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1. What is the relay contacts and writing that carries the load current in a switch?


2. This type of control system is used where one variable is kept at a fixed ratio to another. An example may be the proportion of the fuel-to-air for a boiler combustion system is __________.


3. In a circuit, the inductance of a coil varies with the __________.


4. An opposition to the flow of AC current caused by a capacitor is __________.


5. When two or more generators are connected in parallel, what device is used to disconnect a generator from the line if a generator starts drawing power from the line?


6. What is wrong if a part in a series path DC circuit has an above normal voltage drop and all other parts have below normal voltage drops?


7. Why should an electronic digital meter be used to measure voltage in electronic circuits?


8. What is an electrical motor that has two or more speed?


9. A type enclosure in which the openings are so constructed that drops of liquid or solid particles falling on the enclosure at any angles not greater than 15 degrees from the vertical either cannot enter the enclosure, or if they do not enter the enclosure, will prevent the successful operation of damage of, or cause damage to the enclosed equipment or motor is known as __________.


10. What is a kind of conduit being widely used underground wiring due to its easy installation and does not rust?


11. Armature cores in a DC generator are made of laminated steel sheets to __________.


12. A motor whose speed of normal operation is constant or practically constant is known as __________.


13. Marine generators are designed to 25% overload with an allowable temperature rise of __________.


14. What methods are used to control the time that current is limited before full current is applied?


15. Time delayed or delayed action-type fuses are designated to __________.


16. The wire of the cargo winch that is being used to move the cargo winch derrick from port to starboard and vice versa is called __________.


17. The true power indicated by a wattmeter depends on the current flow through the load, the magnitude of the potential across the load, and the __________.


18. If a motor operates 16 hrs. a day for 30 days and 8 hrs. a day for 8 days, taking 30 ampere from a 240 volt circuit. Compute the kWh use?


19. The type of flowmeter which uses the principle of a moving conductor (the liquid) in a magnetic field generating potential differences is __________.


20. A name implies the information is fed from the device being controlled back to the device which will make correction in order to maintain the desired level of operation, proper temperature, etc. is called __________.


21. If the pressure indicates 30 PSI, what will be the equivalent in kgs/cm2?


22. A circuit breaker for a 300 kw AC generator is rated at 470 amperes full load, continuous current. The percentage over current allowed is 125%. In reference to this information, which of the following will trip the breaker?


23. What is the bad effect if there is moisture of air to be supplied to an automatic electro pneumatic controller?


24. The value of AC sine-wave voltage that has the same effect as an equal value of DC voltage is __________.


25. A mode of control that provides an output that is related to the time rate of change that occurs between a process variable and its set-point is called __________.


26. That property of a system of conductors and dielectrics that permits the storage of electricity when potential differences exist between the conductors is __________.


27. The entire housing which contains all display information is called __________.


28. Aboard ship you should test for a grounded field coil in an AC motor with a __________.


29. What type of electrical thermometer made of semi-conducting materials, manufactured by centering powder with a mixtures of metallic oxides such as manganese, nickel, iron and uranium?


30. What will you do first when using a megohmeter to determine which shunt field coil is grounded in a DC machine?


31. A device or group of devices, that serves to govern, in some predetermined manner, the electric power delivered to the apparatus to which it is connected __________.


32. What type of level measuring instrument is frequently employed for remote indication on boiler water level and for supplying a signal for level control system?


33. It responds directly to the value of the variable and is called __________.


34. The increase in torque above rated torque to which a propulsion system may be subjected without the motor pulling out of step with the generator is __________.


35. The part of a DC generator that ride up against the slip ring to connect the external circuit is called __________.


36. Which of the following statements concerning AC circuit is correct?


37. What would be the purpose of a heat sink frequently used with transistor?


38. A 12 volt lead-acid battery has how many cells?


39. In an AC synchronous motor turboelectric power plant, propeller speed is controlled by varying the__________.


40. A magnetic blowout coil in DC contactor function to__________.


41. A tubular fuse should always be removed from a fuse panel with__________.


42. The device which commonly utilizes the principle of electromagnetic induction is the__________.


43. The electrolyte used in nickel-cadmium battery is _________.


44. What is the purpose of capacitor on the output of the power supplies in today


45. The output voltage of 440 volt, 60 hertz, AC generator is controlled by the _________.


46. A soft iron core with wire coiled around it and direct current passing through wire is the description of a simple__________.


