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1. What is a multi-wire connection between digital circuits?


2. Digital systems usually operate on ______.


3. PROMs are used to store ________.


4. One electron volt (1 eV) is equivalent to ___________.


5. An atom or a group of atoms that carries a net electric charge is called _______.


6. What is the atomic number of germanium?


7. How much is its instant voltage at 90 degrees, if a sine wave voltage varies from 0-200 V?


8. How do you describe the relation of the voltage across an indicator to its current?


9. The maximum reverse voltage that can be applied to an ordinary semiconductor diode without irreversible damage is called ____________.


10. When the graph of current versus voltage is a straight line, the device is referred to as _________.


11. The peak inverse voltage (PIV) is applied across a diode when it is _______.


12. The correct formula for finding the period (T) of a sine wave is ___________.


13. Noise margin is expressed in _________.


14. The formula for Vmms for a sine wave is _________.


15. The rms value of a sine wave voltage means _________.


16. A sine wave has a peak value of 169 V. What is the instantaneous value of an angle of 37o?


17. Your scope is set up to measure a voltage, but the trace is a straight horizontal line. The problem could be ___________.


18. A sinusoidal voltage of rms value 10 V is applied to a D’Arsoval movement connected in series with a half-wave rectifier. It will show a reading of ______.


19. What is the natural frequency of a transmitter, crystal, or an inductor-capacitor in a circuit?


20. Vibration or frequencies above the range of human hearing is called __________.


21. What condition does resonance occurs in an electrical circuit?


22. Which of the following characteristics of a resistive material do not change its resistive value with respect to time?


23. What kind of frequency is reached when the capacitive and inductive reactance in a tuned circuit are equal?


24. What is responsible for the phenomenon when voltages across reactance in series can often be larger than the voltage applied to them?


25. Which of the following statements is incorrect?


26. Which of the following best describe resonance in an electrical circuit?


27. How are networks able to transform 1(one) impedance to another?


28. What is the term for the phenomena that occur in an electrical circuit when the inductive reactance balances with the capacitive reactance?


29. Which of the following statement is true, assuming sine wave when comparing RMS voltages and average voltages?


30. What is this ability of a radio receiver that discriminates between different input signals and accepts only one definite signal?


31. What does OCIT stands for?


32. What does NPS stands for?


33. A relay that determines the amount of unbalance in the stator current which is an indirect measure of the generator stator & rotor temperature ________.


34. Commonly called as zero phase sequence ________.


35. A relay that detects an earth fault current returning back through the earthed neutral connection _______.


36. What does NER stands for?


37. What is the typical setting of under & over frequency for a 60 Hz system?


38. A cargo ship may have two MAIN generators typically rated from ˍˍˍˍˍˍtoˍˍˍˍˍˍ.


39. For cargo liner, emergency generator may be rated for about _________.


40. Bow thruster common supply voltage is _________.


41. Batteries for various essential services operate at a __________.


42. What is a common frequency for 380V supply?


43. What is a relay that monitors the direction of power flowing between the generator & the load?


44. What part of a cycle a load current flow having a full-wave rectified voltage across the load resistor?


45. What part of a cycle a load current flow with a half-wave rectified voltage across the load resistor?


46. In a P-type semiconductor, the free electrons _________.


47. Electrons at the outer shell are called ____________-


48. Which of the following has the least number of valence electrons?


49. A good conductor has how many valence electrons?


50. A tunnel diode _________.


51. How do transistors operate in a saturated bipolar logic circuit?


52. The electric device which blocks DC but allows AC is called _________.


53. For proper connection of a wattmeter in a circuit, coils should be connected ___________.


54. The megohmmeter is exclusively designed for measuring ________.


55. A thermocouple instrument can be used on ________.


56. Voltage measurements are often taken by using either a voltmeter or ________.


57. Signal injection/trading is a method commonly used in troubleshooting a ________.


58. What is the p.f. of the load if one of the two wattmeter used for measuring power taken by a balanced 3-Ф load reads zero?


59. A high-voltage dielectric test performed on wires and cables is primarily meant to check __________.


60. For proper connection of a 1-Ф wattmeter to a circuit, you should use two ____.


61. Which of the following instrument usually has lowest resistance?


62. A megger is generally used to ___________.


63. The current sensitivity of a meter box pressed in __________.


64. The basic meter movement can be converted into an ohmmeter by connecting with it a ______.


65. The D'Arsonval meter movement can be converted into an audio-frequency ac ammeter by adding to it a ______.


66. How many percent of the rated current present in the coil of a linear meter if half-scale deflection occurs?


67. A 0.1 mA meter has a sensitivity of _______.


68. Loading effect is principally caused by what instruments?


69. A multimeter is used to measure _____________.


70. For measuring voltage across an electrical load, you would connect a/an _______.


71. A DC voltmeter may be used directly to measure __________.


72. Why the applied voltage from the circuit being checked is disconnected when an ohmmeter is used?


73. A DC wattmeter is essentially consists of ___________.


74. Shunt is used with a shunt type ammeter for measuring DC current where __________.


75. High AC voltages are usually measured with __________.


76. What instrument is least effective in indicating that an alternator may overheat because it is overloaded, under normal operation?


77. A moving-coil instrument can be used to measure __________.


78. What is/are used to measure large currents in DC circuits?


79. The insulation resistance of a transformer winding can be easily measured with _________.


80. What you are going to use if you are required to check the power factor of an electrical load but no power factor is available?


81. Which of the following sets of AC instruments may be used to find p.f. of a single-phase motor?


82. The resistance of a field coil may be correctly measured by using ________.


83. The meter that is suitable for direct current only is _______.


84. A cross-connection between two conductors in a multi-conductor cable may be located by the use of a/an ___________.


85. Which of the following best describe the hot wire ammeter?


86. Which of the following instrument will be used to measure alternating current only?


87. When connecting wattmeter’s to a load circuit consuming large current, it is necessary to use ________.


88. For increasing the range of DC ammeters, you would use a/an _____.


89. A DC milliammeter may be used to measure voltages _______.


90. Which of the following is commonly used for extending the range of an AC ammeter?


91. A shunt is used in parallel with a DC ammeter measuring large currents in order to


92. For testing and calibrating a poly-phase kWh meter using a 1-Φ supply, the best method is to connect the ___________.


93. What value is registered by a hot-wire ammeter when used to measure the output current of a full-wave rectifier compared to the maximum value of the rectified current?


94. When operating properly, a certain circuit requires a maximum current of 10 A. if a calibrated ammeter connected in the circuit reads 13 A, it is possible that ______.


95. The second approximation works well when __________.


96. The only time you have to use the third approximation is when _________.


97. A square wave consists of _____________.


98. Non-sinusoidal waveforms are made of ___________.


99. If the bulk resistance is zero, the graph above the knee becomes _______.


100. What is a software that converts a high level language program into machine or assembly language program into machine or assembly language program?


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