Assessment Test

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1. After full loading of a tanker vessel, the distance between the water line and the main deck of the vessel is called its _______.


2. In a longitudinally framed ship, the longitudinal are held in place and supported by athwartship members called ________.


3. If there are no movable or moving weights onboardand the vessel rolls to the starboard side, the center of gravity will ______.


4. When a ship is distorted so as to be concave up, it is said to _________.


5. The artwathship members that support and hold in place the longitudinal frames in a longitudinally framed ship are called _________.


6. Where should you expect to find striking plate on the vessel?.


7. With reference to the vessel


8. If the deck officer on watch received information that there is a man who went overboard during navigation, the proper actions that he must do immediately is/are _________.I - Keep the crew on sight always II - Avoid danger of the crew being caught by the propeller III - Execute Williamson turn


9. During loading operation, what do you call the force of gravity that tends to act vertically downward on the vessel?.


10. In a small angle stability, when external forces exist, the buoyant force is assumed to act vertically upwards through the center of buoyancy and through the _________.


11. A general cargo vessel overloaded with rolled steel products with high G.M, will probably:


12. If the reading of the mean draft on the port side has a big difference on the starboard side, the condition of the vessel is _________.


13. When a vessel has a water allowance of 242 millimeters and floats on water with a density of 1.025 shows a mean draft of 525 meters, what will be the density of water if its mean draft is 5.42 meters?


14. Which of the following is NOT the best method ofcontrolling of maintaining the good stability of the vessel if water is used as extinguishing agent during fire fighting?.


15. During loading of grains, the instrument ordocument effective in finding the ship


16. Which among the theory proves that the weight of a floating vessel is equal to the weight of the displaced water?.


17. The displacement or tonnage of a vessel floating on sea water exactly on her maximum summer draft is called its _________.


18. The volume of the ship _____.


19. After loading operation and the vessel was heeled on either side, what do you call the ability to return to its upright position?.


20. The condition of the vessel during cargo operation that greatly affects the length of its righting lever is the ________.


21. The particular or condition of a half loaded ballast tank that affects the increase of ship


22. What will possibly happen to a log carrier vessel if its transverse metacentric height is negative after loading?.


23. It is the condition of the vessel after loading ballast water, if the mean draft is more than the average of the fore and aft drafts called _________.


24. What do you call the condition of the vessel if the reading of the mean draft on the starboard side is much higher than the port side?.


25. What is the primary reason why international conventions and agreements necessary to be implemented onboard worldwide plying vessels?.


26. What is the sole entity that is authorized to rendersanction to a vessel that committed a violation of the 73/78 MARPOL Convention?.


27. It is this sole entity that is authorized to render sanction to a vessel that committed a violation of the 73/78 MARPL conventions ______.


28. As provided in the 73/78 MARPOL conventions, the minimum gross tonnage of a tanker vessel that must carry an ________.


29. The tank constructed adjacent to the shell platings of tanker vessels as provided in the 73/78 MARPOL conventions is called _________.


30. What do you the tank in tanker vessels constructedto collect drains or oily mixture used in cargo tank cleaning as provided in the 73/78MARPOL convention?.


31. The kind of tanker that can carry safely and efficiently both _________.


32. As provided in the 73/78 MARPOL conventions, the maximum length in millimeters of comminuted food waste that can be disposed lawfully within


33. It is the kind of pollutant that is prohibited to be discharged within _____.


34. A tanker vessel can lawfully discharge oily water mixture as long as it can meet which the following conditions? I- Auto stop if more than 15 PPM.II- Discharge outside special areaIII- Ship en route at slow speed


35. These are the documents or machineries necessary to be surveyed and passed before the issuance of the ship's international oil pollution prevention certificate.I - Incinerator II - Oil record book III - Boiler


36. Who are the authorized signatories of the oil record book after each discharge of engine room bilge? I - Master II - Chief engineer III - Duty engineer.


