Assessment Test

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1. Ammeters and voltmeters used in sinusoidal A.C. power systems indicate which of the following values of the waveforms measured?


2. Which of the following conditions indicates a capacitor is short circuited when checking its condition with an ohmmeter?


3. The proper way to apply plastic electrical tape to an electric cable splice is to __________.


4. For routine cleaning of a commutator, you should apply __________.


5. The state of charge of a lead-acid battery is best indicated by __________.


6. Which of the meters listed should only be used after a circuit has been electrically disconnected?


7. The speed of a synchronous motor is varied by __________.


8. Which of the following statements best describes the material known as varnished cambric?


9. A multimeter can be used to measure __________.


10. A double squirrel-cage motor is designed to have ___________.


11. Before using an all-purpose measuring instrument, using internal batteries to supply Power for resistance measurement, you should first ___________.


12. When two generators are on the line and are sharing the load equally, they are said to be operating in __________.


13. Under normal conditions, storage batteries used for starting the emergency diesel generator are maintained in a charged state by which of the following methods?


14. Local action in a nickel-cadmium battery is offset by __________.


15. Voltage failure of an AC generator may be caused by ___________.


16. Electric strip heater are used in motor controllers to ___________.


17. The first requirement for logical troubleshooting of any system is the ability to __________.


18. A transformer works on the basic principle of __________.


19. Which of the listed pairs of materials make the best insulators?


20. In order to safely carry out repairs to a generator circuit breaker, it must be isolated from the bus. This is accomplished by opening the __________.


21. Automatic voltage regulators installed on DC generators are used to detect voltage changes and adjust the ___________.


22. Most AC voltmeters are calibrated to read __________.


23. A generator is prevented from becoming motorized by the used of a/an __________.


24. When troubleshooting a magnetic controller, it is found that the contracts are welded together. The most probable cause is __________.


25. Which of the following devices is protected from being motorized by a reverse-power relay?


26. The torque produced by a motor when its shaft will not turn, even though rated voltage is applied to the stator, is known as __________.


27. In the event of an overload, which of the listed motors will result in an indicating light at the propulsion control station alarm panel to illuminate?


28. When a megohmeter is being used to test insulation resistance, current leakage along the surface of the insulation is indicated by the megohmeter pointer ___________.


29. In an induction-type motor, which a cage rotor, the full load stator current is approximately __________.


30. Which of the instruments listed is used to check insulation resistance?


31. An operating characteristics appearing on the name plates of shipboard AC motors is __________.


32. When a megohmmeter is used to test insulation, the gradual rise of the pointer reading as a result of continued cranking, is caused by __________.


33. Which of the following electric meter movements uses a stationary permanent magnet and movable coil?


34. When the series field of a compound wound DC generator is proportioned to the shunt field,providing for increased voltage with increased load, the generator is known as __________.


35. A lead acid battery is considered fully charged when the __________.


36. A direct current that passes through a coiled wire around the soft iron core is the description of __________.


37. One sine wave has a positive-going zero crossing at 15° and another sine wave has a positive-going zero crossing at 55°. The phase angle between the two waveforms is __________.


38. To produce an 800 Hz sine wave, a four-pole generator must be operated at __________.


39. If the rms current through a 4.7 k resistor is 4 mA, the peak voltage drop across the resistor is _____________.


40. A sinusoidal current has an rms value of 14 mA. The peak-to-peak value is __________.


41. For an equipment like AVR, what is the change in output voltage for a given change in load current?


42. What is known as the degree to which output voltage changes with input (supply) voltage changes?


43. What is known as the minimum difference between input voltage and output voltage for which the regulator can still supply the specified current?


44. A sine wave voltage is applied across an inductor. When the frequency of the voltage is decreased, the current _____________.


45. What is the natural frequency of a transmitter, crystal, or an inductor-capacitor in a circuit?


46. Vibrations or frequencies above the range of human hearing is/are called __________.


47. What condition does resonance occurs in an electrical circuit?


48. Which of the following characteristics of a resistive material do not change its resistive value with respect to time?


49. What kind of frequency is reached when the capacitive and inductive reactance in a tuned circuit are equal?


50. What is responsible for the phenomenon when voltages across reactance in series can often be larger than the voltage applied to them?


