must be used. This element consists of a __


16. A silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is a solid state device used to change_______.


17. In a diesel electric plant, raising the generator's field excitation will cause the DC propulsion motor to _________ .


18. Which of the following actions must be carried out prior to closing the alternator circuit breaker?


19. While underway onboard a DC diesel-elecric drive ship, you notice excessive sparking of the brushes on the main propulsion motor. You should first_____.


20. To properly use a hook-on-type volt/ammeter in checking current flow, you must first________


21. A hydrometer indicates specific gravity by comparing the ____.


22. The arc resulting from the tripping of a circuit breaker is prevented from damaging the contacts by _____.


23. A saturable–core reactor operates on the principle of controlling a load winding's inductance by varying the core's______.


24. The device that most commonly utilizes the principle of electromagnetic induction is the___


25. If the driving torque, such as that produced by a diesel engine, creates pulsations when coupled with a synchronous generator operating in parallel; the generator rotor may be periodically pulled ahead or behind its normal position as it rotates. This condition is sometimes called__


26. When a battery is continuously exposed to low temperature, the best procedure to keep it from freezing is to _


27. Which of the following represents a characteristic of an ungrounded electrical distribution system?


28. In an AC synchronous motor electric propulsion plant, propeller speed is controlled by varying the_____ .


29. Which of the following physical characteristics does a wound- rotor induction motor possess that a squirrel cage motor has none?


30. Which of the motors for the devices listed below is fitted with an instantaneous overload relay?


31. While starting a main propulsion synchronous motor, the ammeter pegs out at maximum and then returns to the proper value after synchronization. This indicates the_______.


32. An alternator operating in parallel begins to vibrate severely and eventually trips out on the reverse power relay. The cause of the vibration was a result of___


33. Which of the following statements represents an application of a silicon controlled rectifier?


34. The variable resistance placed in the rotor circuit of a wound-rotor induction motor provides for_______ .


35. When two generators are operating in parallel, what will first occur if the engine driving generator #1 suddenly loses power?


36. When a megohmmeter is used to test the insulation of a large motor, the initial dip of the pointer toward “zero” is caused by ___


37. Regarding and AC generator connected to the main electrical bus; as the electric load and power factor vary, a corresponding change is reflected in the generator armature reaction. These changes in armature reaction are compensated for by the ____.


38. A carbon resistor has a resistance of 50 ohms, and a tolerance of 5 percent. What would be the respective colors indicated for bands A, B, C and D for this resistor?


39. For practical purposes, in a simple series circuit employing two resistors, a drop of one half the source voltage will occur across one resistor if it has _____.


40. A saturable reactor uses relatively small DC currents to control___


41. When testing the rotor of a synchronous motor for short circuit, a low voltage source is applied across the rotor coils through the collector rings. A coil having a short circuit will be indicated by a__


42. A switchboard for a AC electrical distribution system, will be provided with which of the following components? I. Frequency meter II. Ammeter III. Voltmeter


43. The mandatory operating characteristic of a pure amplifiers the______. I. form of the input and output energy must be the same II. ratio of the output change to input change must be a value greater than 1(one)


44. When the operating handle of a molded-case circuit breaker is in the mid-position, the circuit breaker is indicated as being ___.


45. An alternator is being paralleled with one on the line. At the INSTANT the circuit breaker is closed, the frequency of the incoming alternator will normally ____.


46. Decreasing frequency in a capacitive circuit while maintaining a constant circuit voltage, will result in a/an __


47. Electric propulsion coupling excitation is reduced at slow speed to _


48. AC generator operating in parallel loses its excitation without tripping the circuit breaker. This will ____.


49. Autotransformer starters or compensators are sometimes used with polyphase induction motors to_______ .


50. The current at which a magnetic-type overload relay tends to trip may be decreased by raising the plunger further into the magnetic circuit of the relay. This action ___.


51. As load is added to an AC generator provided with constant field excitation, the prime mover slows down with the effect of ___.


52. The existing resistance of conductor is dependent upon its length, cross-sectional area ____.


53. Although saturable reactors are extremely useful in some applications, their gain is low because of _____.


54. The final step in testing a circuit for a ground involves the use of a megohmmeter. A grounded switch or cable will be indicated by a megohmmeter reading of ___.


