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1. Which of the fittings listed should be used for the installation of piping to permit removal of the pump for servicing?


2. Flux is used when soldering, in order to _____.


3. A dirty intercooler inn the ship service air compressor will result in _____.


4. A fixed displacement pump is a hydraulic pump in which the________.


5. Why should you avoid increased pressure on a drill as the drill point begins to break through the bottom of the work piece?


6. Protective equipment to be used while carrying out oxy-acetylene welding should always include _____.


7. Critical speeds occurring within the operating speed range of a main propulsion diesel engine may be changed, or have their damaging effects reduced by a/an _________.


8. The leaking valves in a low pressure, reciprocating, air compressor can result from _____.


9. Black smoke exhausting from a diesel engine may be caused by ______.


10. Which of the following statements is correct concerning welding sequences?


11. Cylinder inlet valve failure in a low pressure air compressor can be caused by _____.


12. When securing an oxyacetylene outfit for an extended period, you should close the _____


13. White smoke exhausting from a diesel engine can be caused by a _______.


14. The following are parts of the main bowl of purifier except___________.


15. In order to minimize distortion in a weldment due to shrinkage, you should _____. I. use intermittent welds rather than continuous welds wherever possible II. make fewer passes with large electrodes as opposed to many passes with small electrodes III. use restraining forces such as clamps, jigs, and fixtures


16. Careful handling compressed gas bottles should include _____. I. stowing, to avoid them from crashing into one another II. keeping them away from flame, high heat, and direct sunlight III. keeping the valve protection caps in place


17. Improper maintenance of fuel oil burner in an auxiliary boiler could result to ________.


18. In certain circumstances, weldments are preheated before each pass to _____.


19. Excessive lube oil consumption by a reciprocating air compressor can be caused by _____.


20. Combustion knock occurring in a diesel engine can be caused by ______.


21. When welding or burning with an oxy-acetylene torch, _____.


22. When welding mild steel with a shielded metal-arc electrode but you are getting only shallow penetration, you should _________.


23. What will happen when there is an excessive wear on a centrifugal pump shaft?


24. A flare-type tubing connector is used in the hydraulic hatch-cover system and has developed a slight leak. To stop the leak you should __________.


25. Expansion valve maintenance should include which of the following procedures?


26. Excessive lube oil consumption by a reciprocating air compressor is an indication of _____.


27. If an electric motor driven air compressor fails to start, it may be due to a _____.


28. If the electric motor driving an air compressor fails to start, the cause may be a _____.


29. If a diesel engine is smoking excessively under load, the cause could be ________.


30. The loss of a diesel engine cylinder air charge through leaky valves, pistons rings, worn or scored liners, would be indicated by which of the following sets of exhaust of conditions?


31. As part of a safe and effective maintenance onboard, the first valve to be opened first after the complete assembly of a newly ovehauled and clean big luboil cooler is the_____.


32. What type of fits is necessary in the assembly of mating parts with the use of hydraulic press?


33. When welding with and oxyacetylene outfit, _____.


34. What will be the result of badly leaking refrigeration compressor discharge valves?


35. A dial indicator is used to measure________


36. One of the four basic components of hydraulic system that provides the flow of oil in the system is called__________.


37. Why is a chemical covering applied to a welding stick electrode, rather than using a bare electrode?


38. In hydraulic system, all machines which are consumers of hydraulic power equipped with ________.


39. Important check to be done during overhauling of the pump is the______.


40. What should be done if localized scoring is discovered on the pump shaft sleeve during routine maintenance inspection?


41. Routine maintenance on a Central Control Room hermetically sealed air conditioning unit should include__________.


42. The filter element of hydraulic oil in the system is ___________.


43. One cause of leaky valves in a low pressure air compressor may be attributed to _____.


44. Return port of a hydraulic directional valve is designated by letter __________.


45. A leaking suction valve in the second stage of a two stage, high pressure, air compressor can cause excessively high _____.


46. Soft solders have relatively low melting points and consist mainly of _____.


47. White smoke issuing from the exhaust of an auxiliary diesel engine could mean _______.


48. Which of the following is true concerning the hose threads on compressed gas oxy-acetylene regulators and torches?


49. An acetylene pressure regulator should never be adjusted to maintain pressures exceeding 15 psig (103.4 kPa) because _____.


50. After installing a new hydraulic pump in a system, what special attention should be given to the hydraulic system?


51. An oil film of a lubricant is affected by the______.


52. In oxy-acetylene welding outfit, each cylinder has a regulator and two pressure gages. One pressure gage indicates cylinder pressure and the other gage is used to indicate _____.


53. What precaution should you do in using the hydraulic press to prevent damage of parts?


54. When welding mild steel with a shielded metal-arc electrode thus getting only shallow penetration, you should ___________.


55. Soft solders have relatively low melting points. These consist mainly of ________ base alloys.


56. Which of the following practices is considered to be safe for the handling and use of compressed gas cylinders?


57. Black smoke exhausting from an operating diesel engine is an indication of poor combustion which may be caused by _______.


58. C9 - The nut of the bowl assembly is confirmed tight___________.


59. C9 - 4/3 Way valve is a type of directional valve with ___________ .


60. C9 - Which of the following statements concerning braze welding is/are correct?


61. C9 - excessive moisture build-up in the receiver.


62. The size of flexible hose used in a hydraulic system is indicated by______________.


63. If the intercooler relief valve lifts while an air compressor is operating under load, you should check for _____.


64. Acetylene should never be used at pressures in excess of 15 psig because the _____.


65. The tool used to makeup connection fittings for small diameter copper tubing is called a/an _____.


66. If a small auxiliary diesel engine will not crank but can be barred over, the trouble may be due to _________.


67. Good maintenance is decisive and best be achieved in the engine room if there is________________.


68. Engine operating conditions may be indicated by the color of the exhaust smoke. Black smoke could indicate ________.


69. You should never watch the arc generated during electric arc welder with the naked eye because _____.


70. What is used as a jointing materials for fresh and sea water pipes?


71. A welding procedure used for joining dissimilar metals used in the construction of a MODU would be recorded in the


72. When a waste heat boiler is installed in the exhaust gas bypass would be used _____.


73. An exhaust gas bypass is installed on a waste heat boiler in order to ______.


74. Which of the following problems would be the probable cause for the faulty operation of a reciprocating air compressor suction valve?


75. Most common type of hydraulic pump is _____.


76. If the drive belts on an air compressor were squealing during start up, you should _____.


77. Which of the following will speed up the recovery process when performing maintenance on a refrigeration system _______?


78. A hydraulic system where all oil goes back to the tank is termed as____________.


79. Before carrying-out maintenance to the engine, one should __________.


80. An aligning punch is used to_______________.


81. A reciprocating air compressor is running roughly and vibrating excessively, indicating that the _____.


82. A squealing sound occurring from within an operating reciprocating air compressor is an indication of _____.


83. When arc welding, the flux that covers the electrode is used to _____.


84. Thermocouple pyrometers are sued on large, main propulsion diesel engines to indicate the temperature of the ______.


85. What factors shorten the life of valve springs?


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