47. Purpose of short circuit forcing module (short time trip) installed in branch line is to provide__________.


48. A dual-element fuse is frequently used in which of the following circuits?


49. The main purpose of auxiliary winding on split- phase, single phase motor is to__________.


50. The variable resistance placed in the rotor circuit of a form-wound induction motor provides for__________.


51. A delayed-action fuse is most frequently used in which circuit?


52. The purpose of cage rotor winding place on the rotor of a synchronous motor is to__________.


53. In an AC generator, direct current from a separate source is passed through windings of the rotor__________.


54. Semiconductor that decreases resistance with an increase in temperature is known as__________.


55. What type of battery charging circuit used to maintain a wet cell lead-acid storage battery in a fully charged state for long period of disuse?


56. Brushless generators operate without the use of __________.


57. What item is normally installed on a large turbine electric propulsion alternating current generator?


58. One of the operating characteristic of a motor which appear on nameplates of shipboard AC motor is__________.


59. The type of motor that uses rheostat in the rotor circuit to vary the speed is called a _________.


60. The amount of voltage induced in the windings of an AC generator depend on__________.


61. Grounds found in electrical machinery due to insulation failure are usually caused by__________.


62. What device that measure pressure & convert to electrical signal?


63. In an AC generator connected to the bus, as load & power factor changes, this reflected in the armature reaction of the generator. These changes in armature reaction are compensated for by the__________.


64. What is the preferred method of cleaning dust & foreign particle from electrical equipment?


65. The rated temperature of an electric motor is the__________.


66. AC circuit contain resistance, inductance & capacitance. The capacitive reactance of circuit is expressed in__________.


67. What should you do if you hear a load buzzing noise coming from a magnetic controller of a motor?


68. What should you do if a solid state circuit is NOT working?


69. In which circuit does a time lag fuses or dual-element fuses is used?


70. Which solid AWG wire sizes has the LEAST cross-sectional area?


71. What electrolyte that is used in a nickel-cadmium battery?


72. What is trouble if a magnetic controller contacts become welded together during operation?


73. What is the objective of electric heaters in motor controllers?


74. What is the open-circuit voltage of a fully charged lead-acid cell?


75. It is critical in determining the size of cable to be used in a particular circuit.


76. It should be done when the voltage to measured circuit is not known.


77. The capacity of a lead-acid storage battery is measured by its ________.


78. How many number of cells in a 12 volt lead-acid battery?


79. What is ambient temperature is?


80. What will be the result if a resistor is in parallel to the output of a power supply?


81. Which motor that is fitted with an operating alternator?


82. Device that protects sustained overloads in molded-case circuit breakers.


83. What action is connection to be taken in checking faulty electric control equipments?


84. Use to conduct an in-circuit test of a transistor?


85. Normally, the first step in troubleshooting a transistor circuit card, to ________.


86. A resistance in a circuit of unknown value is to be tested using the voltmeter/ammeter method. Therefore, the meters should be connected with _________.


87. Engine room consoles, the function of the capacitors on the output of the power supply, to:


88. What is the trouble if magnet chatter or pumping occurs in a magnetic contactor, is:


89. The defect if the high level and low level alarms both come on for the same address of a control console:


90. The part prevents an action occurring until all other required conditions are met is _________.


91. It is a part that maintain equal power factors on paralleled AC generators:


92. Force that makes free electrons to move in a conductor as an electric current:


93. Salinity indicating system purpose is to _______.


94. What statement is true in a modem automated ship?


95. What step in troubleshooting and to check when an AC or a DC motor fails to start?


96. Purpose to take air gap readings on electrical generation equipment, to _______.


97. To be if one trips out mechanically when two paralleled alternators are operating near rated load:


98. What should you look if an electric motor fails to start?


99. It is the number of degrees when the voltage and current are out of phase so that the true power is equal to zero?


100. In what state should the primary circuit be when an induction coil operates on DC current and gives an instantaneous voltage?


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