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1. Which of the following events listed occurs simultaneously in a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine?


2. Which of the factors listed has the greatest effect on the mechanical efficiency of a diesel engine?


3. As engine RPM is increased from idle speed to full speed, which of conditions listed will decrease?


4. For a given size engine, the two stroke/cycle engine will deliver more power than a four stroke/cycle diesel engine because_________


5. Why is the external and internal cleaning of boilers be carried-out before laying out of boiler?


6. The main function of the rods in the construction of large, low speed diesel engines is to ___


7. When a vessel is to be laid up in warm climates, why is the boiler sealed-off after it has been generally filed with water, letting it come out from the air vent?


8. The load carrying part of the engine in modern internal combustion engine is referred to as the ___________


9. Which of the following retard the transfer of heat that longer time will be required to raise steam on the boiler?


10. The direct cause of a crankcase explosion can be attributed to__________


11. Which of the following describes a characteristic of scale forming impurities in boiler water?


12. How do you make sure that a sample is the true representative of the boiler water to be tested?


13. Which of the following will occur if scale coating effects an increase in tube temperature, causing the strength of the metal decrease, because they prevent the usual circulation of feed water cooling the tubes and normally carry-off the heat resulting from combustion?


14. How do lubricating oil and grease gets into the boiler water system?


15. Blow-by in a diesel engine is a result of combustion gases leaking into the crankcase past the_______________


16. A displacer level sensor uses a _____________


17. It is a method of laying up by emptying it and cleaning it thoroughly in both the fire side and the water side__________


18. Which of the following are the units of measurements for density EXCEPT____________


19. Which of the listed boiler components is used to equalized the distribution of water to the generating tubes and provide an area for the accumulation of loose scale and other solid matter present in the boiler water?


20. For how long should you be purging before you fire the holder?


21. it creates white smoke, which means that the boiler is heating up large amount of excess air, which in turn, results in decrease efficiency_________


22. When raising steam in a cold boiler, the air vent is to be closed when_______


23. If the water level in a steaming boiler is dropping rapidly and cannot be kept at the normal level by standard practice, you should___________


24. Which of the following is the danger of operating the boiler at low exhaust temperature?


25. Which of the following must be first done when boiler water cannot be seen on the lower half of the water gauge glass?


26. A form of energy concerns to the forces which bind atoms together in a molecule is known as _____________________


27. Weight of saturated steam is a factor dependent upon:


28. Water in an operating auxiliary boiler should be tested for alkalinity and chloride content each:


29. An auxiliary boiler us shutdown for an extended period of time, the water in the boiler should have a pH value:


30. What is the color coding for a storage container of R-12 refrigerant?


31. Forms of energy is demonstrated through the process of combustion


32. In each rescue boat how many crew shall be trained and drilled regularly?


33. The following below should be noted during lifeboat alarm EXCEPT __________.


34. Which of the following listed routine test and inspections of life saving appliances is NOT required by the regulations?


35. Which of the following includes the process of management? I. Evaluating; II. Planning; III. Organizing; IV. Staffing


36. What is the purpose of organization?


37. Why that preserving knowledge is important?


38. Managerial performance is base on accomplishment of _______.


39. Which one is TRUE about planning process?


40. You include in the body of a radio message seeking advice for a medical emergency at sea is ________.


41. The normal adult pulse rate is variable but generally falls in the range of ________.


42. Which one is the safest and simplest way to reduce the body temperature of a patient with a high fever?


43. Which injury should be the first to receive emergency treatments where there are multiple accident victims?


44. What do you call the sorting of accident victims according to the severity of their injuries?


45. Which part of a lifeboat must be painted bright red?


46. Where can we find the No. 2 lifeboat?


47. Where can we find the No. 3 lifeboat?


48. What should you do when you saw a person fall overboard?


49. The most dangerous gas to personnel safety in confined atmosphere, as it is absorbed by the blood 300 times more quickly than oxygen _____________.


