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1. What is the correct procedure for closing a watertight door?


2. A passive flux can be such as a __________.


3. When welding or burning with an oxygen-acetylene, 1 kg/cm2 refers to its working ____________.


4. In an oxygen welding outfit the torch tip orifice size determines the amount of acetylene and oxygen fed to the __________.


5. What is a type of welding wherein current is flowing between two rotating wheels to join two over lapping plates by fusion?


6. What is a correct welding sequence?


7. The amperage must be increased in welding mild steel with a shielded metal arc electrode if the penetration is ___________.


8. The cracks maybe prevented at the corners of welded plating inserts by _________.


9. The brazing process requires a ___________.


10. Which of the following describes the strength of a brazed joint?


11. The oxygen acetylene welding outfit, each cylinder has a regulator and two pressure gauges that indicates hose pressure and the other indicates ___________.


12. In the oxygen welding outfit, what determines the amount of acetylene and oxygen fed to the flames?


13. An acetylene pressure regulator should never be adjusted to maintain pressures exceeding __________.


14. Weldments in correct practice are usually preheated before each pass to __________.


15. The melting point of solder used for joining metal surfaces is


16. When heated, soldering iron tip is prevented from oxidation by


17. Oxides are removed during soldering process by using


18. The wrench is left at the oxyacetylene outfit cylinder stem when opening the valve _________.


19. After opening the cylinder valve of an oxyacetylene outfit, the wrench is


20. In an oxyacetylene cutting outfit, the cylinder valves will be closed and torch valves open then closed when pressure in hoses and regulators is zero whenever __________.


21. Which of the statements regarding braze welding is/are true?


22. Carburizing flame is the best flame to use with reference to the oxyacetylene welding of high carbon steels, hard-facing, and the welding of nonferrous alloys, such as __________.


23. When welding or burning with a oxygen-acetylene, the maximum working pressure of acetylene is __________.


24. What is the designated meaning of a welding electrode marked E-6010?


25. The designation E7028-A1 is typically located on an arc welding electrode. For which of the following letters or numbers correctly identifies the welding position of the electrode is recommended?


26. What is required to ensure a good weld to a cast component whenever an arc weld repair is made?


27. The welding symbol reference line using the inverted "V" means __________.


28. What is developed between fluxes covered electrode and the metal being welded when using a welding process such as a shielded metal arc?


29. How can we appropriately store oxygen and acetylene?


30. Before welding repair will start, a vessel’s fuel tank in US port must be examine first by whom:


31. If a vessel reserve buoyancy losses it:


32. Which prior action to be done to possibly operate the warping heads independent of the windlass on anchor windlass?


33. What precautionary maintenance procedure to be taken in preventing possible damage to the fuel supply line of a diesel engine due to vibration?


34. What is the preventative action to be by the engine personnel during maintenance at sea?


35. Hot work in the engine room must be accomplishing in the safest place which is


36. What customary practice to prevent since it is prone to a fire hazard?


37. Which is the best extinguishing agent to be used in electrical fires?


38. Records of garbage disposal are required to be maintained according to 33 CFR


39. How many person/crew onboard is required for garbage record book to all ship?


40. Coast Guard regulations concerning marine sanitation devices may be found in__________.


41. Which of the listed types of Marine Sanitation Devices (MSD) is designed to hold sewage on board in special tanks to be pumped out at shore-side facilities when available according to Coast Guard Regulations (33 CFR Part 159)


42. Why those in a non-pressurized hydraulic system reservoir return line should enter the tank well below the fluid surface level?


43. What should you always do when using a wheel dressing tool to true up a grinding wheel?


44. A piece of tapered round stock 36 inches long, 4 inches in diameter at the large end and 2 1/2 inches in diameter at the small end. What tailstock set over was used to machine the taper?


45. You can prevent pinning while filling by keeping the file clean and rubbing the teeth of the file with what metal?


46. What do we call a condition that the teeth of a file may ‘clog up’ with metal fillings and scratch our work?


47. The distinguishing difference between the Phillips and the Reed and Prince Type screwdrivers is?


48. How many degrees is the angle of flukes of the Reed and Prince screwdriver with a sharp pointed end?


49. On the first-stage the feed water supplied to a flash type distilling plant will flash to vapor due to the flash chamber ________.


