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1. C17 - How much water per person is provided in a life raft not equipped with a desalting apparatus?


2. C17 - What is the least time interval for each lifeboat to be lowered and maneuvered in the water?


3. C17 - What minimum capacity of an A BII fire extinguisher has?


4. C17 - In weighing CO2 cylinders, how many percent the weight loss exceeds before they must be recharged?


5. C17 - When making buoyancy test for lifejackets, the buoyancy should be measured initially and after 24 hours of submersion to just below the water surface. In life jacket buoyancy test, what should be the limit and difference between the initial and final buoyancy?


6. C17 - What should be the lateral field vision of a person wearing and immersion suit and seated in fixed position should be?


7. C17 - Survival crafts are installed so that abandonment should be possible even if the ship is listed to how many degrees?


8. C17 - How many BII fire extinguishers must be in the machinery space of a 75foot long fishing vessel propelled by engines with 600 brake horsepower?


9. C17 - A burning period of the rocket parachute flare should not be less than for how long when it burns?


10. C17 - What should be the Lifebuoys maximum outer diameter?


11. C17 - What is the required minimum capacity of portable fluid extinguishers?


12. C17 - What could be an indication of large quantities of gas in the shale shaker area?


13. C17 - What must ocean going vessels of 100 GT to 400 GT be fitted with for oily mixtures?


14. C17 - How is the sea painter is secured in the lifeboat?


15. C17 - Which lifeboat equipment would be most suitable for night signaling to a ship on the horizon?


16. C17 - What each open lifeboat on a vessel of an international voyage must carry?


17. C17 - Which vessel greater than 100 GT is NOT required to have an EPIRB?


18. C17 - What will have if the spray of water produced by using the highvelocity fog position on an allpurpose nozzle?


19. C17 - What must you do to a shipmate who suffers a heart attack and stops breathing?


20. C17 - On a vessel with lifeboats on both sides, where is No.2 lifeboat located?


21. C17 - Which one of the listed requirements regarding abandon ship drills corresponds to present SOLAS regulation?


22. C17 - Which statement is TRUE concerning a motor lifeboat?


23. C17 - Which of the following is NOT priority consideration when deciding damage control measures after a fire or explosion onboard?


24. C17 - According to regulations, how many BII hand portable fire extinguishers are required in the cargo tank area of an unmanned, cargo pumpequipped tank barge engaged in transferring grade B flammable liquids?


25. C17 - Assuming that your vessel is in a damaged condition and you have just beached the ship. What would be your immediate actions?


26. C17 - Flames from small leaks of LFG may be extinguished by what?


27. C17 - Having made a distress call, what must you do once the distress situation is reCieved?


28. C17 - Having recovered two survivors from a marine disaster scene, what essential questions would you need to ask them as part of your debriefing?


29. C17 - How many BII fire extinguishers must be in the machinery space of a 175foot long fishing vessel propelled by engines with 3200 brake horsepower?


30. C17 - How many BII fire extinguishers must be in the machinery space of a 175foot long fishing vessel propelled by engines with 4000 brake horsepower?


31. C17 - How would you ensure your crew are trained to handle situation disasters?


32. C17 - In the event that you would have to beach your vessel, in order to prevent a total constructive loss, what ideal conditions would you prefer?


33. C17 - What is a document clause thaIt relates to a vessel with liberty to sail without pilots, to call at any port for any reasonable purpose, to tow and to be towed and assist vessel in distress?


34. C17 - What is the best extinguisher of Oil fires?


35. C17 - To which group of hydrocarbons do Benzene and Toluene belong?


36. C17 - What actions are actuated by a sequence of steps during the C02 flooding system?


37. C17 - What duties would you expect to conduct when acting as an On Scene Cocoordinator in an SAR operation?


38. C17 - What emergency equipment would you think could reduce the period of conducting a search pattern?


39. C17 - What is the key to rescuing a man overboard?


40. C17 - What is to be preserved, as the MOST important consideration aboard the damaged vessels?


41. C17 - What kind of stability which remains after a compartment is flooded?


42. C17 - What preservation is the most important consideration with the damaged floating vessels?


43. C17 - What safety precautions are in place to prevent accidental release of the CO2 injection system into the engine room?


44. C17 - What should you do during counter flooding to correct a severe list aggravated by an offcenter load when your vessel suddenly takes a list or trim to the opposite side, ?


45. C17 - What type or ideal of vessels would suit to act as OSC?


46. C17 - What would be the stability in damage stability?


47. C17 - When alongside working cargo in a port in the Far East, you are informed that a tropical revolving storm (TRS) is imminent. What options are available to you?


