Assessment Test

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1. Prior to rolling the main turbines in preparation for getting underway, you should __________.


2. Advances in metallurgy and improved methods of boiler tube fabrication has led to lighter tubes with wall thicknesses in the vicinity of 0.1 inches. A characteristic of these thin walled tubes is, except __________.


3. Which condition would cause an excessively high level in the deaerating feed water tank (DC heater)?


4. Scale in the air ejector first-stage nozzle could cause a decrease in the __________.


5. In a water-tube boiler, waterside scale formation is caused by __________.


6. Excessive priming in a propulsion boiler can cause severe damage to the __________.. I. integral super-heater II. main steam turbine


7. Which of the following problems may not occur from improper main turbine warm-up?


8. If it becomes necessary to remove water from a pressurized main boiler, it should be directed __________.


9. Insufficient cooling water circulation through air ejector inter-condensers and after-condensers will cause __________.


10. The first and second stage air ejectors used with large sea water cooled steam, surface type condensers are designed to __________.. I. establish vacuum II. maintain vacuum


11. An explosion or flareback could occur in a boiler if __________.


12. Boiler water hardness is increased by __________.


13. Turbine throttling losses can best be described as a loss of energy occurring __________.


14. Which of the following statements represents the advantage of using a small diameter boiler tube over a larger diameter tube?


15. The steam drum installed in D type boilers serve to provide __________.. I. a water reserve necessary for proper boiler operation II. an area for steam and moisture to separate


16. According to Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), periodic hydrostatic tests are required to be conducted without exception on all __________.


17. If the cooling water flow through the air ejector inter-condensers and after condensers is inadequate, which of the problems listed will occur?


18. Before an explosion can occur in a boiler furnace, there must be an accumulation of unburned fuel, sufficient air to form an explosive mixture, and a __________.


19. The vent line from the main condenser water boxes was not opened when the waterside was recharged. This would __________.. I. lead to vapor binding of the main circulating pump II. contribute to a higher than normal condensate temperature entering. This would __________.. I. lead to a build up of pressure on the tube sheet of greater than 40 psig II. prevent the design vacuum from being attained under normal operating conditions at sea


20. Scale formation on the waterside of boiler tubes is generally produced by __________.


21. Which of the following statements represents an example of a throttling loss in a turbine?


22. According to Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), what is the maximum time interval for hydrostatically testing boilers on a cargo vessel having water-tube boilers?


23. The most troublesome corrosive substances in boiler water are oxygen and __________.


24. Throttling the burner air register of a lit burner could result in __________.


25. Failure to remove calcium and magnesium from Feed water before it reaches the boiler can result in tube __________.


26. Which of the effects listed describes the changes in the velocity and pressure of the steam as it passes through a nozzle?


27. In a water tube boiler, circulation is developed by the difference in the __________.. I. tube length and various diameters II. densities of the hot and cold water


28. A ruptured boiler tube should be removed by __________.. I. splitting the remaining tube sections with a safety ripping chisel II. cutting out most of the tube and then allowing the remaining portion to disintegrate as the boiler is normally fired


29. The maximum allowable working pressure of a particular boiler is 1050 psig (7340 kPa). The hydrostatic test pressure to be used during the Coast Guard required quadrennial inspection will be __________.


30. Which of the conditions listed may be indicated by the lifting of the DC heater relief valve?


31. A set of first and second stage air ejectors are used with a large sea water cooled steam condenser. If the first stage air ejector is not in operation __________.. I. vacuum can not be established II. maximum operating vacuum can not be maintained


32. Sediment in fuel oil will cause __________.


33. The distance piece in a boiler burner register assembly, provides for adjustment of the __________.


34. The vent line from the main condenser water boxes was not opened when the waterside was recharged. This would __________.. I. lead to vapor binding of the main circulating pump II. contribute to a higher than normal condensate temperature entering


35. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require the duplex fuel oil discharge strainers installed in boiler fuel oil service systems to be __________.


36. If the DC heater relief valve lifts frequently, the cause can be excessive __________.


37. Sediment in fuel oil will cause, except __________.


38. Carbon dioxide dissolved in boiler water is dangerous in a modern power boiler because the gas __________.


39. A convergent-divergent nozzle functions to __________.


40. Before commencing a surface blow, the boiler __________.


41. The purpose of the boiler furnace corbel is to __________.. I. protect the water drum from direct flame impingement II. support the furnace wall


42. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) for boiler fuel oil service systems, require that __________.


43. In a boiler equipped with an automatic feed water regulator, erratic variations in the water level could be caused by __________.


44. Boiler furnace brickwork can be fractured and broken by thermal shock caused by __________.


45. The two most common causes of boiler corrosion attributable to boiler water are dissolved oxygen and __________.


46. In addition to causing erosion of turbine blades, slugs of water in the steam supply to a turbine driven pump can result in __________.


47. The depth of fuel oil in a double bottom tank is measured through the __________.


48. Why are the burner registers closed a few minutes after a boiler has been secured to be cooled?


49. In a boiler where the drum water level is automatically controlled, which of the following conditions could cause erratic variations in the water level?


50. When the rate of heat transfer through tube walls is so reduced that the metal becomes overheated, which of the following conditions will result in the boiler?