55. A grounded switch or cables will be indicated by a megohmmeter reading of __


56. Moisture as a result of condensation occurring inside of the cargo winch master switches, can be reduced by______


57. When using a megohmmeter to determine which shunt field coil is grounded in a DC machine, you must____


58. The resistance of a conductor varies ______.


59. A resistor placed in parallel to the output of a power supply______.


60. The specific gravity of the electrolyte solution in a lead acid battery _


61. You have installed a Zener diode in parallel with a load. While measuring the voltage across the Zener diode it is found that it does not change as the current through the load increases. This means that the Zener diode_______.


62. Power transformers are rated in _____.


63. Which of the following statements correctly applies to transistors?


64. The heating conductors as a result of resistance in a distribution circuit causes a power loss expressed as _____.


65. The heating conductors as a result of resistance in a distribution circuit causes a power loss expressed as _____.


66. C6 - A three-phase alternator is operating at 450 volts with the switchboard ammeter indicating 300 amps. The kw meter currently indicates 163.6 KW, with a power factor of 0.7. If the power factor increases to 0.8, the KW meter reading would increase by______.


67. C6 - An ohmmeter reading of 'zero' ohm between the ends of a wire conductor would provide a positive indication of______.


68. C6 - A tubular fuse should always be removed from a fuse panel with ________.


69. C6 - The timer element found in a reverse power relay obtains its operating torque from________ .


70. C6 - On AC vessels, which of the following statements represents the most difficult problem involved in obtaining a DC potential suitable for use by computer components?


71. Two DC drive propulsion motors provide input to a single output reduction gear. Upon relieving the watch, you notice that the starboard motor indicators show zero current compared to normal voltage and current indicated on the port motor. The problem with the starboard motor could be_____.


72. When securing an AC generator, you should FIRST ___.


73. The full torque electric brake on an electric cargo winch functions____________.


74. Line losses in a distribution circuit are kept to a minimum by _____.


75. Before measuring an unknown resistance with an ohmmeter, you should _____.


76. On a main switchboard, If all three ground detection lamps burn with equal intensity when the test button is depressed, which of the listed conditions is indicated?


77. The use of four diodes, in a full -wave bridge rectifier circuit, will_____.


78. A low-voltage protection circuit as used in the electric motor starting equipment, will ____.


79. A change in field excitation of an alternator operating in parallel will cause change in its _____.


80. While paralleling two alternators, the synchronizing lamps remain lit as the synchroscope pointer approaches the 0º. This would indicate that the ____.


81. Which of the following statements describes the significance of ambient temperature in relation to the service life of electronic components?


82. The Wheatstone bridge is a precision measuring instrument utilizing the principle of changes in__


83. Electric circuits are protected against overloads and short circuits by means of a/an ______.


84. An open primary coil in a simple transformer will be indicated by which of the listed conditions?


85. When insulation failure produces a low resistance current path between two conductors, the resulting condition is known as _


86. Before testing insulation with a megohmmeter, the windings of large machines should be grounded for about 15 minutes before the test because the


87. Part of the insulation of practically all electrical machinery is in the form of organic compounds which contain some amount of _


88. Two AC generators of the same capacity are operating in parallel. One with zero speed droop setting and the other with a 5% speed droop. If its capacity is not exceeded, the unit whose governor has a zero speed droop setting will ____.


89. A reverse-power relay will prevent AC generator motorization by ___


90. The rated temperature and rise of an electric motor is the ______.


91. The rated temperature rise of an electric motor is the ______________. .


92. Before touching a small capacitor connected to a de-energized circuit, or even one that is completely disconnected, you should __


93. If field excitation is suddenly lost to an alternator operating in parallel, that alternator will ____.


94. An electric tachometer receives the engine speed signal from a_______


95. An adjustable resistor, whose resistance can be changed without opening the circuit in which it is connected, is called a ____.


96. A resistance in a circuit of unknown value is to be tested using the voltmeter/ammeter method. Therefore, the meters should be connected with _________.


97. AC and DC generators are similar in that they ____.


98. The part of the shipboard electrical system used to control the distribution of power to the branch circuits, is the ___.


99. Voltage generated by modern revolving field AC generators is fed to the bus by means of _


100. A ground in an electrical circuit outside the engine room ___.


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