51. Which of the following statements is incorrect?


52. Which of the following best describe resonance in an electrical circuit?


53. How are networks able to transform 1 (one) impedance to another?


54. What is the term for the phenomena that occur in an electrical circuit when the inductive reactance balances with the capacitive reactance?


55. Which of the following statement is true, assuming sine wave when comparing RMS voltages and average voltages?


56. What is this ability of a radio receiver that discriminates between different input signals and accepts only one definite signal?


57. If four resistors are connected in series across an AC supply, it is certain that _______.


58. Wire-wound resistors are unsuitable for use at high frequencies because they ______.


59. The inductance of a coil can be increased by ________.


60. Which of the following best describe a phasor?


61. In a certain parallel resonant band-pass filter, the resonant frequency is 14 kHz. If the bandwidth is 4 kHz, what is the lower frequency?


62. When do we say that the “Steady-state” has already been reached?


63. To understand how the output voltage is shaped by a differentiator, what condition/s must be consider?


64. If the RC time constant of an integrator is increased, as the time constant is increased ______________.


65. If a periodic pulse waveform has a pulse width and the time between pulses each equal to or greater than five time constants, the capacitor will be _____________.


66. An inductor and a resistor are in series with a sine wave voltage source. The frequency is set so that the inductive reactance is equal to the resistance. If the frequency is increased, then _________.


67. The instantaneous power in an inductor is proportional to the __________________.


68. Which of the following characteristics is attributed to an ideal independent voltage source?


69. When a numbers of different valued resistance are connected in series, the voltage drop across each of the resistor is ________________.


70. For low current and high voltage rating which winding is employed to DC machine?


71. For high current and low voltage rating which winding is employed to DC machine?


72. When a current is passed through the junction of two different metals, heat is absorbed or liberated depending on the direction of the current the above phenomenon is known as ______________.


73. If a piece of metal is made to have a temperature gradient between its two ends, an e.m.f. is observed to exist between those ends. The above phenomenon is known as __________.


74. In a balanced Wheatstone bridge, if the position of detector and source are interchanged, the bridge will still remain balanced. This reference can be drawn from ____________.


75. What system is used for locating distant objects through radio waves?


76. An effect in which there is a measurable change of sound (or light) frequency as a function of the relative velocity of the source to the receiver is called _________.


77. Wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum from 0.3 to 0.00075 pm is called _________.


78. What is the process by which a neutral atom or molecule is split into positive and negative ions?


79. An instrument for analyzing gases, liquids, and solids by introducing a sample into an ionizing source and forcing it to pass through a tube that is surrounded by a magnetic field is called as a/an ___________.


80. A device whose electrical properties undergo a change when exposed to light is called __________.


81. A unit of electrical conductance, formally called the mho, that represents the ability of a substance to pass 1 A of current when 1 V is applied is called __________?


82. What gas is inside the inner discharge tube of a sodium vapor lamp?


83. Which of the following component needs to be connected in series when using a fluorescent discharge lamp on DC supply?


84. In some fluorescent lamp installations, wheels of rotating machinery appear to be stationary due to ________.


85. As compared to incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps ________.


86. As compared to fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps ________.


87. Which of the following is of no consideration, when calculating total lumens required in a lighting design?


88. What is termed as a directional lighting to emphasize an object or draw attention to a part of the field of view?


89. What are the colors of lighted lights during navigation at night time onboard? I. White II. Green III. Red


90. What is/are the color/s painted on the bases of emergency lights onboard? I. Red II. White III. Gray


91. What gas/es that contained in flourcent lamps used in our homes and aboardship? I. Carbon monoxide II. Mercury vapor III. Argon


92. When supplying emergency lighting loads, the storage battery initial voltage must exceed the standard system voltage by more than _______.


93. Which of the following shall be provided with the physical means onboard lighting and appliance branch-circuit panel board to prevent the installation of more devices than that the number for which the panel board was designed?


94. Which of the following physical characteristics does a wound-rotor, induction motor possess that s squirrel cage motor does not?


95. In general, polyphase induction motors can be started on full line voltage by means of __________.


96. Which o the terms listed best describes a compound wound DC generator having a higher voltage at no load than at full load?


97. When troubleshooting AC motors, a portable growler can be used for locating __________.


98. Hysteresis in a direct current generator is indicated by __________.


99. A megohmeter is connected to each end of an individual motor winding, a low ohm reading indicates __________.


100. A damper winding is designed as part of a synchronous motor to __________.


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