Assessment Test

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1. A boiler accumulation test is used to measure the __________.


2. The level of the contaminated drain inspection tank continually decreases when steam is admitted to a fuel oil double bottom tank. You can expect __________.


3. The best indication that a bearing is being properly lubricated is by the __________.


4. If the flue gas oxygen content is too high, you should __________.


5. The firing range of a steam assisted fuel atomizer is regulated to cope with changes in the steam demand by varying the __________.


6. In a reaction turbine, the fixed blades function to __________.


7. Which of the conditions listed will provide ?blow down? after the safety valve has lifted?


8. In accordance with Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), all vessels having oil fired main propulsion boiler(s) must be equipped with __________.


9. Which of the following items should be checked each time the firing rate or forced draft pressure is adjusted?


10. The amount of fuel oil atomized by a steam atomization burner depends on the atomizing steam pressure, the fuel pressure and the __________.


11. Oil accumulation in boiler water would __________.


12. As found in a reduction gear drive system, thrust bearings serve to __________.


13. Proper bracing and support of the boiler safety valve escape piping is necessary to __________.


14. If the steam flow input device to a two-element Feed water regulator valve fails, the regulator operates as a __________.


15. Which following condition could occur if the distilled water tank level indicator has been giving an erroneously high reading?


16. Efficient boiler operation is indicated when the percentage by volume of carbon dioxide present in combustion gases is between __________.


17. In a steam assist atomizer, the fuel oil/steam mix takes place entirely within the __________.


18. Foaming and moisture carryover in a boiler can be caused by an __________.


19. In a reaction turbine, the axial thrust due to the reactive force on the rotor blading drives the rotor __________.


20. Safety valves should be set to lift at or below the maximum working pressure allowed by the __________.


21. If the feed water flow sensor of a multi-element feed water regulator fails, the valve will be controlled as a __________.


22. Generally, a 12% to 14% content of carbon dioxide in boiler flue gases indicates __________.


23. The term ?shrink? relates to a change in boiler water level which __________.


24. High temperature at the super-heater outlet would be caused by __________.


25. Foaming in boiler water is a result of __________.


26. What physical changes will occur to the steam within a boiler that has been properly bottled up when additional heat is applied?


27. The diameter of a dummy piston installed in a reaction turbine is determined by __________.


28. Coast Guard regulations require that the super heater safety valves and the drum safety shall have a total rated capacity not less than the maximum generating capacity of the __________.


29. The combustion air pressure is increased when using the steam soot blowers to ?blow tubes? in order to __________.. I. aid in the process of removing soot deposites II. prevent the steam from extinguishing the fires


30. Corrosion of the flue gas side of the economizer can be a result of the __________.. I. stack gas temperature being lower than the dew point II. feed water temperature being excessively cool


31. Which of the following actions should be taken first when water is found in the fuel oil settling tank?


32. The axial position of a turbine rotor is controlled by the thickness of the __________.


33. Proper use of the boiler surface blow will __________.


34. When starting a turbo generator in an automated plant, you must provide lube oil pressure to the unit by means of __________.


35. When preparing to hydrostatically test water-tube boilers, you should __________.


36. The relieving capacity of the super-heater safety valves is considered to be insufficient when the working pressure of the boilers is __________.. I. increased II. decreased


37. The safety valve hand lifting gear should not be used if the boiler pressure is less than 75% of the safety valve popping pressure in order to __________.. I. provide sufficient steam flow across the valve to prevent the collection of scale on the seat II. prevent cracking of the seat due to chattering of the feather and disc


38. When heated, fuel oil will __________.


39. The proper oil inlet temperature for centrifuging lube oil should be __________.


40. Which of the listed methods can be used to blow down a boiler without securing the fires?


41. Scavenging air pressure is provided to the steam soot blowers to __________.. I. keep steam from accumulating in the soot blowing element while another element is being operated. II. prevent corrosive combustion gases from entering the elements when the system is secured


42. Which of the conditions listed could prevent a centrifugal condensate pump from developing its rated capacity?


43. As lube oil absorbs moisture its dielectric strength can be expected to __________.


44. Using an oil temperature-viscosity chart, you can determine the recommended __________.


45. While standing your engine room watch at sea, you notice the DC heater level is gradually dropping as indicated by the remote level indicator. Which of the following actions should you take?


46. What steps should be taken if large quantities of fuel oil are found in the drain inspection tank?


47. Journal bearings used with modern turbine rotors are manufactured in two halves in order to __________.


48. The boiler gage glasses should be periodically blown down to __________.


49. Air in the main condenser is harmful because it will __________.


50. The relieving pressure of the super-heater safety valves is permitted to be reset without exchanging the valves when the working pressure of the boilers is __________.. I increased. II. decreased


51. Bunker C fuel oil is heated prior to atomization to __________.


52. Which of the listed order of valves represents the proper installation of the main feed water supply line to a marine propulsion boiler?