50. The true measure of a vessel's stability at all angles of inclination is ________.


51. The true measure of a vessel's stability at all angles of inclination is _________.


52. What action should be taken if a person suffers a simple fracture of a limb?


53. If the cause of severe list, or trim is due to off center ballast, counter flooding into empty tanks will


54. A carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is required to be charge when


55. What action should be taken if a person suffers a second-degree burn in the arm?


56. A "15 pound" carbon-dioxide extinguisher is so called because ______.


57. The most important use of antiseptics is to ____________.


58. Which of the following practice when accident is considered as an unexpected contact you will be able to perform a better job by observing?


59. Tanker vessels are required to have a means of emergency shut down, what is the function of these device?


60. When a person chokes suddenly, cannot speak and start to turn blue, you should ___________.


61. What is the minimum acceptable weight of a cylinder before recharging the empty weight of a 100 lb cylinder is fixed CO2 fire extinguishing system is 130 lb.


62. Which one listed below is the correct action if three crew members discover a fire?


63. The zipper of an immersion suit should be lubricated with ____.


64. In a station bill, what information must be entered?


65. Where should the fire alarm signal indicate?


66. What should you do when entering a compartment which is on fire?


67. What should be included in drinking routine once the daily ration of drinking water in a survival situation has been established?


68. What is the effect of water consumed 24 hours after abandoning a vessel?


69. What should be the proper position when you are firing a pyrotechnic distress signal?


70. Each life raft on a unit is launched from a position more than 10 feet above the water must be


71. What should you do after having activated the emergency position indication radio beacon?


72. During storm conditions what should you do with your EPIRB if you are in a liferaft?


73. In regulation of fireboat drill on a tanker, we should include ______.


74. What should do if a crew member faints?


75. What is the proper stimulant for an unconscious person?


76. What should you do when taking samples of a tank atmosphere with an explosimeter?


77. When launching a lifeboat whistle signals are use as commands, one short blast means ___________.


78. While using fresh air breathing apparatus the time limit of a person remains in the atmosphere of less than 15% oxygen is __________.


79. What will you do to relieve a pain of a person suspected to have a appendicitis?


80. Knowing the vessel includes the following EXCEPT ________.


81. Which of the following should not be done in the life boat station?


82. Propeller pitch speed minus ship speed divided by the propeller pitch speed is termed ____


83. When the exhaust boiler is fouled, the main engine instruments will display


84. In an automatically fired boiler, the amount of fuel supplied depends on ____


85. Which of the following is the danger of continually supplying fuel to an automatically fired boiler in case in case the fire goes out?


86. A test conducted on safety valves to determine its discharge capacity and to ensure if valve is of sufficient size to adequately protect the boiler shell or drum from bursting due to excessive steam pressure is___________


87. The purpose of the bilge keels is to____.


88. In most marine boilers, the primary reasons the first few rows of generating tubes. Called screen or furnace row tubes, are made larger in diameter than the rest of the generating tube is because__________.


89. The welded joint located between two plates in the same strake of hull plating is called ____


90. Which is the most temporary form of information storage?


91. The inner bottom of the ship is the________


92. A reading zero on a Bourdon tube instrument generally means______


93. In large, slow speed, main propulsion diesel engine, which of the parts listed is under tension when the engine is running?


94. Archimedes principle states that the resultant pressure acting on a body immersed in a fluid_________


95. When a vessel is inclined, the tendency for it to return to its original position is caused by the____________


96. Compressing the air within the cylinder of a diesel engine is to___________


97. Using a diesel engine indicator P-V diagram, the cylinder mean effective pressure is calculated to be 21.3 kg/cm2. What is the scale of the spring used on the indicator if the diagram area is 18.46 cm2 with a length of 13 cm?


98. During compression, how are the pressure and temperature affected in a diesel engine cylinder?


99. The highest pressure in a diesel engine cylinder normally occurs____________


100. Poor combustion in a diesel engine can be caused by_________


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