Assessment Test

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1. To drill a hole in round stock perpendicular to the axis of the piece, the stock should be mounted in a _________.


2. A standard taper pipe thread has a taper of ________.


3. Correct screw thread nomenclature, pitch is the ________________.


4. Round, split dies are usually adjustable to _______________.


5. Tool for cutting external pipe thread is called pipe __________.


6. The process used to bring a hole to finished size with a high accuracy is ______.


7. For mild steel and general work, the correct angle of a drill point is _________.


8. To remove a taper shank drill from the drill press spindle is by using a _________.


9. increasing the feed pressure on a drill as the drill point begins to break through the bottom of the work piece will cause the drill to _________.


10. To start a cut more easily by a hacksaw blade is to ________.


11. The temper is likely to be drawn out on the chisel edge when you _________.


12. The thing to do with chisel that has a mushroomed head is to ________.


13. To clean a metal file that has become clogged with fillings is said to be PINNED by using a __________.


14. A file that will produce a fine finish when draw filling is the _________.


15. The outcome when the high PPM alarm is actuated in an automatic oily bilge water separator is that the _________.


16. What is the purpose of the expansion tank in a closed type jacket cooling water system of a diesel engine?


17. The type of electric light fittings is used in pipe tunnels is _____________.


18. The cause if there is a charge air pressure drop in a generator engine is _______.


19. In coolers zinc anode protects ______________.


20. In a seven day period, the minimum standard rest of an officer in charge of the engineering watch must be _______.


21. The minimum standard rest of rating forming part of an engineering watch with in a 24 hour period should be _________.


22. In maneuvering situation and at bridge control mode, what precaution should be observed?


23. The emergency care for an electrical burn victim is to ____________.


24. The class of fire that probably occur on the boiler room bilges is a _________.


25. Usually fire hose should be stowed with the ______________.


26. The appropriate precautions that should be taken when an engineer on duty enters a UMS – mode operated engine room due to an ALARM is to ___________.


27. What component in the control room is the entire housing of the computers, controls, and visual signals are located?


28. What deck to be the pressure of emergency fire pump tested?


29. When there is a fire inside the engine room, the fuel oil service pump be switched off at _________.


30. The reason why the bowl of a fuel oil purifier fails to open for sludge discharge is __________.


31. The boiling point of Freon-22 at atmospheric pressure is ___________.


32. The part in refrigeration that is used to continuously circulate the refrigerant to the system is the ______.


33. The thermo bulb of solenoid valve in provision refrigeration is connected _______.


34. The device used to keep moisture from passing through the refrigeration system is called _______.


35. The sensor bulb of the expansion valve is situated in Freon system at _____.


36. If there is a leak in Freon system, the flame color of the halide torch will turn to ____.


37. The filter drier in a Freon system ids filled with ________.


38. Passages are drilled at the diesel engine crankshaft to provide lubricating oil into the _____.


39. The factor that tends to increase scale formation at the salt water side of the heat exchanger is by ______.


40. Perfect vacuum is represented by _____________.


41. Purpose of the injection pump delivery check valve is to _________.


42. A port and helix injection pump having upper and lower plunger helix is designed to __________.


43. Fuel leakage in high pressure fuel pipe between the injections pumps and fuel nozzle needs immediate repair because of the ________.


44. The broken nozzle pintle in a fuel injector usually causes ________.


45. Distorted spray pattern from a fuel injector can cause a diesel engine to have _________.


46. The purpose of a liquid receiver is to ______________.


47. Which of the following is the boiling point of Freon-12 at atmospheric pressure?


48. Referring to marine refrigeration, what is the latent heat if fusion of ice?


49. Which of the following is not a property of Freon-12?


50. The ratio of absolute viscosity of oil to specific gravity of oil is called __________.


51. A grade of crude oil or partly refined crude from which such products as gasoline and kerosene have been removed is termed ________.


