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1. C18 - How could Arbitration be international?


2. C18 - At least one reinspection shall be made on each vessel holding a Certificate of Inspection valid for two years. What should be the duration of certificate inspection besides being held between the tenth and fourteenth months?


3. C18 - What should the Master do before he/she relieves the Pilot of the conn?


4. C18 - Due to the nature of a vessels construction for a particular trade, it does not fully comply with the provisions of SOLAS. Where will this be indicated?


5. C18 - During the course of a voyage, a seaman falls on the main deck and injures his ankle. When should the Master submit a Report of Marine Accident, Injury or Death?


6. C18 - What ia called as Effective and efficient organizations that has a hierarchical structure?


7. C18 - For whom does the qualification requirements apply?


8. C18 - If a Master must jettison a container loaded with hazardous material, whom he must, as soon as possible?


9. C18 - If safety representatives are elected on any ship, the employer must appoint a ______. This is mandatory on any ship that has elected safety representatives.


10. C18 - If you are the curriculum developer and director of the training program, which of the following general jobs should comes FIRST?


11. C18 - In authority and assertiveness, which of the following thoughts is correct if a master or pilot is considered to be of too high authority? I. Total command expected II. Lack of communication III. Cannot delegate IV. Performance orientation


12. C18 - In writing up the logbook at the end of your watch, you make an error in writing an entry. What is the proper way of correcting this error?


13. C18 - What is the next step to do once the problem has been defined?


14. C18 - Why is preserving knowledge is important?


15. C18 - Principles to be observed in determining the safe manning of a ship the PSCO should take into account the following no board functions when applicable EXCEPT drill or training?


16. C18 - Several merchant ships are arriving at the scene of a distress incident. One of the them must assume the duties of the Coordinator Surface Search (CSS). Which of the following statements is TRUE?


17. C18 - You notice smoke coming from an open laundry room doorway. After activating the fire alarm, which of the following would you do FIRST?


18. C18 - Your vessel has been holed in #1 hold and partially flooded. The hole is plugged against further flooding. In calculating the effect of the flooding on your transverse stability, you should use which method?


19. C18 - You hear a distress signal and proceed at best possible speed to the last known position of the distressed vessel. When you arrive on scene nothing is found. What action would you take?


20. C18 - Your vessel is damaged and is listing to port. The rolling period is short. There is sufficient freeboard so that deck edge submersion is not a problem. What corrective action should be taken FIRST in regard to the vessel's stability?


21. C18 - Why does a vessel aground may have negative GM?


22. C18 - Where should any preferable weight removals be made from if your vessel is aground at the bow?


23. C18 - Your vessel is damaged, and there is no list or trim. The rolling period is short. The freeboard before the damage was 12'02" (3.7 meters). It is now reduced to 3'-00"(1 meter). Which action would you take FIRST?


24. C18 - Your vessel is listing 4° to port and has a short rolling period. There is loose firefighting water in the hull. The ship is trimmed down by the head with one foot of freeboard at the bow. Which action should you take FIRST?


25. C18 - Your vessel is damaged and listing to port. The rolling period is long, and the vessel will occasionally assume a starboard list. Which action should you take FIRST?


26. C18 - You are on the SS American Mariner and involved in a collision. Your draft has increased uniformly and there is about 4 feet of freeboard remaining. The vessel is on an even keel and has a long rolling period. The roll is sluggish, and the vessel hangs at the ends of a roll. Which of the following actions would you take first to correct the situation?


27. C18 - Your vessel is damaged and partially flooded. It is listing 12° to port and trimmed 8 feet down by the head. It has a long, slow, sluggish roll. Which action should you take FIRST?


28. C18 - Your vessel is damaged and on an even keel. There is no trim. The freeboard is reduced to less than 1 foot. The rolling period is very long, and the vessel is sluggish in returning from a roll. Which action would you take FIRST to improve stability?


29. C18 - When navigating in ‘deep water’ you experience a shallow sounding which is not indicated on the chart. What would you do?


30. C18 - Your vessel is damaged with no list, but down by the stern. There is progressive flooding and trim by the stern is increasing. What is the effect on transverse stability after the deck edge at the stern is submerged?


31. C18 - Your vessel has run aground and is touching bottom for the first one-quarter of its length. What is the LEAST desirable method from the standpoint of stability to decrease the bottom pressure?


32. What is the minimum period of time that the air supply for a selfcontained breathing apparatus is required to last?


33. Which of the following is NOT priority consideration when deciding damage control measures after a fire or explosion onboard?


34. According to regulations, how many BII hand portable fire extinguishers are required in the cargo tank area of an unmanned, cargo pumpequipped tank barge engaged in transferring grade B flammable liquids?


