Assessment Test

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1. With reference to a vessel’s structural integrity, the most significant characteristic of a cryogenic liquid is its ________ .


2. Which can result a risky condition if a diesel engine at very light loads for long period of time operation?


3. In modern construction, high tensile steel (HTS) may be permitted in ________ .


4. What is the cause if Blow-by in diesel engine?


5. What are the factors/material properties to consider in the use of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)?


6. What are some of the uses of nitrile on board ships?


7. How is “electric arc” produced in electric arc welding process?


8. Which statement is NOT true about brazing process?


9. What is the appropriate action for the plate edge of a metal that has acquired local hardness due to rapid cooling after the gas cutting operation?


10. The change in length of an object in some direction, not necessarily the same that is produced by an externally applied load is called _______.


11. Which of the following bacteria loves oxygen that eventually converts the sewage into sludge in biological sewage management wherein the extended aeration procedure provides a climate that multiplies and digests the sewage?


12. When a material on one side pushes on the material on the other side of the surface with a force parallel to the surface, the stress is said to be a _______.


13. What will be the effect if a particle absorbs an extra electron?


14. What substance consists of hard abrasive mineral particles such as quartz, silicates, iron and aluminum oxides?


15. What is the principle involved in bonding materials using adhesives?


16. Which of the following is indicated in the neutralization number?


17. If severe leak develops in the electro-hydraulic steering gear it will affects _______.


18. In what way does the drive gear or pinion gear disengage from the flywheel if an engine has been initiated using a Bendix drive unit?


19. A vessel has been equipped with an oil lubricated stern bearing and is undergoing a routine dry docking, when its tailshaft is being drawn out which of the following should be check?


20. What will happen to an elastic material if loaded above a point known as the elastic limit?


21. When both exhaust and scavenge ports are arranged around the periphery of the lower end of the liner and has no exhaust valves in cylinder head this method of scavenging is called __________.


22. What is meant by the term “pig iron”?


23. The diagonal line in the psychrometric chart stands signifies __________.


24. Which is not true about non-destructive testing?


25. The first metal used in steel ship construction is _______.


26. The capability of a material to be able to absorb large quantity of energy before fracture is called:_______.


27. Which material is excellent for use as seals and diaphragm for water lubricated bearings?


28. Which material has high tensile strength and corrosion resistance and has been used to replace steel metal in both flat plate form and in matched-metal die processes where parts are moulded in the preformed shape?


29. The proportionality of stress and strain under certain condition is called _______.


30. Copper is annealed by heating to a cherry red color and _______.


31. Silver solder is an alloy of silver and _______.


32. The maximum stress at which the material can support without failure is known as _____ ?


33. Which statement is true about the function of an electrode as an essential part of a typical arch welding?


34. What is the effect of straight polarity in a given workpiece?


35. Why do we need a slight leakage of water across the packing gland in a water cooled stern tube?


36. An International Regulations require a fabricated from materials resistant to corrosion and single tail-shaft with water lubricated tail shaft bearings, stress-relieved keyway by sea water, to be drawn and examine for how many years?


37. What is the cause of unusual or new vibration in the hull or propeller shafting?


38. How is the “vertical position welding” carried out?


39. The weld used to join shell plates in flush construction is known as ________.


40. Comparing the reduction gear units either helical or spur the helical gears __________


41. Why that angle cut ring is is more effective compared to straight in the gaps of diesel engine piston ring?


42. A strong plastic which is machinable for use in fabrication of gears, bushing, washers, spacers, etc., is __________.


43. The highest temperature in vapor compression cycle is produced during ________.


44. The health safety hazard material unaffected by steam, petrol, paraffin, fuel oil and lubricants is called ______.


45. The classification society uses steel having a stamp of "H" marking to classify ____________.


46. The velocity of a fluid particle at the center of the pipe section is _________.


47. What position through which the force of gravity is considered to act vertically 15 downwards with a force equal to the weight of the body?


