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1. In addition to the direction of steam flow, which of the descriptions listed may not be used to classify turbines?


2. Rotor axial thrust developed in a reaction turbine is the result of a steam pressure drop across __________.


3. Which of the following statements defines the term


4. What should be done when foreign matter is found in a lube oil strainer?


5. Which of the following occurs in a single stage of a simple impulse turbine?


6. The astern element of a main propulsion turbine is usually designed as a/an __________.


7. In a cross-compounded turbine propulsion plant, steam enters the __________.


8. An impulse-reaction turbine is characterized by which of the following arrangements?


9. Large temperature and pressure drops which occur in the first stage of a combination impulse and reaction turbine are caused by steam passing through __________.


10. If the engineer on watch has reason to doubt the accuracy of the water level shown in the boiler gage glass, he should __________.


11. The main boiler feed pump discharge is controlled by the admission of steam to the auxiliary turbine. The admission of steam is normally regulated by a __________.


12. When vapor is in contact with and remains at the same temperature as the boiling liquid from which it was generated, the vapor and liquid are said to be in a/an __________.


13. Carryover in a marine boiler can be caused by __________.


14. When raising steam on an idle boiler and the steam pressure has risen to about 5 pounds more than the pressure of the boiler already on the line, you can __________.


15. Which type of energy conversion is associated with an operating steam boiler?


16. What is the cause of “laning” in a boiler tube bank?


17. What is the primary function of the water screen tubes in a "D" type marine boiler?


18. If the bowl of a centrifugal purifier is improperly reassembled with O-ring seals that have become hard and flat, the centrifuge __________.


19. Reduction gears for main propulsion turbines are lubricated by __________.


20. The boiler main feed pump aboard ship can operate with high temperature water without becoming vapor bound because the __________.


21. A contaminated steam generator is used to produce saturated vapor from collected __________.


22. Failure to use the turning gear prior to warming up a main turbine will damage the __________.


23. What is the advantage of a forced water circulation boiler over a natural circulation boiler?


24. In order to test the lifting pressure of the deaerating feed heater relief valve, you would __________. I. close the auxiliary exhaust dump valve to the main and auxiliary condensers II. increase the set point of the make-up steam regulator to the auxiliary exhaust system


25. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require that main steam piping must be hydrostatically tested at specified intervals. If the pipe insulation cannot be removed during this test, the piping shall be tested at __________.


26. The greatest resistance to heat transfer from the fireside to the waterside of a water-tube boiler generating tube takes place in the __________.


27. All oil-fired main boilers with automatic safety control systems must be provided with __________.


28. Which of the following statements is true concerning the operation of the automatic shut down solenoid valve in the fuel oil service manifold of an automatically fired boiler?


29. If oil is found in the main fuel oil heater steam drain system, which of the actions listed should be taken first?


30. After being required to plug an excessive number of leaking condenser tubes on the main condenser, what changes would you expect to observe when returning to normal steam plant sea speed operation?


31. Why is a flexible I-beam rigidly mounted at the forward end of the main turbine?


32. If a feed pump failure causes the boiler water to drop out of sight in the gage glass, the engineer should first __________.


33. If the salinity indicator periodically registers high salinity in the main hotwell, the cause may be __________.


34. When raising steam on an idle boiler and the steam pressure has risen to about 5 pounds more than the pressure of the boiler already on the line, you can __________.


35. An indication of a moderate leak existing in a desuperheater is __________.


36. If an oil fire occurs in the double casing of a steaming boiler, you should __________.


37. Which of the following statements would best describe the purpose of operating the hand lube oil pump on an auxiliary turbo-generating unit?


38. Expansion and contraction of a propulsion turbine casing due to changes in operating temperature, are normally compensated by


39. Which of the conditions listed would cause the stern tube lube oil head tank level to decrease?


40. In order to maintain the effectiveness of the lube oil centrifuge to remove water, the engineer in charge should __________.


41. An intermediate chamber is used in conjunction with labyrinth packing on main turbine shaft glands to provide a __________.


42. While underway at sea, one of three available centrifugal salt water service pumps is in operation with a sea water temperature of 50


43. Which of the following statements is true concerning the centrifuging of lubricating oil?


44. Which of the following statements concerning the design of balanced throttle valves is correct?


45. As steam first enters the main propulsion turbine, which of the following energy conversions takes place?


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