35. Following receipt of a distress message your vessel is requisitioned to assist. You acknowledge the call and proceed towards the distress area. What navigational procedures would you employ to ensure your own ships safety while at the same time effective


36. Having made a distress call, what must you do once the distress situation is reCieved?


37. How many BII fire extinguishers must be in the machinery space of a 175foot long fishing vessel propelled by engines with 3200 brake horsepower?


38. What duties would you expect to conduct when acting as an On Scene Cocoordinator in an SAR operation?


39. What factors would determine the chosen track space when engaging in an Search and Rescue (SAR) search pattern?


40. What should you do during counter flooding to correct a severe list aggravated by an offcenter load when your vessel suddenly takes a list or trim to the opposite side, ?


41. C18 - Assuming that your vessel is in a damaged condition and you have just beached the ship. What would be your immediate actions?


42. C18 - Flames from small leaks of LFG may be extinguished by what?


43. C18 - Following the loss of a ‘man overboard’, you take the ‘conn’ and complete a Williamson Turn maneuvers but are unable to locate the man in the water. What would you now do?


44. C18 - Having recovered two survivors from a marine disaster scene, what essential questions would you need to ask them as part of your debriefing?


45. C18 - How many B-II fire extinguishers must be in the machinery space of a 175-foot long fishing vessel propelled by engines with 4000 brake horsepower?


46. C18 - How would you ensure your crew are trained to handle situation disasters?


47. C18 - In the event that you would have to beach your vessel, in order to prevent a total constructive loss, what ideal conditions would you prefer?


48. C18 - What is a document clause thaIt relates to a vessel with liberty to sail without pilots, to call at any port for any reasonable purpose, to tow and to be towed and assist vessel in distress?


49. C18 - What is the best extinguisher of Oil fires?


50. C18 - To which group of hydrocarbons do Benzene and Toluene belong?


51. C18 - What actions are actuated by a sequence of steps during the C02 flooding system?


52. C18 - What emergency equipment would you think could reduce the period of conducting a search pattern?


53. C18 - What is the key to rescuing a man overboard?


54. C18 - What is to be preserved, as the MOST important consideration aboard the damaged vessels?


55. C18 - What kind of stability which remains after a compartment is flooded?


56. C18 - What preservation is the most important consideration with the damaged floating vessels?


57. C18 - What safety precautions are in place to prevent accidental release of the CO2 injection system into the engine room?


58. C18 - What type or ideal of vessels would suit to act as OSC?


59. C18 - What would be the stability in damage stability?


60. C18 - When alongside working cargo in a port in the Far East, you are informed that a tropical revolving storm (TRS) is imminent. What options are available to you?


61. C18 - When carrying out an emergency steering gear test drill, what would you expect to do and observe?


62. C18 - A vessel arrives in port and the Master files a Marine Protest with a Notary Publi Why would a Master effect this documents?


63. C18 - How is a portable fire extinguisher is placed in operation?


64. C18 - A seaman leaves a vessel before it sails from a foreign port. He informs the Chief Officer that he wont return. After the vessel sails, the Chief Officer finds the seamans work clothes in his locker. How should the Master handle this matter?


65. C18 - A vessel has a charter party for one voyage to carry a full load of manganese from Durban, South Africa, to Baltimore, Maryland, at a stipulated rate per ton. Which type of contract is involved?


66. C18 - A vessel is entering port A for the first time and has a Pilot conning the vessel. The Master is unsure that the Pilot is taking sufficient action to prevent a collision. What should the Master do?


67. C18 - A vessel is involved in a casualty. What includes the cost of property damage?


68. C18 - A vessel loads 5000 tons of manganese ore. The railroad cars that brought the ore to the vessel were previously loaded with iron ore so the ore is contaminated. The agent requests the Master to sign a Clean Bill of Lading and in return the shipper will give him a Letter of Indemnity. What is the best procedure to follow?


69. C18 - A vessel puts into the port of Kobe, Japan to discharge cargo. While awaiting completion of the cargo operation, the vessel contracts with a local shipyard to have the hull chipped, scaled, and painted. How is the cost of this maintenance handled with the Collector of Customs?


70. C18 - According to the IMO Code, what are the minimum number of securing points that should be on each side of a road vehicle, whose gross vehicle mass is between 3.5 tons and 20 tons, when carried on RoRo vessels?


71. C18 - According to the IMO Code, what are the minimum number of securing points that should be on each side of a road vehicle, whose gross vehicle mass is between 30 tons and 40 tons, when carried on RoRo vessels?


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