48. C17 - When carrying out an emergency steering gear test drill, what would you expect to do and observe?


49. C17 - What class is an aluminum power fire is classified?


50. C17 - What should be the not more than required portable fluid extinguishers should?


51. C17 - What should be the approved lifeboats capacity to accommodate?


52. C17 - What would be the lateral field of vision of a person wearing an immersion suit when seated in fixed position?


53. C17 - Onboard training in the of davit-launched liferafts shall take place at intervals of not more ______


54. C17 - A 6-men inflatable life raft shall be carried as far forward as is reasonable and practicable. Where is the best stowing position?


55. C17 - How are Size III, IV, and V extinguishers are considered?


56. C17 - A crew member reports that the high-pressure alarm light of a low-pressure CO2 fixed fire extinguishing system is illuminated. What would be the most probable cause of this condition?


57. C17 - What is a hydrostatic release unit?


58. C17 - A person has suffered a laceration of the arm. Severe bleeding has been controlled by using a sterile dressing and direct pressure. What should you do next?


59. C17 - A fuel line breaks, sprays fuel on the hot exhaust manifold, and catches fire. What should be Your FIRST action to?


60. C17 - You are in the process of righting an inflatable liferaft that has inflated in an upside down position. Which statement is TRUE?


61. C17 - How much each accessible space may be sprayed with so that a fire main system must have enough fire hydrants?


62. C17 - A casualty report of an intentional grounding of a MODU is required under what condition?


63. C17 - What would you do to get low-velocity fog from an all-purpose nozzle?


64. C17 - What should you do when fighting fires in spaces containing bottles of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)?


65. C17 - Having a CO2 alarm during normal working hours, what immediate action should be taken?


66. C17 - What equipped to most lifeboats?


67. C17 - What consist(s) of Treatment(s) of heat exhaustion?


68. C17 - Where does Number 3 lifeboat would be located?


69. C17 - A man has a burn on his arm. There is reddening of the skin, blistering, and swelling. How is this termed using standard medical terminology?


70. C17 - A fire has broken out on the stern of your vessel. How should you maneuver your vessel about the wind?


71. C17 - Which statement is TRUE concerning life preservers (Type I personal flotation devices)?


72. C17 - You are on watch at sea at night when a fire breaks out in #3 hold just forward of the bridge. What you would NOT do?


73. C17 - One advantage of the "all-purpose nozzle" is that it __________.


74. C17 - What additional threat does a fire in the galley ALWAYS poses?


75. C17 - A burning mattress is considered as which of the following classes of fire?


76. C17 - "Dry Powder" fire extinguishers, which contain a mixture of graphite and sodium chloride as the extinguishing agent, are generally used to fight which type of fire?


77. C17 - A fire starting by spontaneous combustion can be expected in which condition?


78. C17 - A deck-stowed 40-foot container is giving off smoke, and one end is discolored from heat. The cargo is valuable and easily damaged by water. You want to extinguish the fire without further damage if possible. What action should you take?


79. C17 - How could a class B fire be most successfully fought by?


80. C17 - A fire in an oil rig ballast pump room can be brought under control with minimal impact on stability by .


81. C17 - How could a fire in a ballast pump room can be brought under control with minimal impact on stability?


82. C17 - What is the minimum number of fire pumps required on a cargo vessel of 2,000 GT?


83. C17 - On a vessel of 900 GT, what is the minimum number of fire axes required?


84. C17 - In how many locations must lifeboats be installed on a mobile offshore drilling unit?


85. C17 - What is the maximum number of sleeping accommodations a barge may have before it is required to have fire pumps, hydrants, hose, and nozzles installed?


86. C17 - The gross weight of a fully charged CO2 bottle in a fixed CO2 system is 220 lbs. When the bottle is empty it weighs 120 lbs. What is the minimum acceptable gross weight of the CO2 bottle before it should be recharged by the manufacturer?


87. C17 - What must be the least capable attaining speed of a fully loaded motorpropelled lifeboat?


88. C17 - All towing vessels of 26 feet or longer while navigating are required to carry which item?


89. C17 - After a collision and survivors have been assisted, fire has been controlled, what is the next action of the crew?


90. C17 - What should be used to remove corrosion from the swivel on the female coupling of a fire hose?


91. C17 - What should be the painter line of an inflatable?


92. C17 - What is a spanner?


93. C17 - What is the process of checking a CO2 portable extinguisher annually?


94. C17 - To remedy a leaking fire hose connection at the hydrant, what should be secure besides the valve?


95. C17 - Which statement is TRUE concerning life jackets which are severely damaged?


96. C17 - What should be the maximun required portable fluid extinguishers?


97. C17 - What would be the capacity of a One gallon of high expansion foam solution will produce?


98. C17 - For a period of how many hours does a motor lifeboat shall carry sufficient fuel to operate continuously?


99. C17 - When the lifeboat is in a capsized position, a safety belt shall be fitted at each indicated seating position designed to hold a person of a mass of how many kilograms securely in place?


100. C17 - Carbon dioxide cylinders which protect machinery spaces, paint lockers and tanks may be located within those spaces when the amount of carbon dioxide does not exceed what weight?


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