52. The purpose of orifice check valve placed in hydraulic system is to _________.


53. What is generally accepted inlet and outlet cooling water temperature difference of a diesel engine closed cooling could ___________.


54. Prolonged operation of a diesel engine closed cooling system with temperatures lower than designed normal temperature could __________.


55. Corrosion occurring on bearing surface would be due to ______________.


56. The most contaminating factor of lube oil is _________________.


57. Main purpose of supercharging a diesel engine is for __________.


58. To prevent fire inside scavenge air spaces in marine diesel engines, it is important that it should be occasionally __________.


59. The purpose of shielding the fuel oil high–pressure injection pipe between the injection pump and injector is to prevent _________.


60. When a centrifugal bilge pump is operated with closed discharge valve, the _________.


61. What should you do when centrifugal pump vibrates excessively after dis-assembly; you found that the impeller is out of balance?


62. The next after installing new wear rings by pressing them onto a centrifugal pump impeller it is advisable to _______. (I) – Dynamically balance the shaft and impeller (II) – Check the shaft and impeller with rings if centered (III) – Visually inspect the rings after about an hour of service


63. Which of these reduces pulsation in pipeline on the discharge side of a steam reciprocating feed pump?


64. A pump that is not a positive displacement pump is ______________.


65. Capacity of a rotary pump delivering a constant viscosity fluid will decrease if the discharge pressure is increased because of ___________.


66. All the following are used with a reciprocating bilge and ballast system except _________.


67. An Edwards – type air pump has ________.


68. How does viscosity of a fluid being pumped affect the operation of a spur gear pump?


69. The pump efficiency may be lost as a result of ______________.


70. In a duplex reciprocating pump ___________.


71. The total length of stroke in a reciprocating steam pump is adjusted by ______.


72. Sealing lines provide sealing liquid to flow to the stuffing box of a centrifugal pump _________.


73. The type of pump used in the steering gear of modern ship is _______.


74. An air vent of fuel oils tanks is located in the ______________.


75. The pump that lacks priming capacity is the _________.


76. A marine pump that is used in transferring fuel oil is the ___________.


77. A pump that is usually used to transfer engine room bilges is the _________.


78. Used to reduce cargo pump leakage to the pump room bilge of a tanker ship is the __________.


79. Increase internal leakage, in addition to poor hydraulic system response and inadequate lubrication, is a result of _________.


80. When normal operating pressure is applied to hydraulic oil in high pressure system, oil ________.


81. Which of the listed hydraulic components could an O-ring seal is satisfactory used in providing a seal?


82. Energy losses occurring in hydraulic system are ultimately absorbed by the __________.


83. Purging air from a hydraulic oil system is necessary when __________.


84. What causes overheating of a hydraulic pump?


85. Cavitation in hydraulic pump operation and can be caused by __________.


86. The result of overheating of a hydraulic system may be _____________.


87. A valve that is not considered a hydraulic system direction control valve is the ____________.


88. The device that is considered as hydraulic system direction control valve is the _________.


89. The component that is used to thoroughly segregate small particle contamination from hydraulic fluid is _______.


90. Almost all solenoid valves are actuated by _________.


91. Purpose of restoration valve installed in a hydraulic hatch cover system is to _________.


92. The first step to be done when securing a centrifugal distillate pump is to ____________.


93. The statement that is true in starting centrifugal pumps is:


94. Reduced capacity with vibration and noise at the centrifugal pump suction due to vapor pockets in the fluid being pumped is caused by __________.


95. The corrective action you should do if a centrifugal pump delivers insufficient discharge pressure due to worn wearing rings is to:


96. What is the minimum permissible flash point of hydraulic fluid in a system that operates at 250 psi?


97. The type of bearing is installed on the main generating set is ____________.


98. The heat value of fuel oil is determined by the use of ____________.


99. In shipboard application, which of the listed sealing device is most similar to an O-ring?


100. In setting a divider to the proper radius, you should use a ___________.


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