Assessment Test

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1. Which valve should you leave open if you are securing a steam-reciprocating pump?


2. In diesel engines, the four basic events (intake, compression, power and exhaust) are performed once in __________.


3. A disadvantage of a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine is ___________.


4. A rotary pump discharge pressure delivering a constant viscosity fluid is increased, the pump __________.


5. The possible cause of pounding noise inside the cylinder of a reciprocating general service pump is ____.


6. Stern tube and strut bearings lined with hardwood or rubber composition materials are lubricated with ________ .


7. In a diesel exhaust gases the formation of carbon monoxide is reduced by __________.


8. Propeller pitch speed minus ship speed divided by the propeller pitch speed is termed ________ .


9. Which one effect listed below will excessively cold lube oil on the operation of a diesel engine?


10. Water pressure on the hull of the ship is greatest at the _______ .


11. What should you check in starting air rotates a diesel engine at the proper speed, but the engine fails to start?


12. An operating diesel engine, a loud clicking noise occurring from within the valve compartment would indicate ______________.


13. What is the primary purpose of a vessel’s bilge keels?


14. Which of the following you should check when attempting to start a main propulsion diesel engine, the engine turns at the proper speed but will not start?


15. In a compartment that has been completely flooded, the greatest pressure will be exerted _________ .


16. In operating a centrifugal bilge pump with closed discharge valve one of the consequences is ______.


17. Permanent pump shafts are usually protected from erosion, corrosion and wear at stuffing boxes, leakage joints, and internal bearings?


18. Archimedes principle states that the resultant pressure acting on a body immersed in a fluid ________ .


19. A leaking air starting valve on a diesel engine with direct-cylinder admission air starting;


20. What will you do first when securing a centrifugal distillate pump?


21. When a vessel is inclined, the tendency for it to return to its original position is caused by the _________.


22. Reserve buoyancy is the _________.


23. When flooding occurs in a damaged vessel, reserve buoyancy_________.


24. Which of the following is true regarding mechanical seals?


25. Flooding of any compartment in a ship, resulting in a serious loss of reserve buoyancy, will always__________.


26. In what way is water travelling along the centrifugal pump prevented from entering the shaft bearing?


27. If a vessel looses its reserve buoyancy, it will __________.


28. When should the hoses be disconnected when using a portable tank cleaning machine?


29. Which of the following prevents air leakage into the pump casing by way of the packing gland of a condensate pump?


30. A junction of the wearing rings used in most centrifugal pumps is _________.


31. What would be the result if an increase of rotor clearance of a rotary pump?


32. The reserve buoyancy of a vessel varies directly with changes in the vessel’s________.


33. The vessel should normally behave as if all of its weight is acting downward through the center of gravity and all of its support is acting upward through the _________.


34. Which of the following valve shuts off a liquid line with the least amount of resistance flow?


35. When a vessel is inclined due to an external force, such as the action of seas in which no cargo shifts, the tendency of the vessel to return to its original position is caused by the shift in___________.


36. Concerning antifriction bearings installed on pumps, which of the following statements is CORRECT?


37. In a small angle stability, when external forces exists, the buoyant force is assumed to act vertically upwards through the center of buoyancy and through the _________.


38. Horizontal centrifugal pump become air bound, vent at:


39. The stability term for the distance between the center of gravity(G) to the Metacenter (M), when small angle stability applies is known as the _________.


40. Safety valve of good boiler must be able to __________.


41. When tanks are ballasted vessel's stability increases due to the vessel's:


42. Regarding a positive displacement rotary pump, which statement is CORRECT?


43. Regarding a positive displacement rotary pump, which statement is CORRECT?


44. In order to prevent overheating and scoring of the pump shaft procedure should be carried out after re-packing the stuffing box:


45. How will you operate a centrifugal fire pump at reduced capacity?


46. The type of material is use in the mechanical seal of most centrifugal water pumps is _________.


47. To complete a pump, the bilge using a horizontal centrifugal pumps _______.


48. In concerning the starting of centrifugal pump which of the listed statements is CORRECT?


49. Where should be the pump vented if a horizontal centrifugal pump becomes air bound?


50. During operation disassembling the pump a centrifugal pump vibrates excessively it is found that the impeller is out of balance. Without an available spare you should______.