53. How is the axial clearance indicator used on a turbine?


54. The boiler water gage glasses should be blown down __________.


55. Which of the listed items are the two most commonly used opposing forces involved in the operation of a constant pressure boiler feed pump governor?


56. According to Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), what action should be taken if the metal thickness of a marine boiler is found to be thinner than original specifications?


57. If the condensate level in the loop seal of the inter-condenser is lost, __________.


58. Fuel oil is heated before atomizing to __________.


59. Except one of the following, 46 CFR requires that __________.


60. To properly blow down a boiler gage glass, you should __________.


61. To determine the extent of lube oil system contamination you would __________.


62. Which of the following types of bearing lubrication schemes can carry the highest unit loading?


63. While making a round of the engine room, the oil in all of the main engine bearing sight glasses appears to be milky. The probable cause is __________.


64. Which of the following would cause the dowel or locking lip of a split-type, precision insert, main bearing to shear and allow the bearing to rotate with the journal?


65. A chemical based analysis of boiler stack gases is taken to __________.


66. If boiler water chemicals are decreasing in one boiler and increasing in the other boiler, while both are steaming at normal rates, a leak probably exists in the __________.


67. The most practical method of determining the condition of a shaft bearing while the shaft is in operation is to __________.


68. Steam supplied to the main propulsion turbines is __________.


69. In a huddling chamber safety valve, the initial valve opening is caused by __________.


70. During the routine inspection of an operating centrifugal lube oil purifier, you notice oil discharging through the water discharge port. Which of the following actions should be taken?


71. One limiting problem of lube oil filters restricting their use in large lube oil systems is __________.


72. A condensate re-circulating line is provided to the main condenser in a closed feed water system to __________.


73. In a tubular bowl centrifugal purifier, lube oil is rotated at the same speed as the bowl by the __________.


74. Which of the stack emissions listed does not represents a heat loss from the furnace?


75. Boilers equipped with steam atomizers can operate over a wide load range without cutting burners in and out because __________.


76. The vessel is currently operating at sea. Despite troubleshooting the system, the engineers of the vessel have been unable to transfer fuel to the settler. As the settler level is becoming dangerously low, they should now __________.


77. Which of the steam losses listed would be associated with a multistage impulse turbine rather than a multistage reaction turbine?


78. Why is it occasionally necessary to verify the accuracy of the distilled water make-up feed tank level remote indicator?


79. While standing your engine room watch at sea, you notice the D.C. heater level is dropping below normal as indicated by the remote level indicator. The boiler drum level is observed to be normal, as is the main condensate pump discharge pressure. Therefore, you should __________.


80. While on watch aboard a 900 psi steam vessel, you suddenly hear a loud, piercing, high-pitched noise. Which of the following actions should you take?


81. The terms ?swell' and ?shrink? relate to a change in boiler water level which __________.


82. Which of the flue gas components listed contributes to the greatest heat loss in a boiler?


83. Boilers equipped with steam atomized burners can be operated without changing burner tips because steam atomization __________.


84. The inability to maintain proper boiler water alkalinity, phosphate, or pH levels in a steam boiler, indicates a leak in the __________.


85. In comparison to a reaction turbine, a steam loss specific to an impulse turbine is known as __________.


86. The function of a safety valve on a marine boiler is to prevent the pressure in the boiler from rising above __________.


87. The term ?swell? relates to a change in boiler water level which __________.


88. Slag caused by water in the fuel oil will __________.


89. A high carbon monoxide content in the flue gases of a boiler indicates __________.


90. In most installations, the firing rate of a boiler using steam atomization is indicated by the __________.


91. While your vessel is steaming at a constant rate, the alkalinity in one of the boilers is decreasing steadily without requiring the use of extra makeup feed water. This condition could be caused by a leak in the __________.


92. In securing the main turbines, steam to the second stage air ejectors should be left on for a short period of time in order to __________.


93. A boiler safety valve must be capable of __________.


94. Lube oil cannot be efficiently filtered if its __________.


95. What will occur if the level of the atmospheric drain tank, (fresh water drain collector) is permitted to continuously rise while the vessel is underway?


96. Despite troubleshooting the system, the watch engineer has been unable to transfer fuel to the settler while underway. As the settler level is becoming dangerously low, the engineer should now __________.


97. A high percentage of carbon dioxide in boiler flue gases indicates __________.


98. A basic comparison can be made between a low pressure evaporator operation and a main condenser with regards to the removal of non-condensable gases. The vacuum drag line for the main condenser is specifically connected in which area?


99. The purpose of the pressure control disk installed in the soot blower illustrated is to __________.


100. For a period of time immediately after being secured, turbines should be rotated slowly to avoid __________.


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