Assessment Test

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1. What is the power dissipated across the resistance in AC circuit?


2. The power factor of a purely resistive circuit is ________.


3. All definitions of power factor of a series R-L-C circuit are correct except ________.


4. The Q-factor of a coil is given by _________.


5. The total resistance of two similar wire conductors connected in parallel is ________.


6. What type of circuit whose parameters are constant which do not change the voltage of current?


7. Which of the following is a parallel LC circuit?


8. What is the cause of a minimum Q in a single-tuned LC circuit?


9. What is the effect of a narrower bandwidth to the Q of a circuit?


10. What is the effect in term of bandwidth when the Q of a single-tune stage is doubled?


11. Why is the resistance of a conductor different of RF current than for DC?


12. What is the characteristic of the current in a series RLC circuit at resonance?


13. A VTVM produces negligible loading effect on a circuit under test primary report because _________.


14. Transient disturbance is produced in a circuit whenever _________.


15. The transient that are produced due to sudden but energetic charges from one steady state of a circuit to another are called ______.


16. There are no transients in pure resistive circuits because they ________.


17. Transient currents in electrical circuits are associated with _______.


18. In an R-L circuit connected to an alternating sinusoidal voltage, size of transient current primarily depends on _______.


19. Double energy transients are produced in circuits consisting of _________.


20. The transient current in a loss-free L-C circuit when excited from an ac source is a/an _________.


21. What should you do if a 15-A fuse is blown frequently on a house lighting circuit?


22. Which of the following is a mineral-insulated metal-sheathed (MIMS) cables?


23. What gas is inside the inner discharge tube of a sodium vapor lamp?


24. Which of the following component needs to be connected in series when using a fluorescent discharge lamp on DC supply?


25. In some fluorescent lamp installations, wheels of rotating machinery appear to be stationary due to ________.


26. As compared to incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps ________.


27. As compared to fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps ________.


28. Which of the following is of no consideration, when calculating total lumens required in a lighting design?


29. Why are house wiring of lamps usually in parallel?


30. What is termed as a directional lighting to emphasize an object or draw attention to a part of the field of view?


31. What are the colors of lighted lights during navigation at night time onboard? I. White II. Green III. Red


32. What is/are the color/s painted on the bases of emergency lights onboard? I. Red II. White III. Gray


33. What gas/es that contained in fluorescent lamps used in our homes and aboard ship? I. Carbon monoxide II. Mercury vapor III. Argon


34. When supplying emergency lighting loads, the storage battery initial voltage must exceed the standard system voltage by more than _______.


35. Which of the following shall be provided with the physical means onboard lighting and appliance branch-circuit panel board to prevent the installation of more devices than that the number for which the panel board was designed?


36. Covers for lighting fixtures shall have adequate space and shall be so located that the lamps and equipment can be properly installed and ___________.


37. What are the common voltages used on lighting purposes on board ship? I. 110 II. 220 III. 440


38. In a DC lighting circuit, 240 volts is reduced to 120 volts by the use of a___________.


39. A lighted pilot light at propulsion station indicates steer motor is _______.


40. When supplying emergency lighting loads, the storage battery initial voltage must exceed the standard system voltage by more than _______.


41. Emergency lightings aboardship should be ____________.


42. Which type of toggle switches commonly used on lighting circuits?


43. Which type of toggle switches commonly used on lighting circuits?


44. Newly-completed lighting equipment is always subjected to high voltage test in order to _________.


45. If the frequency applied to a capacitor is increased, the capacitive reactance will _____.


46. What term is used for an out-of-phase, non-productive power associated with inductors and capacitors?


47. What do you expect when you used two 20 k ohms, 1 W resistor in parallel instead of one 10 k ohms, 1 watt resistor?


48. Which of the following characterizes inductance?


49. Impedance in the study of electronics is represented by resistance and _______.


50. If four resistors are connected in series across an AC supply, it is certain that _______.


51. Wire-wound resistors are unsuitable for use at high frequencies because they ______.


52. The inductance of a coil can be increased by ________.


53. Which of the following best describe a phasor?


54. A practical method to improve the lagging power factor of a fluorescent lamp is to _________.


55. Who discover the process of electromagnetic induction and gave a theoretical description?


56. What is the law whereby the force of attraction and repulsion between poles is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them?