51. The clearance to maintain design discharge pressure from a centrifugal pump must be maintained between the:


52. The most critical to be checked in order to maintain the design discharge pressure of a centrifugal pump is between the __________.


53. The horizontal distance between the vertical lines of action of gravity and the buoyant forces is called the __________.


54. The water in which a vessel floats provides vertical upward support. The point through which this support is assumed to act is known as the center of ______.


55. The upward force of displaced water is know as ________.


56. If the buoyant force on a ship’s hull is equal to or greater than the displacement tonnage, the ship will________.


57. Stability is determined principally by the location of two points in a vessel: The center of buoyancy and the _________.


58. The purpose of the vessel inclining experiment is to ________.


59. When the height of the metacenter is less than the height of the center of gravity, a vessel has what type of stability?


60. When the height of the metacenter is the same as the height of the center of gravity, the upright equilibrium position is __________.


61. The abbreviation “GM” is used to represent the ________.


62. If a vessel rolls to the starboard side, and there are no movable or moving weights onboard, the center of gravity will __________.


63. A replacement of a frequent bearing in a centrifugal pump, due to rapid bearing wear, can be a result of_________.


64. If weight is added at the keel, the ship’s center of gravity will __________.


65. A vessel’s stability normally increases when tanks are ballasted because the vessel’s __________.


66. A vessel’s center of gravity is lowered when the ___________.


67. While the rings nearest the impeller remain in good condition, one of the many troubles occurring with centrifugal pump shaft packing is the excessive wear on the rings nearest the packing gland, this wear may be caused by___________.


68. The stability of a vessel is normally the greatest when all fuel and water tanks are full because the __________.


69. The discharge pressure of an herringbone gear pump steadier than the discharge pressure of a simple spur gear pump because ____________.


70. What is the possible cause why lube oil pump fails to build up discharge pressure?


71. At all angles of inclination, the true measure of a vessel’s stability is the ________.


72. What do the bilge and ballast piping require?


73. The horizontal fore and aft movement of a vessel is called ________.


74. The horizontal port, or starboard movement of a vessel is called ________.


75. The angular movement of a vessel about a horizontal line drawn from its bow to its stern is __________.


76. Angular motion about the longitudinal axis of a vessel is known as ________.


77. If a ship is supported on the crest of a wave amidships, the vessel is subjected to _________.


78. A vessel having a concentration of weight toward the top of the vessel is said to be ________.


79. A vessel trimmed down by the bow has _________.


80. The difference between the starboard and port drafts due to wind or seas is called _________.


81. In the event of a collision, watertight integrity may be lost if ________.


82. Your ship has run aground and it is necessary to determine whether or not a compartment has flooded. Therefore, you should ________.


83. With damaged floating vessels, the most important consideration is the preservation of __________.


84. If fuel tank levels are found to have increased after a grounding, you should suspect __________.


85. Wooden shoring is used in shipboard damage control to __________.


86. In an emergency, a hole in the hull below the waterline, not over three inches in diameter, can be temporarily sealed by _________.


87. The shaft coupling of a pump is prevented from rotating on the shaft by a _________.


88. The lengthening of a crack formed in the shell plating of a ship may be prevented by __________.


89. An acceptable method of temporarily sealing a crack formed in the hull of a vessel is to __________.


90. When danger of freezing exist, deck equipment and all steam driven reciprocating pumps should be__________.


91. The seal piping obtains liquid from the discharged side of the pump and directs the liquid to the __________.


92. The purpose of compressing the air within the cylinder of a diesel engine is to_______.


93. It is important that you provider to prevent salt contaminations of distillate in flash-type evaporators around the____________.


94. Which of the following is true about lantern ring?


95. How are the pressure and temperature affected in a diesel engine cylinder during compression?


96. What would be the cause of excessive lost motion in the valve mechanism of a duplex reciprocating pump?


97. The main operating characteristic of diesel engines which distinguishes them from other internal combustion engines is the __________.


98. In a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine, after the completion of the power stroke, the piston will move _________.


99. In a single acting, two-stroke/cycle diesel engine, the power impulse in an individual cylinder occurs _________.


100. C1-Which of the two events listed occurs simultaneously in a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine?


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