Assessment Test

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1. Which of the following is the purpose for the bag or box on top of some survival craft?


2. When lowering the survival craft, who is responsible?


3. Which of the following is the proper way of activating an air regeneration canister on a survival craft?


4. The regeneration canister on a survival craft last for _____________.


5. What will the survivor do when abandoning a vessel, after the launching of the survival craft?


6. What proper action should you do if help has not arrived in 10 to12 hours after having abandoned a vessel in a survival craft?


7. Which of the following the activation of the emergency position indicating radio beacon you should do?


8. When is the line throwing appliance is required to be tested on a vessel?


9. In case of abandoning a vessel occur an individual without the option of a survival craft or liferaft should enter the water on the leeward side, except when __________.


10. In case of abandoning a vessel occur an individual without the option of a survival craft or liferaft should enter the water on the leeward side, except when __________.


11. How long will last the fuel aboard a survival craft should last at a speed of six knots?


12. What is the purpose of the bottles of compressed air in the survival craft?


13. When the compressed air supply is on, the air pressure in the survival craft will be __________.


14. When should be the emergency position-indicating radio beacon activated after abandoning a vessel _______.


15. In every distress signal and self - activated smoke signal must be replaced not later than the marked date of expiration, or from the date of manufacture, not later than ______.


16. When testing a line throwing gun, which of the listed precautions should be taken?


17. What is/are the component/s that is/ are required equipment for a lifeboat?


18. It should be checked when inspecting a survival craft to ensure that the ______.


19. These is the most important that can be used aboard a survival craft to _______.


20. The engine of a survival craft does not start, What is the most possible cause?


21. What is the proper procedure in loading a survival craft with crew if it not loaded to its full capacity, the survival craft should be ________.


22. When empty the air cylinder bottles in the survival craft should be refilled with?


23. All vessels personnel should be familiar with the survival craft _________.


24. You can prevent flooding on-board by __________.


25. You can prevent flooding on-board by __________. I. Clean bilge strainers and filters often II. Make sure bilge alarms can be heard throughout the vessel III. Inspect non-return valves and check them regularly while vessel is at port


26. What are the right things to do to avoid flooding?


27. Which of the following should you heave in order to retrieve an inflatable liferaft and place it on deck?


28. The lifejackets stowed in places that are readily reachable, lifejackets must be stowed at______.


29. Before to entering any space that has been closed, its oxygen level should be tested. What level of oxygen in the space is equal to fresh air?


30. The master of a vessel shall insure that each deck to which lifeboats are launched is _______.


31. The life preserver or buoyant work vest is required to be worn on a vessel when a person is _______.


32. The person is unconscious as a result of an electric shock, you should first remove the victim from the electrical source and then ____________.


33. What is the event that shall be conducted during a fire and boat drill?


34. The documents should be _________ as the QMS require.


35. An exceptional stimulating beverage for a person suffering from shock is _______.


36. In what way we treat a victim exposed to profound hypothermia?


37. The main purpose of bandaging the victim is?


38. In the methods of rescue and transportation what is not applicable?


39. It is a body fluids that can not transmit HIV?


40. Which of the following is a high-risk behavior that can facilitate the spread of HIV?


41. The virus causing HIV infection invades the body causing harm to_________?


42. What is the most important procedure for preventing transfer of micro-organism?


43. What are the consequences of smoking?


44. Which of the following includes on a high risk behavior for HIV infection?


45. How can excessive heat affect the body?


46. The following are the first aid treatment for heat stroke, except___________.


47. Sprains occur when a joint is wrenched and the ligaments around it are torn, which is not a treatment of a sprain?


48. The manifestation of a patient with heavy blood loss includes the following, except________.


49. Which is an emergency treatment for a surface bleeding?


50. Which one listed below should not be done to a burned body part?


51. Which one is not the first aid treatment for a burn patient?


52. In what situation we determine the first symptoms of a stroke?


53. Which step should be taken so that you immediately treat severe wounds on board?


54. Which of the following first aid should you provide to victims with bone dislocation?


55. The normal temperature of body for keeping blood in vessels running is_____________?


56. If you saw an unconscious shipmate, the first action you will do is _______.


57. In what way we recognize that the victim has a complete airway obstruction?


58. The treatment that is NOT for traumatic shock is _________.


59. What is/are we considered as the correct action for the rescue of an unconscious person from a compartment containing unsafe gases?