51. According to Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR), blow off piping external to a boiler with a maximum allowable working pressure of 600 psig must be capable of withstanding a minimum pressure of __________.


52. Saltwater contamination of condensate could occur at which component?


53. The main reason for keeping an operating boiler burner register fully open while steaming is to prevent __________.


54. In a steaming boiler, most dissolved chlorides tend to concentrate at, or near, the __________.


55. The turbine of a turbo-electric drive should be secured by __________.


56. Foaming in boiler water is caused by __________.


57. What will occur if the level of the atmospheric drain tank (fresh water collector) is permitted to continuously decrease while the vessel is underway?


58. In which type of turbine does a pressure drop exist through the fixed blades and the moving blades?


59. The purpose of the boiler bottom blow valve is to __________.


60. The distilled water tank has been determined to be 75% full. The tank connection to the pneumercator has been disconnected for a maintenance check. If the pneumercator operates correctly, the gage should indicate __________.


61. During an in-port watch onboard a tank vessel while cargo operations are in progress and with the jacking gear engaged and running, you notice a 200 gallon drop in the reduction gear lube oil sump level. Which components or conditions should be checked immediately?


62. A steam propelled tank ship is operating at sea and despite troubleshooting the system by all the vessel's engineers, the transfer of fuel to the settler has not been possible and the settler will be empty in a few minutes. As the watch engineer, your next step should be to __________.


63. In which order should the chemical test analysis of boiler flue gas samples be made?


64. Foaming in a boiler can be caused by, except __________.


65. What steps should be taken if excessive steaming and vigorous bubbling occurs in the first section of the drain inspection tank?


66. Which steam plant watch operating condition requires priority attention over the other conditions listed?


67. Except one of the following, the guarding valve installed in a boiler bottom blow line prevents __________.


68. Which steam plant operating condition requires priority attention over the other situations listed?


69. A salinity indicator cell is located in the __________.


70. A mechanical carbon dioxide recorder operates by detecting the difference between air and the __________.


71. Which of the following procedures represents the proper care of unused burners during low load conditions?


72. For a gravity type lube oil system, a remote pressure sensing device is installed at the point of highest static head pressure on the main unit to enable the watch engineer to __________.. I. be certain that the bearings are being adequately lubricated II. determine if there is sufficient lube oil pressure to the main engine


73. Superheated steam is provided to operate the main steam turbine instead of saturated steam due to its __________.. I. higher thermal energy per pound II. lesser erosive action on turbine blading


74. Before giving a boiler a bottom blow, it should be taken off the line and then the __________.


75. How is a diaphragm type steam whistle protected from damage due to entrained condensate?


76. An excessive power loss in a straight reaction turbine is commonly caused by __________.


77. When is the best time to give a boiler a bottom blow?


78. If the salinity indicator located in the main condensate pump discharge piping causes an alarm to sound there is a danger of __________.


79. The differential temperature of the main condenser circulating water during normal operation will be affected by __________.. I. change in circulating pump speed II. the addition of make up feed


80. A boiler has a steam delivery capacity of 100,000 pounds per hour, and is equipped with four steam atomizing burners. If the load range of the burners is 4 to 1, this means that __________.


81. Excessive alkalinity of boiler water will cause __________.


82. Which of the precautions listed should be taken prior to blowing down a boiler water wall header?


83. Which condition would cause an excessively high level in the deaerating feed water tank (Direct Contact) heater during maneuvering?


84. In a steam assist fuel oil atomizer, the steam pressure is higher than the oil pressure at __________.


85. Babbitt metal is used to make __________.


86. If a boiler is being steamed at a high firing rate, blowing down a water wall header without taking any other precaution could result in __________.


87. A flue gas air heater, when installed in a boiler, would be accompanied by the operating characteristic(s) of __________.. I. higher furnace temperatures than a boiler without an air heater II. greater heat absorption per pound of fuel


88. The efficiency of boiler combustion can be measured by the relative proportions of certain elements in the flue gases. The elements measured are __________.


89. Why should the fuel oil be re-circulated before lighting off a cold boiler?


90. The formation of a pit in a boiler tube is most likely to occur when __________.


91. Blowing down a water wall header while steaming a boiler at a high firing rate could result in __________.


92. Electrolytic corrosion in the condenser circulating water system can be reduced by __________.


93. Which condition would cause a dangerously low level in the deaerating feed water tank (Direct Contact) heater during maneuvering?


94. Dissolved oxygen entrained in the feed water entering a boiler can cause __________.


95. Under what operating conditions may water wall header drains be used for blow down?


96. A water-tube type boiler when compared to a fire-tube type boiler has an advantage of __________.. I. requiring less chemical compounding II. providing a greater amount of heat transfer to the water as the hot gases pass through the tubes


97. Vapor blowing from the air ejector condenser vent may be caused by __________.


98. When burning fuel oil in a boiler, a high CO2 content is desired in the stack gas because __________.


99. When re-circulating fuel oil prior to cold boiler start-up, which of the listed actions should be carried out?


100. Machinery operating features are designed to help conserve energy. Which of the following will not contribute to energy conservation?


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