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1. C19 - There are currently two standards of classifying fires as A, B, C, and D, according to the nature of the burning material. One standard is ISO 3941, the other is:


2. C19 - It is impossible to extinguish a shipboard fire, except in rare cases, by:


3. C19 - If portable fire extinguisher has been partially discharged, it should be:


4. C19 - Master and Officers must immediately take actions to limit the damage and salve the ship following any of which emergency situation?


5. C19 - When attempting to enter a compartment containing fire, which method of applying water a most appropriate?


6. C19 - What does the FTP code relate to?


7. C19 - Prior to the release the CO2 system to the compartment in order to extinguish the fire, rest assure that all personnel has vacated the area.


8. C19 - Combustible liquids are divided into how many classes?


9. C19 - It is necessary to extend ventilators to the bilges in order:


10. C19 - In addition to weighing the cartridge, what other routine maintenance is required for a cartridge-operated dry chemical extinguisher?


11. C19 - Carbon Monoxide is considered as one of the most toxic gases onboard. One of its characteristics is:


12. The Master shall insure that the Emergency Position Indicating Radio beacon (EPIRB) is __________.


13. The advantages of using an inert gas system on a tank vessel is that it provides __________.


14. Which of the following will prevent a flammable atmosphere from occurring in a cargo tank on a tank vessel?


15. Which alarm is NOT found on an inert gas system?


16. Which is NOT a safety precaution to be observed during the loading of LFG?


17. You are planning to use the crude oil washing system on your tankship. What is required to prevent electrostatic buildup in the tanks?


18. What can be used to prevent a flammable atmosphere from occurring in a tank container?


19. Which type of portable lighting may be used to enter a compartment on a tank barge which is NOT gas-free?


20. What does the sign used to caution persons approaching the gangway of a tank barge during cargo transfer read?


21. Which statement about the use of portable electric lights in petroleum product tanks is TRUE?


22. According to U.S. regulations, which of the following is a requirement of the ventilation system of a pump room on a tanker?


23. What is the inert gas system on a tanker used for?


24. Which of the following describes intrinsically safe equipment?


25. How is an inert gas system designed to reduce the possibility of tank explosions?


26. Which of the following actions is not considered to have the potential for generating static electricity?


27. The condition of asphyxia arises from which of the following?


28. What are flame screens used for?


29. Hand tillers are only accepted as an auxiliary means of steering if __________.


30. A piece of small stuff (small line) secured to an object to prevent it from going adrift is a __________.


31. How many ring life buoys must a small passenger vessel, of less than 65 feet in length, carry?


32. You are rigging a stage over the ship's side to serve as a working platform. For stability of the stage, the downhaul to one end of the stage and the downhaul to the other end, which are used for lowering the stage, should be led __________.


33. Each EPIRB required on an OSV shall be tested using the integrated test circuit and output indicator every __________.


34. Why is it necessary to extend ventilators of gasoline powered vessels to the bilges?


35. When a passenger vessel's plans must be permanently exhibited, they are NOT required to show information on the __________.


36. Lines or gear NOT in use should be __________.


37. U.S.C.G. approved buoyant work vests are considered to be items of safety equipment and may be worn by members of the crew __________.


38. On small passenger, vessels spaces containing batteries require good ventilation because it __________.


39. A vessel is underway with a work stage rigged over the side. A seaman may work on the stage, but only when __________.


40. Which statement about pneumatic chipping tools is TRUE?


41. Which statement is TRUE concerning the placard entitled "Discharge of Oil Prohibited"?


42. C19 - When should training in personal survival techniques be given?


43. C19 - If water is rising in the bilge of a survival craft, your should first:


44. C19 - Which one of the listed routine test and inspections of life-saving appliances is not required by the regulations?


45. C19 - A lifejacket should be provided with__________ .


46. C19 - Every inflatable life raft , inflatable lifejacket and hydrostatic release units shall be serviced__________


47. C19 - While underway, fire break out in the forward part of the vessel. Whenever practicable, what will be the first thing you will do if your are on watch?


48. C19 - In the event of fire in the crew's quarter, one of your first act is to:


49. C19 - A drip tray containing oil is on fire. The only fire fighting equipment available is water hose with spray jet/spray nozzle. How, if at all, should you attempt to put out this fire using water?


50. C19 - A high-velocity fog stream can be used in fire fighting situations to drive heat and smoke ahead of the fire fighters in a passageway. This technique should only be used when:


51. C19 - The primary objective of First Aid is:


52. C19 - In reviving a person who has been overcomed by gas fumes, which of the following would you AVOID doing?


53. C19 - As with heat burns the damage of frostbite /hypothermia may be either superficial or deep, and the affected tissues may be destroyed. What kind of first aid should be given a person with frostbite ?