60. What treatment used for traumatic shock?


61. What are the following actions should be taken before entering the pump room to rescue the victim when toxic fumes in the pump room have overcome a crewmember?


62. When treating a person for shock, you should wrap the victim in warm coverings to _____.


63. The major cause of shock in burn victims is __________.


64. When hydrogen sulfide exposure is anticipated, fixed monitoring devices aboard a vessel, what is the low level concentration alarm to alert personnel when concentrations of this gas first reach?


65. What is the method in controlling external bleeding?


66. What is the FIRST thing you should do when a person is lying prone, not breathing and an electric wire is touching the victim?


67. What do you called a health hazard, listed on a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), that can cause cancer in exposed individuals?


68. What is the proper effective warming treatment for a crew member suffering from hypothermia?


69. Which action should be given to a crew member suffering from generalized hypothermia?


70. Heat exhaustion has an indication of __________.


71. What is the possible cause of heat exhaustion?


72. You should flood the burned area in treating a chemical burn for at least ____________.


73. What is the cause of chemical burns when the skin coming in contact with ___________.


74. All distress signal and self-activated smoke signal must be replaced not later than the marked date of expiration, or from the date of manufacture, not later than ___________.


75. When the electrical burn victims have been subjected to electric shock, what is the FIRST medical response is to verify for?


76. What is the possible symptom of heat stroke?


77. The primary purpose for applying a splint in first aid is _________.


78. Where can find your assigned emergency stations on board ships?


79. What are the things you will do if a person suffers a simple fracture in the limb?


80. Compound fracture means ________.


81. There is danger of further injury, a person with a broken bone should not be moved until bleeding is controlled and _______________.


82. When a victim has an electrical burn, after checking breathing and pulse, what should you do next?


83. What is the proper way of treating heat exhaustion of a person?


84. The possible consequences of risk to health and safety is ___________.


85. To ensure that QMS is suitable, adequate and effective, what should you do?


86. To be compatible with other systems, what is intended for?


87. The modern day mantra for optimizing profits by exploiting assets to the fullest, it is for?


88. When an incident takes place involving the loss overload of packaged dangerous goods, including those in freight containers, potable tanks, road and rail vehicles and ship barges into the sea, the report is ________.


89. What do you call a report when an incident takes place involving the discharge or probable discharge of oil (Annex I of MARPOL 73/78)


90. What do you call a report when necessary to ensure effective operation of the system?


91. Under what convention issue Safety Construction Certificates, Safety Equipment Certificates, Safety Radio Telegraphy Certificates, International Load line Certificates are statutory certificates?


92. How many years is the special machinery surves must be carried out?


93. What is the primary purpose of a PV valve in an oil cargo tank?


94. Every vessel must have at least one immersion suit, exposure suit or life preserver for each _________.


95. Regulations state that every vessel must have at least one immersion suit, exposure suit or life preserver for each ________.


96. These are the things to do when a number of survivors are in the water after abandoning a vessel is __________.


97. How many minutes that the sufficient capacity of operation of breathing air apparatus that must be on board as per SOLAS regulation shall have a duration for use at least _______.


98. All phrase are true during evacuation from a vessel, an individual without the option of a survival craft or liferaft should enter the water on the leeward side, except when:


99. When launched from a vessel, a totally enclosed survival craft which has been afloat over a long period of time, requires:


100. The Self-righting survival craft will return to an upright position provided that all personnel _____________.


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