37. Which of these are the pollutants that are prohibited to be discharged within special areas as provided for in the 73/78 MARPOL Conventions?.


38. The second amendment of the SOLAS convention was on the year.


39. Part A of the STCW 1995 amendments are provisions that are.


40. The application of the STCW Convention under Art.III applies to all seafarers except for those on board what kind of vessel?


41. Which of the following are NOT covered by the STCW Convention?.


42. What article of the STCW Conventions states that a party should submit to the IMO the text of laws, decrees, etc.?


43. What is the immediate actions to be done if a tourniquet was applied as first aid to an open wound severely bleeding on the high seas?.


44. What can be used safely and effectively in cooling down quickly any heat burn suffered by crew on board? I -Running cold sea water II - Running cold fresh water III - Running warm fresh water.


45. If there is an accident where the victim suffered fracture with bleeding wound, the immediate action that must be done as first aid areI - cover wound with sterile dressing II - clean around wound with water III - remove blood clots of wound.


46. Which of the devices listed prevents water from entering a ships hull via the propulsion shaft?.


47. The device used to retain the packing, that keeps water from entering the ship through the opening where the propeller shaft passes through the hull, is called:.


48. Water leaking through the stern stuffing box is used to accomplish which of the following actions?.


49. What are the safe and proper procedures of applying first aid to a victim suffering from ankle and foot fracture? I - Apply half leg inflatable air splint II - Ankle well padded with dressing III - Place victim in a flat lying position.


50. Job satisfaction of a crew member is dependent upon which of the following principal factors? I - What the crew can do.II - How well he can get along with his shipmatesIIII - His motivation


51. Which of the following is NOT a key to human relation?.


52. What are the provisions where a tanker vessel less than 400 GRT can lawfully discharge oily mixture within Antarctic area? I- Vessel en route at full speed.II- Affluent oil less than 100 PPMIII- More than 4 miles from land


53. As provided in the 73/78 MARPOL conventions, the procedures to be followed by a general cargo ship so it can discharge processed bilge water lawfully are.


54. If a tanker vessel is en route at a moderate speed, what are the kinds of water that she can lawfully discharged within special areas? I -Clear ballast II - Fresh water III - Oily bilge water if 4 miles from shore.


55. What are the systems where a vessel can dispose lawfully sludge or fuel residue on board? I -Burn in incinerator.II - Discharge to port reception facilitiesIII - Pass it thru purifying machines


56. The valid reasons where a vessel can lawfully discharge oily mixture water in any sea location as provided in the 73/78 MARPOL conventions are I -saving of lives II - securing the ship III - saving another vessel.


57. The welding process on vital structures on board can cause imperfections which act as discontinuity and may result to stress concentration; hence there is a need for.


58. The purpose of swash bulkheads is to.


59. The double bottom in a vessel is a space comprised of.


60. In ship construction, which of the listed strengthening members act to support the decks? I - Pillars II - Girders III - Bulkheads.


61. The term hours of rest under the Manning of Ships Convention, 1996, means ___.


62. A Member States which ratified the Manning of Ships Conventions, 1996, acknowledges that the maximum hours of work shall not exceed _________.


63. What is the minimum hours of rest acknowledged by all parties to the Manning of Ships Convention, 1996?.


64. In unmanned engine room, when normal rest period is disturbed by callouts to work, the seafarer shall have adequate ________.


65. Under what circumstance that the master of the ship can require a seafarer to perform hours of work outside the regular work hours?.


66. What are the effective systems of artificial respiration to an accident victim?.


67. Who is tasked to ensure that the expiry dates and conditions of storage of all medicines are in order?.


68. If a victim became unconscious, his heart stopped and not breathing, the immediate actions to do to possibly save his life are ______.


