Assessment Test

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1. The fitting at the end of a cargo line in a tank that allows suction to be taken close to the bottom of a tank is a __________.


2. The fitting that allows a boom to move freely both vertically and laterally is called the __________.


3. The fittings used to secure a watertight door are known as __________.


4. The flash point of vinyl chloride is __________.


5. The floors in a vessel's hull structure are kept from tripping, or folding over, by __________.


6. The forcastle card __________.


7. The force acting on a single cargo runner which is vertically lifting or lowering a load is greatest when __________.


8. The force exerted by a propeller which tends to throw the stern right or left is called __________.


9. The fore and aft run of deck plating which strengthens the connection between the beams and the frames and keeps the beams square to the shell is called the __________.


10. The forecastle card is a copy of the __________.


11. The forecastle card is a(n) __________.


12. The function of the bilge keel is to __________.


13. The garboard strake is the __________.


14. The Great Lakes Edition of the Notice to Mariners is published __________.


15. The greatest horizontal stress between the heads of the booms in the yard and stay rig occurs when the load is in such a position that the __________.


16. The greatest strain, when lifting a load with the jumbo purchase, is on __________.


17. The grooved wheel inside a block is called a __________.


18. The half-breadth plan is __________.


19. The head block is located _________.


20. The heel block is located __________.


21. The helm command "Check her" means __________.


22. The helm command "Left twenty" means __________.


23. The helm command "meet her" means __________.


24. The helm command "Nothing to the left" means do NOT __________.


25. The helm command "Steady as you go" means __________.


26. The hitch used to secure the standing part of a gantline to the horns of a stage is a __________.


27. The holding capabilities of an anchor are determined PRIMARILY by the __________.


28. The holding capability of an anchor is primarily determined by the __________.


29. The holding power of an anchor at a given scope of cable increases when the __________.


30. The Honolulu (Christmas tree) tow was devised to __________.


31. The horizontal flat surfaces where the upper stock joins the rudder are the __________.


32. The horizontal fore-and-aft movement of a vessel is called __________.


33. The horizontal port or starboard movement of a vessel is called __________.


34. The Immigration and Naturalization Service is concerned with which document on a vessel making preliminary entry into a U.S. port from a foreign port?


35. The implied condition(s) with respect to the doctrine of deviation in a marine insurance policy is(are) __________.


36. The internal volume of a cargo hold measured from the inside faces of the cargo battens, the lower side of the deck beams, and the top of the tank top ceiling is known as the __________.


37. The internal volume of a cargo hold measured from the inside of the side shell, the underside of the deck, and the tank top is known as the __________.


38. The joint formed when two steel plates are placed end-to-end is called a __________.


39. The joint formed when two steel shell plates are placed longitudinally side to side is called a __________.


40. The key to rescuing a man overboard is __________.


41. The knot at the end of the heaving line used to pass the towing hawser is called a __________.


42. The knot used to form the bridle at the standing part of a gantline rigged to a stage is a __________.


43. The knot used to join two lines of different diameter is a __________.


44. The knot used to join two lines or two large hawsers for towing is called a __________.


45. The label required for magnesium scrap is __________.


46. The label required on containers carrying barium oxide in an international shipment must read __________.


47. The Lake Carriers Association and the Canadian Shipowners Association prescribe separation routes for upbound and downbound vessels on the Great Lakes. The recommended courses for these routes are shown on the Great Lakes Charts in the form of __________.


48. The larger sizes of manila line are measured by their __________.


49. The lashings on a stack of containers with interlocking fittings restrain the forces that cause __________.


50. The lashings used on Ro-Ro vessels should be capable of withstanding the forces of __________.


51. The latch of a safety hook __________.


52. The lead of a tow bridle is usually redirected with a __________.


53. The legs of a tow bridle are joined together with a __________.


54. The length of a standard "shot" of chain is __________.


55. The lifeboats on your vessel are stowed on cradles on deck and are handled by sheath-screw boom davits.


56. Which of the following statements about launching a boat is TRUE?


57. The line with the most stretch is __________.


58. The lines led forward from the bow and aft from the stern when a vessel is moored to the dock are __________.


59. The load chart of a crane enables the operator to combine the load radius with boom length to determine the __________.


60. The load line certificate is issued by __________.


61. The load line regulations are administered by the __________.


62. The locking pin that joins the parts of a detachable link is held in position by __________.


63. The lookout sights a vessel dead ahead. This should be reported on the bell with __________.


64. The lowest temperature at which a liquid will give off sufficient vapors to form a flammable mixture with air is known as the __________.


65. The machinery associated with heaving in and running out anchor chain is the __________.


66. The main advantage and chief characteristic of a Steulchen boom is that it can be __________.


67. The main advantage of a Chinese stopper over the one line stopper is that it __________.


68. The main function of a stripping system is to __________.


69. The main function of the core of a wire rope is to __________.


70. The main reason a long towline is used during an ocean tow is that __________.


71. The main underdeck pipeline on a tankship is connected to individual tanks by __________.


72. The major components which determine the length of a catenary in a deployed anchor cable are water depth, cable weight, and __________.


73. The major components which determine the length of catenary in a deployed anchor cable are cable tension, cable weight, and __________.


74. The major components which determine the length of catenary in a deployed anchor cable are water depth, cable tension, and __________.


75. The maneuver which will return your vessel in the shortest time to a person who has fallen overboard is __________.


76. The marking on an anchor chain for 30 fathoms is __________.


77. The Master may have his/her license suspended or revoked for __________.


78. The Master may require part of the crew to work when needed for __________.


79. The Master must maintain the Oil Record Book on board for at least __________.


80. The Master of a passenger vessel which is not required to maintain an Official Logbook must keep a record of the number of passengers received and delivered from day to day. This record must be available for a period of __________.


81. The Master of a vessel may tender a Notice of Readiness to the charterer when the vessel __________.


82. The Master of any vessel bound on a voyage must apply to a district court when an allegation of unseaworthiness has been made to the Master by __________.


83. The master or individual in charge of a vessel prepares a certificate of discharge for each mariner being discharged from the vessel where the original discharge goes to the _________.


84. The maximum draft to which a vessel can legally be submerged is indicated by the __________.


85. The maximum length allowed between main, transverse bulkheads on a vessel is referred to as the __________.


86. The maximum theoretical stress that can be developed on a guy in a yard and stay rig is limited by the __________.


87. The measurement of the amount of force a towing vessel is capable of applying to a motionless tow is called __________.


88. The metal, teardrop-shaped object sometimes used within an eye splice is a __________.


89. The MINIMUM acceptable size for a towing bridle would be that size in which the safe working load (SWL) of each leg of the bridle is equal to __________.


90. The minimum temperature required to ignite gas or vapor without a spark or flame being present is called __________.


91. The moisture equilibrium chart can be used to determine the __________.


92. The most common method of securing a line to a cleat is a __________.


93. The most important safety consideration during loading or discharge aboard a Ro-Ro vessel is __________.


94. The most likely time for oil pollution while bunkering is when __________.


95. The most probable position of the object of a search at any given time is the __________.


96. The equipment used to control, protect and connect a towline is called _________.


97. The exact and complete identification of all cargo on board must be found on the __________.


98. The explosive range of a fuel lies between the lower explosive limit and the __________.


99. The extension of the after part of the keel in a single- screw vessel upon which the stern post rests is called the


100. The figure obtained by dividing the total volume of the ship in cubic feet (after omission of exempted spaces) by 100 is the __________.


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