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1. One major disadvantage of a low-speed diesel as compared to a steam main- propulsion system is __________.


2. In a water tube marine boiler, what protects the superheater tubes from the fires of combustion?


3. In a water-tube marine type boiler, after the steam leaves the generating tubes, in what part of the boiler is temperature of the steam increased?


4. What does blowing tubes accomplish?


5. Before starting any diesel or gasoline engine, which of the following must be checked?


6. You discover a leak in the fuel line to the engine. You should FIRST __________.


7. Maintaining good working order of fuel pumps and injectors in auxiliary diesel engines requires the use of __________.


8. Outlets in gasoline fuel lines are __________.


9. The exhaust pipe must be gas tight throughout its entire length otherwise


10. If a gasoline engine turns over freely but will not start, the cause is generally


11. To find the cause of a gasoline engine's failure to start, you should __________.


12. A safe fuel system must __________.


13. Before any machinery is put in operation, you should __________.


14. Which statement is TRUE concerning fuel vapors on a vessel?


15. Which of the following is one of the most important safety procedures that should be adhered to prior to starting a gasoline engine on a motorboat?


16. Before you start an engine in a compartment, it's MOST important to __________.


17. Which statement is FALSE concerning precautions during small craft fueling operations?


18. The carburetor is placed on the engine to __________.


19. When fueling has been completed __________.


20. Gasoline tanks should be filled __________.


21. Upon completion of fueling a gasoline driven vessel it is necessary to __________.


22. You are in a tank wearing a breathing apparatus and you desire to return topside. How many tugs of the lifeline mean "Take up slack"?


23. What is placed on the underside of an inflatable liferaft to help prevent it from being skidded by the wind or overturned?


24. In good weather, you should deploy the sea anchor from the liferaft to


25. The sea painter of an inflatable liferaft should be __________.


26. The bosun has thrown the liferaft into the water before abandoning the vessel. The operating cord __________.


27. The painter of the inflatable liferaft has a length of __________.


28. The operating cord on an inflatable liferaft should be renewed by __________.


29. The operating cord on an inflatable liferaft also serves as a __________.


30. The air spaces in the floor of an inflatable liferaft will provide protection against


31. What is the purpose of the liferaft's hydrostatic release?


32. A new liferaft has been installed on your vessel. The operating cord should be


33. The painter of an inflatable liferaft should be __________.


34. The inside light in an inflatable liferaft is turned on __________.


35. In accordance with SOLAS, the batteries that power interior lighting in inflatable liferafts can be made to last longer by __________.


36. The lights on the outside of the canopy of an inflatable liferaft operate __________.


37. A safety feature provided on all inflatable liferafts is __________.


38. Water pockets on the underside of an inflatable liferaft are for __________.


39. The jackknife stored on an inflatable liferaft will always be located __________.


40. What is the operating principal of a flash type evaporator?


41. What prevents water running along the shaft of a leaking centrifugal pump from entering the shaft bearing?


42. Why does a centrifugal bilge pump require priming?


43. In an emergency, the electro-hydraulic steering units can be directly controlled by the


44. According to the Code of Federal Regulations, which of the following statements is correct regarding the steering gear on a vessel contracted for after June 9, 1995?


45. Mechanical gearing of deck machinery such as the windlass or towing engine should


46. Mechanical gearing of deck machinery such as the windlass or boat hoists should


47. The follow-up gear on an electro-hydraulic steering gear __________.


48. In an electro-hydraulic steering system, rudder movement is maintained in close synchronization with the steering wheel position by means of the __________.


49. Rotation of the steering wheel on the navigation bridge initiates oil pressure being applied to the steering gear rams by __________.


50. Dual electro-hydraulic steering units usually operate __________.


51. When the helm is turned on the navigation bridge, which of the listed actions will be the FIRST response in the steering room on a ship equipped with an electro-hydraulic steering gear?


52. Under normal operating conditions, the rudder is hydraulically locked unless


53. A hydraulic accumulator is designed to __________.


54. What is NOT used as a stern tube bearing, on a large vessel?


55. What type of stern tube bearing has the least friction?


56. What is the principle behind dynamic braking as used on an anchor windlass?


57. What is the most probable cause of reduced capacity in a reciprocating air compressor?


58. When two generators are operating in parallel, what will happen if one engine driving a generator shuts down?


59. The running generator's circuit breaker will immediately trip on overload.


60. Where a propeller shaft passes through the hull, water is prevented from entering by means of a __________.


61. What does a pyrometer measure on a diesel engine?


62. What power source actuates a solenoid valve?


63. What is the purpose of a striker plate?


64. What is the function of wearing rings found on some centrifugal pumps?


65. A thrust block is designed to __________.


66. What quality of a diesel fuel is most significant for efficient combustion?


67. The brickwork surrounding the firebox of a boiler is known as __________.


68. What is NOT a function of the steam drum of a marine water-tube boiler?


69. A spark arrestor __________.


70. Diesel engines are considered safer than gasoline engines because __________.


71. What monitoring device best indicates the load being carried by a diesel engine?


72. A wobbling tail shaft is an indication of __________.


73. During fueling, all doors, hatches, and ports __________.


74. Lubricating oil should be changed on a heavy duty diesel engine when __________.


75. Generally speaking, the fuel injected into a marine diesel engine combustion chamber is ignited by __________.


76. How should you warm up a diesel engine that has not been run for some time?


77. How would the exhaust of a properly operating diesel engine appear?


78. What would white exhaust smoke from a diesel engine probably mean?


79. Each cylinder in a two cycle engine experiences combustion __________.


80. How does combustion air enter the cylinder of a two-cycle diesel engine?


81. What are the three basic types of engine starters?


82. The quickest method to stop a small diesel engine whose throttle or governor has become stuck open is to __________.


83. Most medium and slow speed diesels are started by what medium?


84. What condition will result in the automatic shutdown of a diesel engine?


85. The three conditions which cause engine shutdown are overspeed, low lube oil pressure, and __________.


86. If an engine shuts down due to high jacket water temperature, what action should be taken?


87. Diesel engines obtain combustion air through turbo chargers, blowers, or __________.


88. What is the purpose of the intake/exhaust valves in a diesel engine?


89. What is the best indication of the loading of a diesel engine?


90. All marine low-speed diesels are of what design?


91. All diesel engines are classified as __________.


92. Sudden unloading of a diesel engine can cause


93. What is one effect of running a diesel engine at too cool a temperature?


94. If you are unable to stop a diesel engine by any other means, you should __________.


95. The most serious effect of air trapped in a non-treated diesel engine jacket water cooling system is that it __________.


96. The most serious effect of trapped air in a diesel engine jacket water cooling system is that it ____


97. The most serious effect of oxygen retained in a diesel engine jacket water cooling system is that it __________.


98. What factor is essential to the proper operation of a radiator cooled engine?


99. What is an advantage of diesel over steam turbine propulsion?


100. What is the effect of heated intake air on a diesel engine?


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