Assessment Test

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1. You are loading in a port governed by the tropical load line mark for a voyage to a port governed by the winter mark. The fresh water allowance is 5 inches, and the hydrometer reads 1.005. Which statement is TRUE?


2. The Plimsoll mark on a vessel is used to __________.


3. During oil transfer operations, who is responsible for ensuring that the posted transfer procedures are followed?


4. Which type of towing hawser is preferred for towing astern?


5. When making up a tow connection, you should use __________.


6. The catenary in a towline is __________.


7. The legs of a tow bridle are joined together with a __________.


8. You are preparing to load fuel oil on a vessel of 150 gross tons constructed after June 30, 1974. Before loading, you must check that the fuel oil tank vents __________


9. When loading or discharging dry mud or cement, crew members should use facial respirator masks and __________.


10. Weights added or discharged at the center of flotation on the COASTAL DRILLER while floating will change the __________.


11. While in ocean transit at a draft of 10 feet, the Coastal Driller has a maximum allowed KG of __________.


12. You are hoisting a heavy lift with the jumbo boom. Your vessel displaces 5230 T. The 35-ton weight is on the pier and its center is 60' to starboard of the centerline. The head of the boom is 105' above the base line and the center of gravity of the lift when stowed on deck will be 42' above the base line. As the jumbo boom takes the strain the ship lists to 5°. What is the GM with the cargo stowed?


13. To check stability, a weight of 40 tons is lifted with the jumbo boom, whose head is 40 feet from the ship's centerline. The clinometer shows a list of 6.5° with the weight suspended. Displacement including weight is 16,000 tons. What would be the GM while in this condition?


14. In order to check your vessel's stability, a weight of 40 tons is lifted with the jumbo boom, the boom head being 50 feet from the ship's centerline. The clinometer is then carefully read and shows a list of 5°. The vessel's displacement is 8,000 tons including the suspended weight. What will be the metacentric height of the vessel at this time?


15. When the wave period and the apparent rolling period are the same __________.


16. If your vessel has a GM of one foot and a breadth of 50 feet, what is your vessel's estimated rolling period?


17. Your vessel measures 127 feet long by 17 feet in beam. If the natural rolling period at a draft of 7'-10" is 5 seconds, what is the GM?


18. Your vessel measures 122 feet long by 18 feet in beam. If the natural rolling period at a draft of 6'-09" is 5 seconds, what is the GM?


19. Your vessel's has a beam of 40 feet, and you observe a still water rolling period of 20 seconds. What is the vessel's metacentric height?


20. Your vessel measures 125 feet long by 17 feet in beam. If the natural rolling period at a draft of 7'-09" is 6 seconds, what is the GM?


21. Your vessel measures 119 feet long by 17 feet in beam. If the natural rolling period at a draft of 5'-05" is 6 seconds, what is the GM?


22. Your vessel displaces 640 tons. The existing deck cargo has center of gravity of 2.3 feet above the deck and weighs 18 tons. If you load 12 tons of ground tackle with an estimated center of gravity of 21 inches above the deck, what is the final height of the CG of the deck cargo?


23. A cargo of 40 tons is to be lifted with a boom located 40 feet from the ship's centerline. The ship's displacement including the suspended cargo is 8,000 tons and the GM is 2 feet with cargo suspended. What will the list of the vessel be with the cargo suspended?


24. Horizontal transverse motion of a vessel is known as __________.


25. The vertical motion of a floating vessel in which the entire hull is lifted by the force of the sea is known as __________.


26. Yawing is angular motion of the vessel about what axis?


27. Angular motion about the longitudinal axis of a vessel is known as __________.


28. Angular motion about the vertical axis of a vessel is called __________.


29. The tendency of a vessel to return to its original trim after being inclined by an external force is __________.


30. A vessel aground may have negative GM since the __________.


31. With damaged floating vessels, the most important consideration is the preservation of __________.


32. To prevent loss of stability from free communication flooding you should __________.


33. The volume of a vessel's intact watertight space above the waterline is its __________.


34. Your vessel has run aground and is touching bottom for the first one-quarter of its length. What is the LEAST desirable method from the standpoint of stability to decrease the bottom pressure?


35. Your vessel has run hard aground in an area subject to heavy wave action. Backing full astern failed to free her. Which action should be taken next?


36. What would have the greatest affect on a vessel's longitudinal strength?


37. How will the draft at the center of floatation change after transferring a weight forward on a vessel?


38. What is the difference between the initial trim and the trim after loading known as?


39. Forces within a vessel may caude a difference between the starboard and port drafts. What is this difference called?


40. You are reading draft marks on a vessel. The water level is halfway between the bottom of the number 5 and the top of the number 5. What is the draft of the vessel?