50. When there is a “large” release of refrigerants gas in a confined area______.


51. On a centrifugal pump stuffing box, when renewing spiral packing, after the packing is firmly seated, the packing gland nuts should be ___________.


52. The removable sleeves installed on centrifugal pump shafts because _______.


53. How can we prevent accidental flooding of the engine room bilges through the bilge system?


54. What actions pertaining to saltwater lubricated stern tube stuffing boxes are usually observed when the ship is expected to be in port an extended period?


55. What indicator is used to determine the hardness of grease?


56. The compressor in a direct-type, multi-reefer chamber R-12 refrigeration system is made to cycle on and off by the __________.


57. How can be the efficiency of a flash type evaporator increased?


58. A flash type distilling unit is more efficient when operated in cooler seawater temperatures because______.


59. In a two-stage flash type distilling plant, the quantity of heating steam supplied to the feed water heater is held relatively constant by a/an _________.


60. In a flash-type distilling plant, carryover can be a cause of_______


61. A screen is fitted over the suction connection to the brine overboard pump in a flash type distilling plant in order to prevent_______


62. Which of the following is the reason why a multistage flash evaporator is unable to produce consistently pure distillate?


63. In a distilling plant, excessive scale formation may result from_______


64. Scale as a result of higher than normal temperatures in a flash evaporator is most likely to occur in the_______.


65. What will happen to the evaporator if the rate distillate production of a submerged tube type evaporator cannot be maintain with the maximum jacket water flow rate?


66. What can be the cause of the fluctuations in the pressure and temperature of a steam supply to the first-effect of a low pressure distilling plant?


67. In a submerged tube evaporator, the brine density should be maintained at


68. On the last effect of the distilling plant, the quantity and density of brine discharge should be as constant as possible to ________.


69. In a distilling plant, brine density is measured with a/an_____


70. What is the purpose of chill shocking an evaporator?


71. In a high pressure evaporator, the steam coils used for saltwater service should bed scaled with


72. In a submerged tube evaporator, priming can be caused by high water level and_______


73. In a submerged tube evaporator, the inability to maintain proper vacuum can be caused by:


74. In a submerged tube evaporator, an unsteady vacuum may be caused by


75. In a submerged tube distilling unit, rapid fluctuations in the shell pressure will cause:


76. What is the function of a three-way solenoid dump valve on an evaporator?


77. Between the distilling plant and the potable water tanks a solenoid operated distillate three-way valve is installed in the discharging line. This valve will trip and dump the distillate discharge if the __________.


78. The automatic solenoid dump valve in a submerged tube evaporator will trip if the salinity exceeds


79. Which listed statements is true concerning any evaporator?


80. A salinity indicating system purposes on the basic principle of measuring the________


81. Which statements represent the basic principle of operation of an electrical salinity indicator?


82. An electric salinity in a flash-type evaporator would be installed in the_______


83. On the last stage of evaporator the average density of brine discharge should not exceed _______.


84. On a distilling unit salinity cells are strategically installed to indicate the _______. I. location of a saltwater leak II. size of the leak


85. When cleaning cargo tanks with portable machines the machine is grounded by


86. During bunkering operations, topping off of fuel tanks should be taken care of by _________.


87. What is the next thing to do after a boiler fire was extinguished by water?


88. If the steering gear motor stop due to electric power failure, the rudder maybe moved by the use of ____. I. hand pump steering II. Trick wheel steering


89. When explosive mixture of petrol and air is compressed in a petrol engine, there is danger of spontaneous firing even before electric spark occurs. How will you prevent this occurrences?


90. What procedure must be made before the hydraulic system be activated and when it is being close down to ensure its safe operation?


91. What is the best procedure in combating a fire in the funnel uptakes?


92. Before tripping the emergency hand trip of a marine turbo generator, you would have first cause the _________.


93. What safety precaution must be observed during transferring fuel oil to the setting tanks?


94. If compressed air reservoir connected to an air compressor is used as an aftercooler, the reservoir must be _________.


95. What valve must be close before a boiler is light off?


96. Why a boiler furnace should be purged first before the burner is lit off?


97. The main steam stop valve of an auxiliary boiler be eased off its seat and then lightly closed before lightning off to _________.


98. Which condition may result in spontaneous combustion __________.


99. Which practices must not be followed by all personnel who are moving or handling materials aboard ship?


100. Safety is dependent on orderliness, cleanliness and maintained by ___________.


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