Assessment Test

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1. Zero ampere is the amount of current present through the second approximation of a diode, particularly a silicon when it is ________.


2. Propagation delay is defined as ______.


3. The time required for an output to go to high impedance state is called _______.


4. An electron-volt (eV) is a unit of _____________.


5. When used in a power supply, the function of a Zener diode is to maintain a constant ________.


6. What do you call the devices that allow computers to communicate with the other computers through telephone lines or radio frequency?


7. The first recipient in E-mail communication is known as _________.


8. What is called a solid state memory device which depends on magnetic polarization of domains, usually in a garnet type material?


9. When used in a circuit, a Zener diode is always _________.


10. A PIN diode is frequently used as a __________.


11. A step-recovery diode __________.


12. In a properly biased NPN transistor, most of the electrons from the emitter ___________.


13. If a transistor is required to match 100Ω signal sources with a high impedance output circuit, the connection that would be used is __________.


14. Which of the following is not a name for a varactor diode?


15. What term in electronics is used to express how fast energy is consumed?


16. A Darlington pair is used for __________.


17. A conduction vehicle opposite to the majority current carrier, which had holes in a material and electrons in the p-material is known as ____________.


18. What is a section of a bipolar transistor that collects majority current carries?


19. A device used in an electrical circuit to change alternating current to direct current, is known as __________.


20. A high-input-impedance amplifier circuit that has unity voltage gain with its input and output signals in phase is referred to as __________.


21. A transformer with only one winding is a _________.


22. In a 9 leads motor, what is the principle used in connecting a ΔΔ (delta-delta) circuit?


23. YY (wye-wye) connection is use for ________.


24. In autotransformer method of starting, if TWO transformers would be connected at the line, how will you connect it?


25. In autotransformer starting, if THREE transformers would be connected at the line how will you connect it?


26. What is meant if the motor is not removed from the line during the change over period?


27. Which is a favorable transition for autotransformer method of starting?


28. In autotransformer starting, percentage taps will depend on two factors namely ___________.


29. Which tapping percentage in autotransformer provides lowest starting current, but may not have enough torque to rotate the driven load?


30. In a multiple start- stop circuit (remote- local), how would you connect both start & stop push button is ___________.


31. In a forward- rev circuit, how would you connect two (2) limit switch (one forward & one reverse) for its travelling sequence?


32. In a control transformer with two winding, how would you connect it if you have 440V source & your desire output is 110V?


33. In a control transformer with two winding, how would you connect if you have a 440V source and your desired output is 220V?


34. In a control transformer, H terminal is an indication of _____________.


35. In a control transformer, X terminal is an indication of _____________.


36. What are the typical percentage taps for autotransformer starting?


37. How many contactors are there in Y- Δ (wye-delta) reduced voltage starting method?


38. In Y- Δ (wye-delta) connection, overload protection of motor is based on ______________.


39. How many load of a motor is intended for Y –Δ (wye-delta) reduced voltage starting?


40. Because integrated circuits cannot be repaired, the tracing of the fault in the system is ___________ .


41. The proper way to mix the electrolyte for a battery is to add _________.


42. Quantum theory acknowledge that light has wave-like characteristics and these tiny particles represents a packet of energy called ___________.


43. What causes an abnormal temperature rise in an electric motor ball bearing?


44. How do you repair a small electric motor that has been submerged in salt water?


45. Sparking of a DC motor brushes can be attributed to __________.


46. Tripping of circuits which lead to arching can be prevented from damaging the contacts by _________.


47. Capacitors can be used in an electric distribution systems to improve power factor which can be accomplished by seesawing energy between the capacitor and the _________.


48. When a megohmeter is connected to each end of an individual motor winding and low ohm reading is indicated which mean __________.


49. Most conducting materials such as copper, aluminum, iron, nickel and tungsten are characterized by __________.


50. When a transistor has a very low and almost equal forward and reversed resistance, its emitter has base leads, the device is considered __________.


51. It is important that an alternator shall be protected from running like a motor to prevent ___________.


52. The freezing point of an electrolyte in a fully charged lead-acid battery will be __________.


53. In a simple circuit, the source voltage will drop across one resistor if it has __________.


54. What is the primary function of the movable cams in a drum-type motor controller?


55. A characteristic of an induction motor with a low resistance motor winding is __________


56. A magnetic blowout in a DC contactor function to __________.


57. When a diode’s breakdown voltage decreases as temperature increases, the Zener voltage temperature coefficient becomes ____________.


58. The most widely used material of a semi-conductor is _________.


59. How does the voltage of a three-phase alternator being regulated?


60. When a device is used directly to convert light energy into electrical energy, it is called ___________.


61. How would you determine if a starter coil is grounded?


62. While the electric shore connection is supplying power to the vessel while on drydock, at least how many of the vessel’s generators shall be on standby?


63. In case of blackout or loss of power supply from shore while the vessel is on drydock at least how many of the vessel’s generator shall be automatically started and connected to the main switchboards?


64. In order to transfer power between the vessel’s supply and shore, means for synchronization shall be arranged in the vessel’s ___________.


65. A separate shore connection box is not required if the __________.


66. What is required if the main switchboard breaker has NO over-current protection device?


67. The short circuit protection of the cable between the shore supply circuit breaker and the main switchboard’s shore power incoming feeder shall be performed by the ____________.


68. Which of the following statements must match when a vessel is powered by shore power supply?


69. The knee voltage of a diode is approximately equal to the _________.


70. A p-type semiconductor contains holes and _________.


71. For converting a piece of pure silicon into a P-type extrinsic semiconductor, you will add an extremely small quantity of _________.


72. A hole is electrically _________.


73. The only producer of carriers in an intrinsic semiconductor is thru _______.


74. Intrinsic semiconductors are those which _________.


75. In an N-type semiconductor, the position of the Fermi level _______.


76. Which of the following doesn’t belong to the group?


77. In order to obtain a p-type germanium, the germanium should be doped with a ________.


78. Which of the following doping element(s) would not be suitable for converting intrinsic semiconductor into N-type extrinsic semiconductor?


79. Where does the Fermi level lie when considering the energy level diagram of an intrinsic semiconductor?


80. A general purpose diode is more likely to suffer avalanche breakdown rather than Zener breakdown because ____________.


81. When biased correctly, a Zener diode __________.


82. Semiconductor like silicon and germanium are ________.


83. The leakage current consists of minority current and _________.


84. The ideal diode is usually adequate when __________.


85. Suppose an intrinsic semiconductor has 1 billion free electrons at room temperature. If the temperature changes to 75oC, how many holes are there?


86. Which way do the majority carriers flow if a voltage source is applied to the positive right end of the crystal p-type semiconductor?


87. What kind of diode will continue to conduct if the voltage across it drops below its breakdown voltage?


88. What kind of diode will stop conducting once the reverse voltage drops below its breakdown voltage?


89. Depletion layer is produced across the junction of an unbiased diode due to ________.


90. The depletion layer becomes larger when the _______.


91. The depletion layer of a diode becomes larger when it is _______.


92. The depletion layer becomes smaller when the _____.


93. The depletion layer of a diode is nowhere to be found when it is _____.


94. Radiation is produced during recombination of free electrons and holes when a diode is _______.


95. Heat is produced during recombination of free electrons and holes when a diode is _______.


96. Which of the following device is non-linear in nature?


97. Which of the following device is linear in nature?


98. When a diode is reversed biased it is considered as a ________.


99. How much current is flowing in a diode when it is forward biased?


100. How much current is flowing in a diode when it is reversed biased?


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