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1. C17 - A CSO is designated by the__________.


2. C17 - MEPC as referred to in the MARPOL Convention stands for:


3. C17 - ____ is contained in Annex II of MARPOL 73/78?


4. C17 - Where in accommodation spaces shall smoke detectors be located? (SOLAS II-2/13.2.2)


5. C17 - Annex V of MARPOL 73/78 contains requirements pertaining to the discharge into the marine environment of:


6. C17 - Part C, Chapter VI of SOLAS deals with:


7. C17 - How long is the maximum validity of medical certificates issued to a seafarer?


8. C17 - Every seafarer who will hold the medical fitness certificate should _______. I. Not less than the minimum age required II. provide satisfactory proof of his/her identity III. meet the applicable medical fitness standards established by the Party


9. C17 - Resolution 18 of the STCW Manila convention is about ___________.


10. C17 - Who shall issue the certificate of competency as stated in the STCW convention?


11. C17 - If the period of validity of a medical certificate expires in the course of a voyage then the medical certificate shall continue in force until the next port of call provided that the period shall not exceed __________.


12. C17 - Who are designated by STCW convention to administer, supervise and monitor the training and assessment of seafarers?


13. C17 - Which of the following is not needed to provide by candidates for the issuance of certificates and endorsements?


14. C17 - Regulation I/6 of the STCW convention is about?


15. C17 - Term used which means service on board a ship relevant to the issue or revalidation of a certificate or other qualification as defined under STCW.


16. C17 - The language that should appear in the certificate of competency should the in _______.


17. C17 - A document which means documentation other than a certificate of competency or certificate of proficiency is called _______.


18. C17 - Means a certificate, other than a certificate of competency issued to a seafarer, stating that the relevant requirements of training, competencies or seagoing service in the Convention have been met.


19. C17 - Which is not a Deficiencies of Control Procedures in STCW Regulation that may pose danger to people, property or the environment are the following __________.


20. C17 - Deficiencies of Control Procedures in STCW Regulation which may pose danger to people, property or the environment are the following __________. I. inability to provide first watch at the commencement of a voyage II. absence in a watch of a person qualified to operate equipment essential to safe navigation III. failure to comply with safe manning requirements


21. C17 - What could be the corrective measure if there is failure to correct the Deficiencies of Control Procedures as stated in STCW convention?


22. C17 - What is the outside diameter for standard discharged connection?


23. C17 - What is the validity of an International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate as specified by the Administration?


24. C17 - M/V Macario is on voyage charter and she is to load at a rate of 12,000 tons per day as stipulated in the C/P. Determine how many tons of cargo has she loaded without earning any dispatch or demurrage if the loading of the booked cargo was completed in 2 days and 20 hours?


25. C17 - What is the meaning of "Slop Tank" as per Marpol?


26. C17 - Which term denotes the money is paid by the charterer for cargo which otherwise could have been loaded but was not?


27. C17 - What product is considered a noxious liquid substance for regulatory purposes?


28. C17 - When the original Bill of Lading is signed by the Master, it is NOT:


29. C17 - An amendment procedure under MLC 2006?


30. C17 - What is the unit used in Instantaneous Rate of Discharge of Oil?


31. C17 - part of MLC 2006 will Port State Control inspectors inspect?


32. C17 - This is a cargo ship constructed or adapted and used for the carriage in bulk of any liquid product:


33. C17 - ILO Conventions are consolidated in the MLC, 2006?


34. C17 - When ballasting cargo tanks, ________ should be recorded in the Cargo Record Book for ships carrying noxious liquid substances.


35. C17 - The computation of the charter party payments as per voyage charter is :


36. C17 - The Administration may waive the requirements for Garbage Record Book due to the following reason:


37. C17 - What is the penalty levied for ships delay after laydays have expired due to fault of the charterer?


38. C17 - Vessels that carry cargo exclusively and operates over a definite routes on a fixed schedule:


39. C17 - Garbage is to be grouped into 9 categories for the purposes of the Garbage Record Book. Group "E" shall include?


40. C17 - The markings defining the maximum allowable draft to which the vessel maybe submerged, also as the Plimsoll mark is _________?


41. C17 - The shipping papers for the products being carried in your tankship are NOT required to contain the:


42. C17 - What is the meaning IOPP Certificates issued by any government?


43. C17 - Which of the following gives the best form of assessment of training?


44. C17 - Which of the following items has to be included in an abandon ship drill according to SOLAS regulations?


45. C17 - The requirement for the rest periods as required by STCW convention need not be maintained in certain cases such as:


46. C17 - The most accurate account of cargo on board will be found in the:


47. C17 - Which office recommends and implements policies under the administration of MARINA?


48. C17 - (UNCLOS) required that all flag states take account or give effect to;or implement the relevant rules and standards developed by the _____?


49. C17 - All wire ropes used in shipboard cargo gears must be identified and described in a certificate. The certificate shall certify all of the following except the:


50. C17 - The medical standards of STCW convention states the minimum age of seafarer who can qualify for medical fitness exam is _________.


51. C17 - A Philippine registered cargo vessel below 500 grt engaged in international voyage requires which license for the rank of Master?


