Assessment Test

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1. You are involved in a crossing situation with a vessel off your port bow. The other vessel is showing a high intensity all-round flashing red light. Which action should you take?


2. A partially submerged object towed by a vessel, during the day, must display which of the following shapes?


3. Which of the following does NOT exhibit a yellow light?


4. A single vessel being towed alongside shall show


5. Additional light signals are provided in the Annexes to the Rules for which of the following vessels?


6. Which vessel may NOT exhibit two red lights in a vertical line?


7. What equipment for fog signals is required for a meters in length? vessel 13


8. What is the minimum fog signal required aboard a between 12 meters and 20 meters in length at anchor? vessel


9. On open water, a power-driven vessel coming up dead astern of another vessel and altering her course to starboard so as to pass on the starboard side of the vessel ahead would sound_.


10. A signal of intent must be sounded in international waters during which of the following situations?


11. When moving from a berth alongside a quay (wharf), a vessel must sound_.


12. A vessel sounds one short blast. This signal indicates the vessel_.


13. A whistle signal of one prolonged, one short, one prolonged and one short blast, is sounded by a vessel_


14. Your vessel is backing out of a slip in a harbor. Visibility is restricted. You should sound_.


15. A vessel not under command sounds the same fog signal as a vessel_.


16. In fog you observe your radar and determine that risk of collision exists with a vessel which is 2 miles off your port bow. You should __________ .


17. What is required of a vessel navigating near an area of restricted visibility?


18. What is TRUE when operating in fog and other vessels are detected by radar?


19. Which statement applies to a vessel "constrained by her draft"?


20. Which statement is true concerning a vessel "constrained by her draft"?


21. Which statement is TRUE concerning wing in ground (WIG) craft when taking off, landing and in flight?


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