54. C19 - When giving first aid you should avoid __________________.


55. C19 - The ABC-rules are an important part of the First Aiders know how. What does the First Aid ABC-rules stands for?


56. C19 - First aid treatment for small cuts and open wounds is to __________.


57. C19 - The MOST important element in administering CPR is:


58. C19 - A person slowly feel more sleepy and thirsty. The skin become very dry and there is a sweet taste of the breath. The glucose reaction shows positive. What kind of medicine will the person need as soon as possible?


59. C19 - A device used to immobilize fractures and help prevent bone displacement is:


60. C19 - A tourniquet should be used to control bleeding ONLY __________.


61. C19 - First, second, and third degree burns are classified according to the:


62. C19 - Treatment of burns and scalds depends on the severity of the injury. What is the correct thing to do for minor burns and scalds?


63. C19 - A shipmate suffers a heart attack and stops breathing. You must:


64. C19 - Which position is the best to stop bleeding from the nose?


65. C19 - A seaman has a small, gaping laceration of the arm that is not bleeding excessively. What can be done as an alternative to suturing to close the wound?


66. C19 - Before CPR is started, you should ____________.


67. C19 - Fire and abandon ship stations and duties may be found on the __________.


68. C19 - What is a contingency plan for ships?


69. C19 - Which of the following is FALSE why there may not be enough oxygen in an enclosed space or tank?


70. C19 - Injuries resulting from slips and falls constitute the largest percentage of accidents that occur in the catering department. What shall be done to reduce this high accident rate?


71. C19 - The primary concern in aiding a back injury patient is __________.


72. C19 - The most effective first aid treatment for chemical burns is to immediately __________.


73. C19 - To treat a person suffering from heat exhaustion, you should __________.


74. C19 - When administering first aid you should avoid __________.


75. C19 - Since electrical burn victims may be in shock, the FIRST medical response is to check for __________.


76. C19 - Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher have a capacity of at least how many kilograms?


77. C19 - Each powder or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher shall have a capacity of at least how many kilograms.


78. C19 - Each foam extinguisher shall have a capacity of at least how many liters?


79. C19 - Dangerous goods are divided into _____ classification?


80. C19 - A tanker vessel is loading a hazardous cargo. The allowance for expansion is based on ambient temperatures of what maximum range?


81. C19 - For CO2 fire-fighting systems for machinery spaces, the fixed piping system shall be such that:


82. C19 - A petroleum liquid is said to be grade D combustible liquid flash point is:


83. C19 - Grade D combustible liquids have a maximum flash point of:


84. C19 - Which activity will have the greatest fire-fighting effect in case of a fire?


85. C19 - Which type of fire extinguisher has a disadvantage and danger of malfunction that may result to dangerous overpressure?


86. C19 - After extinguishing a fire in a paint locker using the fixed CO2 system, the next immediate action is for the space to be:


87. C19 - Which type of fire extinguisher is best to use in the presence of electrical hazards?


88. C19 - Which of the listed modes of heat transfer does NOT require any physical contact between a warmer and a cooler substance?


89. C19 - These can be dissolved in the fuel and not removed by the purifier.


90. C19 - A pan on the galley stove containing oil catches fire, which of the following should NOT be used on this type of fire?


91. C19 - Which is not a functional requirement embodied in the regulations in order to achieve the fire safety objectives set out in SOLAS.


92. C19 - Which of the Code provides international specific engineering standards for fire fighting equipments.


93. C19 - Which is not a functional requirement to detect a fire from a space of and to provide for alarm for safe escape and fire-fighting activity?


94. C19 - A term of maximum temperature at which a given gas can be liquified by pressure i.e. Tank vessel cargo of ammonia 256 degrees fahrenheit.


95. C19 - The combustion elements in a fuel are carbon ( C ), hydrogen (H2) and which other element?


96. C19 - Cooling of compartment boundaries where fire has occurred should be continued until:


97. C19 - In which event should the Master take actions to protect and safeguard all persons on board his ship?


98. C19 - According to basic principles regarding fire protection the ship is to be divided in zones by structural and thermal boundaries which is:


99. C19 - As a firefighting medium, CO2 can be dangerous under certain conditions as it can cause which of the following?


100. C19 - A term called when a temperature at which a liquid starts to and completely becomes a solid.


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