Assessment Test

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1. An electrical circuit that has infinite resistance is called a/an _______.


2. A good fuse will have _________.


3. A 15-A fuse is found open and has no replacement but has a choice between 10 A and 30 A fuse. What fuse should be use?


4. In marine electrical practice we use HRC type of fuse, what does HRC means?


5. What does CLF mean?


6. What does A stands for un the term ACB?


7. For ship with 6.6kv & 11kv, what type of circuit breaker is use?


8. What is the meaning of XLPE?


9. What kind of cable use in ships using 3.3kv to 11kv?


10. If a ship has a high voltage system which is 11kv doing an insulation testing with in its cable, what is the minimum MΩ reading that is acceptable?


11. A certain motor with an insulation class of H this mean that its maximum permitted operating temperature is___________________.


12. Which is true for a wye circuit?


13. Which is true for a delta circuit?


14. Which is the current equation for the computation of reactive Power in 3 Phase System?


15. Which is the correct equation for the computation of Apparent power in 3 Phase System?


16. Which is true for the equation of TRUE POWER in 3 Phase System?


17. In 3 phase power calculation, the letter S stands for?


18. In 3 phase power calculation, the letter P stands for?


19. In 3 phase power calculation, the letter Q stands for?


20. If a certain generator has 4 pole pairs and will be operated at 60H_z wwwhat will be it speed in rev/ min?


21. How many percent of voltage is reduced in a Y-Δ starting method?


22. What is the typical range value of a service factor for induction motor?


23. For a 3 Phase Motor, how many percent of its full load current is multiplied for sizing a time delay fuse?


24. In a full voltage starting, how many percent of motor current rating is being drowned at in- rush?


25. Which one protects the motor at running condition?


26. In it’s defined as an operation in which the motor runs when a push button is pressed and will stop when a push button is released?


27. For 3 Phase motor, how many percent of its full load corrects is multiplied for sizing a circuit breaker?


28. In a forward – reverse circuit, how would you connect an electrical interlock.


29. In a typical 6 lead motor, how would you connect a delta circuit?


30. It is a method of stopping a poly phase motor quickly by momentarily connecting the motor for the reverse rotation when the motor is running?


31. This means that the motor is removed from the line during the change over period?


32. A 3 Phase A.C. Generator rated at 650 kW, 440V at 0.85 Lagging Power factor, compute for its Line Current ____________.


33. Synchronous Motor is used in ______________.


34. Which type of rotor generator is used for speed 1800RPM & below?


35. Which type of rotor generator is used for speed 1800- 3600RPM?


36. It’s an excitation method that is derived from the generator output voltage and its current is called ____________.


37. Sudden load current surges (due to motor starting) on a generator cause a corresponding change in its output voltage called __________.


38. An automatic voltage regulator will control the generator’s voltage to ± _______.


39. Which is most commonly used synchronising lamp method?


40. Which of the following generating station has the minimum running cost?


41. One favourable economic factor in the transmission of power at high voltages is the _________.


42. The letters T.P.D.T. identify a ________.


43. A limit switch is used to shut off the power when __________.


44. High-voltage switches used in power plants have their contacts submerged in oil. The main purpose of the oil is to __________.


45. The amount of mechanical force or torque produced by an electric motor depends on the _________.


46. Any electric motor can be constructed to be ________.


47. One important difference between wye-connected and delta-connected generators is that the delta connection has _________.


48. Which of the following procedures should be used to determine the load of three-phase, delta wound AC generator?


49. The line current in a three-phase, open delta connected transformer is equal to _________.


50. It is best to short the series field of a differential compound motor during starting in order to avoid _________.


51. In the rheostat method of speed control for a DC shunt motor, the addition of armature divert will make the method ______.


52. A faceplate starter is best for starting _______.


53. Ward-Leonard system of speed control is NOT recommended for _________.


54. A series motor is never started without some mechanical load on it because otherwise it will _________.


55. A DC shunt motor is running with a certain load. The effect of adding an external resistance in the field circuit is to ___________.


56. What motor type develops the least torque between no-load and full-load?


57. As compared to shunt and compound motors, series motor has the highest torque because at the start it is comparatively ______.


58. What motor type will run at the highest speed when load is removed?


59. A series motor is best suited for driving _______.


60. The speed of a DC motor can be controlled by varying _______.


61. The most efficient method of increasing the speed of a 3.75 kW DC shunt motor would be the ________.


62. Which of the following motor has high starting torque?


63. What is the most economical method of finding no-load losses of a large DC shunt motor?


64. Retardation test on a DC shunt motor is used for finding a kind of losses called ______.


65. What is the main common thing between Hopkinson’s test and Field’s test?


66. For remote operation, circuit breaker must be equipped with a ______.


67. Which of the following best describe a DC series motor?


68. The total developed torque of a DC motor is dependent upon ________.


69. When fuses and thermal cut-outs are both used in a motor circuit, the ______.


70. What is the main function of a commutator in a DC motor?


71. What is the main function of a commutator in a DC motor?


72. A DC motor produces excessive sparking at the brushes. It is attributed simply to overload on the motor. This statement is ________.


73. Which of the following is the least likely case, if a motor frame is found to be excessively hot?


74. Basically, all motors operate on the principle of either repulsion or ______.


75. A hot smoky motor is a good indication of _______.


76. In an electric motor, what bearing should be oiled regularly?


77. Lubricating grease is basically a combination of soap and _________.


78. The operation of electric motors and generators depends on the interaction between magnetic field and ________.


79. In a DC motor, constant torque is produced due to _________.


80. What material posse’s permeability’s slightly less than that of free space?


81. Steel is hard to magnetize because of its _______.


82. What is the lagging effect between the magnetizing force applied and the flux density is ______________.


83. The following are some of the common applications of transformer on – low power electronics and control circuits except ________.


84. What is commonly used as a core material because of its high permeability?


85. The load sharing characteristics of two diesel generator engines operating in parallel are mostly dependent on their governor ____________.


86. The diversion of load between two parallel running generators is determined by the ____________.


87. The kilowatt load is evenly distributed between two alternators just placed in parallel by adjusting its ______________.


88. A change in field excitation of an alternator operating in parallel will bring change to its ___________.


89. Automatic voltage regulator provided on switchboards has function to ______.


90. In an AC generator, direct current from a separate source is passed through the windings of the rotor_____.


91. A DC generator which is used to supply direct current in order to maintain an AC generator field is commonly known as a/an ___.


92. Find the total circuit voltage of three sources connected in series aiding, with an individual potential of 8V?


93. What is the total resistance of the circuit if two resistors are in parallel, 1500 Ω and 5000 Ω?


94. Find the value of R3 in A parallel circuit consisting of R1 = 100 Ω, and R3 has and RT = 76.92 Ω?


95. Find the total supply voltage of two power supplies connected in series with voltages of 12V and 17V respectively?


96. What is the voltage across each resistor with a value of 100k Ω, if two resistors are in series across a source of 20V?


97. If a combination of four parallel 10kΩ resistors were in series with a single 20kΩ resistors, and one of the parallel combination resistors opened. The voltage across the other parallel resistors would ___________.


98. Grounds occurring in electrical machinery as a result of insulation failure may result from ____________.


99. The term ampere-hour (Ah) is associated with _________.


100. What does a hot smoky device often signify?


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