57. Electromotive force can be induced in a coil using the following method except ______.


58. What is the law that determines polarity of an induced voltage?


59. The power dissipated in the core due to hysteresis and eddy current losses is termed as ________.


60. What term applies to the use of two or more generator to supply a common load?


61. Which of the following cannot be used to make a magnet?


62. What happens to the force between the conductors, if the current and separation carried by two long parallel conductors is doubled?


63. When you increase the resistance in a circuit, the flow of electron will _______.


64. The following looses are called variable losses except ________.


65. To determine the constant losses of a dynamo, it must be run as a motor at rated speed and ________.


66. To determine the equivalent winding resistance and reactance, what is commonly performed on a transformer?


67. As the frequency of the AC source increases, the core loss _______.


68. The loss of electrical energy in counter balancing the residual magnetism in each cycle is called _________.


69. Which of the following is a paramagnetic material?


70. The magnetic flux through the loop of wire is maximum when the angle between the magnetic lines of force and the normal line drawn perpendicular to the area inside the loop is _______.


71. What law states that “the polarity of induced emf is such that it produces a current whose own magnetic field opposes the change in flux that caused the induced emf”?


72. Which of the following best describes digital instruments?


73. What is the main difference between the electronic and instrument?


74. What is/are the essential elements of an electronic instrument?


75. A grounded switch or cable will be indicated by a megohmmeter reading of ______.


76. Which of the following best describe a ground in an electrical circuit outside the engine room?


77. Which of the following indicates an accidental contact with a wiring conduit done by a current – carrying conductor?


78. What does it indicate if all of the ground detection lamps burn with equal brilliance whether the test button is depressed or released?


79. In a three – phase electrical system, three ground detecting lamps are provided. If all three lamps REMAIN at half – brilliance when the ground detecting test switch is operated __________.


80. In a three – phase electrical system three ground detecting lamps are provided. One lamp goes dark and the others increase brightness. When the test button is pushed, all lamps have equal illumination, you should conclude that _______.


81. A three – phase electrical system is equipped with ground detecting lamps. If one of the lamps goes dark and the other two burn normally before and after the test switch is operated, this indicates ___________.


82. The ground indicating light on the main electrical switchboard indicating a ground. The best procedure for locating the grounded circuit is to _________.


83. What kind of flow meter which utilizes an oscillator transmitter and receiver timer to measure apparent sound velocity in the fluid, which is proportionally to the velocity of the fluid, across a diametrical path inclined in an angle with the flow direction?


84. The amount of voltage induced in the windings of an AC generator depends on _________.


85. The voltage developed by an AC generator is controlled by varying the _______.


86. The amount of voltage induced in the windings of an AC generator depends mainly on _________.


87. The total voltage induce into the secondary windings of a transformer is determined mainly by the ratio of the number of turns in the primary to the number of turns in the secondary and by the_________


88. What is the overall result of increasing the load on the secondary of a transformer?


89. An open coil in a transformer will be indicated by which of the listed conditions?


90. Which statement is true concerning a step-down transformer in an operating AC power circuit?


91. When a transformer is used as a step down voltage, the low voltage winding is __________.


92. If the secondary of a transformer is stepped down, the primary will have _________.


93. Which of the following statements is true concerning a step-up transformer in an operating AC power circuit?


94. Which will not cause the generator to vibrate?


95. Salt water in contact with storage batteries will develop _____________.


96. A CO2 fire extinguisher is specifically useful for putting out fires started by _____.


97. Differential relays are installed to protect the equipment against ______.


98. As per installation practice, recommended minimum mounting height of a socket outlet from floor level is ________.


99. The colour of the neutral of a 3-core flexible cable is ________.


100. The blue colored wire of a 3-core flexible cable is the ________.


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