69. What are the safe and proper procedures of applying first aid to a victim who is suffering from ankle and foot fracture? I - Apply half leg inflatable air splint.II - Ankle well padded with dressingIll - Place victim in a flat lying position


70. What are the symptoms of excessive blood loss such as hemorrhage or heavy bleeding caused by accident?.


71. In an accident on board, the maximum cubic centimeters (Cc) of blood that a normal injured person can endure to lose without harmful effect or threat to his life is _________.


72. How many hours minimum is a properly applied bondage be replaced as a means of an effective first aid?.


73. If tourniquet is applied to a victim as first aid while on the high seas, the best procedures to follow to save his/her life are: I - not to loosen the tourniquet without advice II - uncover the tourniquet at all times IIII - loosen the tourniquet every 12 hours.


74. If an accident victim became unconscious, his heart stopped and not breathing, the immediate actions to do to possibly save his life are: I - administer artificial respiration II - lay the victim on hard flat surface IIII - wrap the victim with wool blanket.


75. During the heart compression conducted to an unconscious person, the normal speed per second if two first aiders are working together is _______.


76. A number of dangerous substances in various IMDG Code classes have been identified as a substance harmful to the ________.


77. Who has the responsibilities for the classification of dangerous goods under IMDG Code?.


78. Many of the substances assigned to classes under the IMDG Code are deemed as __.


79. Amendments to SOLAS Chapter VII ( Carriage of Dangerous Goods) make the IMDG Code mandatory from ________.


80. In the event of personnel exposure during an incident involving dangerous goods, when can we find the detailed recommendations? I - On the container label II - Medical First Aid Guide (MFAG) IIII - On the packing guide.


81. Before undertaking any emergency action in case of toxic, corrosive and or flammable vapors in under deck cargo spaces where possible _________.


82. Emergency entry into the hold if there is any reason to suspect leakage of the dangerous substance should only be undertaken by _________.


83. A careful inspection of structural damage should be carried out after dealing with spillages of substances ________.I - corrosive to steel II - cryogenic liquids IIII - reactive to water


84. What should a person responsible for the transport or opening of packages containing infectious substances do if he becomes aware of damage to or leakage from such packages?.


85. If a person responsible for the transport of packages containing infectious substances noticed damage or leakage from such package, he should ______.I - inform the appropriate public authority II - notify the consignor and/or the consigneeIIII - inform the ship owner


86. Wooden shoring is used shipboard damage control to __________.


87. The best emergency repair to a crack forming in the vessel's hull, is to ______.


88. An acceptable method of temporarily sealing a crack formed in the hull of a vessel, is to:.


89. If a member State which has ratified the Convention (Minimum Standards) on Merchant Ships, 1976, can receive complaint and obtain evidence and I - may prepare reports address to the government in which the ship is registered II - may take measures to rectify conditions on board which are hazardous to safety and health IIII - may unreasonably detain or delay the ship.


90. When can we say that the Merchant Shipping (Minimum Standards) Convention is binding to the Member State when ratifications have been registered with _____.


91. Under ILO Convention (No.164) concerning Health Protection and Medical Care for Seafarers, the contents of medicine chest on board are listed and labeled with _____


92. The medical guide on board the ship shall explain _________.


93. In case a vessel seeks medical advice including the onward transmission of medical messages by radio or satellite communication between a ship and those ashore giving advice, how does the payment for such medical advice being made?.


94. Under the Convention concerning Health Protection and Medical Care for Seafarers, information contained in the medical report shall be ________.


95. Under the Seafarers' Hours of Work and the Manning of Ship's Convention, 1996, hours of work shall mean ________.


96. The horizontal distance between the vertical forcesacting through the center of gravity and center of buoyancy needed for the vessel


97. After the ship experienced an accidental damage, what kind of survey is being conducted periodically?.


98. What kind of survey is required each year in each five year survey cycle?.


99. In ship construction, the small plating is arrange instrakes with four of the strakes being specifically identified by name and the strakes next to the keelis identified as the _________.


100. The condition of the vessel during cargo operationthat greatly affects the length of its righting lever is the _________.


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