41. Which statement about a vessel's stability while dry-docking is TRUE?


42. A long ton is __________.


43. A short ton is a unit of weight consisting of __________.


44. The value of the maximum righting arm depends on the position of the center of buoyancy and the __________.


45. Buoyancy is a measure of the ship's __________.


46. With no environmental forces, the center of gravity of an inclined vessel is vertically aligned with the __________.


47. Aboard a vessel, dividing the sum of the vertical moments by the total weight yields the vessel's __________.


48. You must shift a weight from the upper 'tween deck to the lower hold. This shift will __________.


49. Deballasting a double bottom has what effect on KG?


50. If the vertical center of gravity (VCG) of a ship rises, the righting arm (GZ) for the various angles of inclination will __________.


51. A vessel would be referred to as "tender" when the weight of the cargo is __________.


52. A vertical shift of weight to a position above the vessel's center of gravity will __________.


53. Which statement is TRUE of a stiff vessel?


54. A quick and rapid motion of a vessel in a seaway is an indication of a(n) __________.


55. Which is TRUE of a "stiff" vessel?


56. What will NOT decrease the stability of a vessel?


57. The correction to KG for transverse free surface effects may be found by dividing the vessel's displacement into the __________.


58. When inclined to an angle of list, the value of the righting arm is __________.


59. If a vessel lists to port, the center of buoyancy will __________.


60. Your vessel has taken a slight list from off-center loading of material on deck. The __________.


61. If your vessel has a list to port due to negative GM and off-center weight, the first corrective measure you should take is to __________.


62. If the cause of a sudden severe list or trim is negative initial stability, counterflooding into empty tanks may __________.


63. An unstable upright equilibrium position on a vessel means that the metacenter is __________.


64. When the height of the metacenter is the same as the height of the center of gravity of a vessel, the upright equilibrium position is __________.


65. When the height of the metacenter is greater than the height of the center of gravity, a vessel is in __________.


66. A neutral equilibrium position for a vessel means that the metacenter is __________.


67. When caring for natural-fiber line, you should NEVER __________.


68. The larger sizes of manila line are measured by their __________.


69. Which type of line would have the LEAST resistance to mildew and rot?


70. In order to correctly open a new coil of manila line, you should __________.


71. Manila lines in which the strands are right-hand laid __________.


72. As you hold a piece of manila line vertically in front of you, the strands run from the lower left to the upper right. Which type of line is this?


73. Which is NOT a recommended practice when handling nylon line?


74. Nylon line can be dangerous because it __________.


75. When a line is laid down in loose, looping figure-eights, it is said to be __________.


76. Faking a line means to __________.


77. Which term describes a rope in which three right-handed strands are laid up left-handed?


78. Which line would be least likely to kink?


79. Which method of adjusting mooring lines is MOST useful for leaving a boat free to rise and fall with the tide?


80. When passing a hawser to the dock you would first use what line?


81. When a line is subject to wear where it passes through a mooring chock, it should be __________.


82. Chafing gear is used to __________.


83. A Chinese stopper (two lines) will hold best when you __________.


84. Your vessel is to dock bow first at a pier without the assistance of tugboats. Which line will be the most useful when maneuvering the vessel alongside the pier?


85. Disregarding friction, what is the mechanical advantage of a twofold purchase when rove to disadvantage?


86. How much weight can you lift by applying 100 lbs. of force to a twofold purchase rigged to disadvantage (do not consider friction)?


87. Separating both blocks of a tackle to prepare it for reuse is called __________.


88. A snatch block is a __________.


89. A metal ring on the bottom of a block, to which the standing part of a tackle is spliced, is known as a(n) __________.


90. A sail hook is used for __________.


91. "Herringbone" is a term associated with __________.


92. To find the distance the strands should be unlaid for an eye splice, multiply the diameter of the wire in inches by __________.


93. A temporary wire eye splice made with three wire rope clamps will hold approximately what percentage of the total rope strength?


94. When cutting regular-lay wire rope, what is the minimum number of seizings to be placed on each side of the cut?


95. When talking about wire rope, the lay of the wire is the __________.


96. A 6x19 wire rope would be __________.


97. You are loading at port A, governed by the summer load line mark, for a voyage to port B, governed by the winter mark. The fresh water allowance is 10", and the hydrometer reads 1.020. Which statement is TRUE?


98. To allow for the rise or fall in tide and for change in draft of a tankship during cargo transfer, cargo hoses must be suspended with __________.


99. You are preparing to load fuel oil on a vessel of 300 gross tons constructed after June 30, 1974. Before loading, you must check that the fuel oil tank vents __________


100. When "checking down" a barge using a check line you should use __________.


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