52. C17 - What is the meaning of "Harmful Substances" under Marpol?


53. C17 - When ships are on short voyages, how often is the quantity residue recorded in the Machinery Space Oil Record Book?


54. C17 - A vessel not having on board a document of authorization issued in accordance with part A3 of the International Grain Code may be permitted to load bulk grain provided that the total weight of the bulk grain shall not exceed:


55. C17 - An article of transport equipment that is of a permanent character and accordingly strong enough to be suitable for repeated use without immediate reloading.


56. C17 - Part of MLC 2006 will NOT be inspected by PSC inspectors?


57. C17 - Ships under Class C includes all:


58. C17 - Provisions is made for special rules made by the Government of any State with respect to the use of additional whistle signals between which of the listed?


59. C17 - MARINA was geared towards the following objectives EXCEPT:


60. C17 - What is issued before port authorities and agents can board if you are arriving from a foreign port on international voyage?`


61. C17 - According to the Code of Safe Practices for Ship's Carrying Timber Deck Cargoes, which of the following is not included in the term "Timber"?


62. C17 - Which is true to claims in respect of expenses reasonably incurred or sacrifices reasonably made by the owner voluntarily to prevent/minimize pollution damage?


63. C17 - The periodic weight testing of a vessel's cargo booms may be performed by the:


64. C17 - The Garbage Record Book entries for each incineration or discharge shall include the date, time, position of the ship, description of garbage and the estimated _____.


65. C17 - Your vessel is boarded by the Quarantine Officer. After examination, your vessel was found to have a specific deficiency, therefore you may be issued with which of the following?


66. C17 - Under the Manila Amendments, the performance of a prospective officer in each of the tasks and duties itemized in the training record book should be initialed by:


67. C17 - About the proof test applied to cargo gear which statement is not correct?


68. C17 - Under the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships,1973, it means the government of the state whose authority the ship is operating.


69. C17 - Which among these vessels are classified as category I in the inter-island trade?


70. C17 - According to SOLAS requirement for lifeboat fall, what action must be taken with the fall at interval of not more than 5 years?


71. C17 - Due to the nature of a vessel's construction for a particular trade, it does not fully comply with the provisions of SOLAS. Where will this be indicated?


72. C17 - In accordance with SOLAS convention, how long shall the auxilliary steering gear be capable of turning 15 degrees on one side to 15 degrees on the other side?


73. C17 - ISPS Code was formulated as a result of what incident


74. C17 - Sludge are to be disposed off at sea


75. C17 - Oily mixtures according to Marpol means:


76. C17 - An IOPP Certificate on an inspected vessel is valid for what period of time?


77. C17 - When oil is discharged overboard, an entry is required in the __________.


78. C17 - When oily ballast has been pumped overboard, an entry must be made in the __________.


79. C17 - The Oil Record Book on a vessel NOT engaged on a foreign voyage shall be maintained on board for not less than __________.


80. C17 - _________ must counter sign any completed pages of the Oil Record Book.


81. C17 - What is the minimum number of fire pumps required on a cargo vessel of 900 GT?


82. C17 - What is the minimum number of fire pumps required on a cargo vessel of 2,000 GT?


83. C17 - Which vessel greater than 100 GT is NOT required to have an EPIRB.


84. C17 - For carbon dioxide fire-fighting systems for machinery spaces the fixed piping system shall be such that: (SOLAS II-2/5.2.4)


85. C17 - Lifeboats for ocean-going vessels shall carry in excess of the required regulation by:


86. C17 - Which one of the listed requirements regarding abandon ship drills corresponds to present SOLAS regulation?


87. C17 - As per SOLAS Regulation, the minimum Fuel supply for fast Rescue Boat shall last for__.


88. C17 - SOLAS stipulates that if more than 25percent of crew have not participated in abandonship and fire drills in the previous month, the drills of the crew shall take place__________.


89. C17 - As per SOLAS Regulation, the capacity rate of ships emergency fire pumps shall be ____.


90. C17 - In case each hydrant is not fitted with hose and nozzles, what is the requirement? (SOLAS II-2/4.6.1)


91. C17 - SOLAS stipulates that ships of 500 GRT or more shall have at least one international shore connection with an outside diameter of____


92. C17 - Under SOLAS passenger ships and ships other than passenger ships of ______ and upwards constructed on or after 2002 must carry Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) to assist in accident investigation.


93. C17 - The ISM Code requires ship owners or shipping companies to assign a ______ onboard their ship:


94. C17 - CSO is responsible for :


95. C17 - The ISPS Code was Adopted by Contracting Government with Part A & B. The mandatory requirements & guidance is under the provisions of _______ of the SOLAS as amended.


96. C17 - The ISPS Code applies to: I. Passenger ships II. Mobile offshore drilling units (MODU)


97. C17 - One of the many objectives of the ________ is to ensure the early and efficient collection and exchange of security-related information.


98. C17 - Who is given the authority to carry out assessment for a certification as required by Chapter XI-2 of SOLAS as amended of the ISPS Code?


99. C17 - At what security level is further specific protective security measures to be maintained for a limited period of time when a security incident is probable or imminent, although it may not be possible to identify the specific target?


100. C17 - Under the New Regulations, what does SOLAS Chapter XI-1 deals with?


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