48. Carbon or tungsten welding electrodes which establish the arc and maintain it without being melted are classified as ________.


49. What do you call a centroid of the water-plane area and the point about which a ship heels and trim?


50. What do you call a vertical partition in a ship positioned transversely of fore and aft?


51. What is the maximum limit of an angle from which the rudder angle should not exceed?


52. The materials used to prevent, dissolve or help remove oxides or undesirable materials from the weld are called __________.


53. What do you call critical ship stability?


54. In what way does the exhaust ports open and close in the cross scavenging methods?


55. Which is the correct Hierarchy of Hull Strength Members?


56. In what way a main reduction gears lubrication of the diesel engine is supplied?


57. Which of the following structures of bulk carriers are considered critical?


58. In a large low-speed propulsion diesel engine wear down clearances of the lower main bearing typically measured by ___________.


59. It is a combustion process in fuel system of diesel engine that will affect if the degree of fuel atomization changes?


60. A vessel which is subjected to “hogging” ______ .


61. What is the purpose of girders in the ship’s tank?


62. When the ship is subjected to “sagging” _______ .


63. What are the dynamic forces that affect the hull structure of the ship?


64. What is the range of volumetric efficiency for a well designed engine that functions?


65. What is the reason why using the duplex filter unit is best for a stable operation of diesel engine?


66. What are the difference between static and dynamic forces on a ship hull?


67. The internal force of a material which tends to resist deformation when subjected to external forces is known as ________ .


68. In what way a hydraulic valve tie up adjusters on diesel engine rocker alarm assembly is lubricated?


69. The ability of a metal to be hammered or rolled out is called ________ .


70. What phase of the compression stroke in which fuel is injected inside the cylinder of diesel engine?


71. When will be the oil mist detector alarm is activated?


72. In ships construction, what do you call the structure hull members installed athwartship?


73. In order to successfully limit the load of the diesel engine the component of governors must equip __________


74. In merchant shop construction, the term “scantlings” refers to the ________ .


75. How is diesel engine control air starting valve?


76. What do you call the structural members of the hull extending in a fore and aft direction of the ship?


77. What is the meaning of a abnormal wear in crankpin bearing and piston skirt?


78. In a longitudinally framed ship, the longitudinal frames are held in place and supported by athwartship members are called _______ .


79. The hull frame members extending athwartship are called ________ .


80. When the ship’s bulkheads are reinforced against bending and bulging, the bulkheads are provided with ________ .


81. What do you call the vertical support members used to strengthen bulkheads?


82. When a ship’s stern tube is broken, what will be the vessel’s immediate protection?


83. The purpose of swash bulkheads is to ________ .


84. What is the purpose of a bleeder plug, or docking plug located on a motor vessel double bottom tank?


85. Where should you expect to find striking plates?


86. Vertical transverse structures in the double bottom are known as ________ .


87. What do you understand about cofferdam?


88. The inner bottom of the ship is the _______ .


89. The double bottom in a vessel is a space comprised of ________ .


90. The welded joint located between two plates in the same strake of hull plating is called a ______ .25. The welded joint located between two plates in the same strake of hull plating is called a ______ .


91. In ship construction, the small plating is arranged in strakes, with four of the strakes being specifically identified by name. The strake next to the keel is identified as the _______ .


92. The purpose of the bilge keels is to _______ .


93. In ship’s construction, which of the listed strengthening members act to support the decks?


94. The crack located in the shell plating or deck plating of the ship, may be temporarily prevented from increasing in length by ________ .


95. How does mechanical governor in diesel engine control its engine speed?


96. The location of a vessel’s frame stations may be obtained from which of the listed drawings?


97. How to verify diesel engine cam shapes ?


98. A vertical shaft having a rudder attached to its lower and having a yoke, quadrant, or tiller fitted to its upper portion by which it may be turned is the _________ .


99. The meaning of a diesel engine cylinder bore is __________.


100. Which of the following should be ensured by the engineer in starting diesel engine?


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