Assessment Test

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1. Which type of boiler that require heavy insulation in order to minimize radiation loss?


2. A comprehensive list of operational items is grouped into operational sections in the Oil Record Book; each section is codified by a _________.


3. In a oil record book when making entries all quantities should be ____________.


4. Who is in charge to sign the oil record book when the pages are completed?


5. When cooling down the boiler, what is the main reason for opening the air vent?


6. What will you do if an incorrect entry were made in the Oil Record Book?


7. The supply of fuel oil on the boiler automizer is dependent on what factor?


8. In a Oil Record Book when making a entry, the date, operational code, and item number shall be inserted in the appropriate columns. Furthermore, then required particulars shall be ___________.


9. On onboard a vessel the Oil Record Book must be maintained for _____________.


10. In processing bilges slops which of the listed equipment is the most effective for overboard discharge?


11. When there is an increase in load on your boiler, what is needed to attain a good combustion?


12. As the pH level of the boiler water approaches zero, the water condition is becoming _____?


13. What do you call the kind of impurities that remains dissolved in water when its cold, but settle out of solution when the temperature is raised above a certain critical limit?


14. Which kind of acids are formed when lubricating oil decomposes in the boiler?


15. The minimum number of bolts permitted according to pollution prevention regulation in an ANSI standard flange on an oil hose is _______________.


16. It is a symbol of the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a solution called pH. What does pH stands for?


17. Technical Annexes of MARPOL 73/78 regulates the pollution of garbage;


18. Technical Annex of MARPOL 73/78 controls the disposal of harmful substance in package form;


19. A manifestation of a series of fine cracks in tube wall and these are aggravated by other corrosive conditions within the boiler, which ultimately result to tube failure?


20. What Technical Annexes of MARPOL 73/78 prohibits the dumping of oil?


21. Why is external and internal cleaning of boilers be carried-out before laying up of boiler?


22. What do you call the method of laying up a boiler by emptying and cleaning it thoroughly on both the fireside and waterside


23. Which of the following governs the choice of suitable refractory material throughout the various parts of the boiler?


24. Which of the following is a chemical reaction between the ash from the fuel and the refractory?


25. How do we maintain constant steam pressure?


26. For how long should you be purging before you fire the boiler?


27. Why should the furnace be purged before the burner is lit off?


28. The kinds of pumps that can be used effectively in pumping out both engine room and cargo hold bilges are ____________.


29. What could be the possible problem when a boiler creates white smoke, which means that it is heating up large amount of excess air, which in turn, results in decrease efficiency?


30. Which of the following may result in loss of suction of boiler feed pump?


31. When the exhaust boiler is fouled, the main engine instruments will display __________.


32. Which of the following kind of pump can only connected directly with lower speed electric motors to attain effective and good performance.


33. What do you call a positive displacement pump that is usually driven by mixing and by admixing?


34. Which of the following must first be done when boiler water level can not be seen on the lower half of the water gauge glass?


35. The head pressure that any centrifugal pumps may develop is controlled by________________.


36. In an automatically fired boiler, the amount of fuel supplied depends on_______.


37. What will happen in a sight glass in a full liquid line?


38. A device use to control the admission of steam to the steam cylinder of reciprocating pump is ___________.


39. Which of the following is the danger of operating the boiler at low exhaust temperature?


40. A type of piston rod packing should be used in steam reciprocating pump is __________.


41. Which of the following is the danger of continually supplying fuel to an automatically fired boiler in case the fire goes out?


42. What is the main feature of different pumps if they are working under non-cavitating condition?


43. When raising steam in a cold boiler, the air vent is to be closed when____.


44. A factor in the case of a variable speed centrifugal pump is __________.


45. In what way does the viscosity of fluid being pumped affect the operation of a gear pump?


46. A test conducted on safety valves to determine its discharge capacity and to ensure if valve is of sufficient size to adequately protect the boiler shell or drum from bursting due to excessive steam pressure is ___________.


47. Which is a type of fuel pump usually used with a unit type auxiliary boiler?


48. When cooling down a boiler, air vent valve is opened to______.


49. In most marine boilers, the primary reason the first few rows of generating tubes, called screen or furnace row tubes, are made larger in diameter than the rest of the generating tubes is because _____________.


50. Which of the following is a correct procedure in order to prevent inadequate discharge of a reciprocating bilge pump?


51. What will be the probable cause if centrifugal types of pumps fail to discharge liquid?


52. Which of the listed boiler components is used to equalize the distribution of water to the generating tubes and provide an area for the accumulation of loose scale and other solid matter present in the boiler water?


53. What is the reason why centrifugal pump may fail to deliver water when started?


54. Which one should be replaced when the capacity of a centrifugal pump decreases gradually over a long period of time?


55. Rows of tubes installed along the walls, floor, and roof of the furnace are called _____________.


56. Which of the following is NOT a fire-tube boiler?


57. The best description of a multi-stage centrifugal pump is ___________.


58. In scotch boiler, which mounting is used to speed up circulation and caused even heating of the boiler when started up from cold?


59. Where is the proper place to vent when air bound occurs in a horizontal centrifugal pump?


60. What is the cause of a low head pressure?


61. Which boiler test determines the discharge capacity of the safety valve- that is to say if the valve is of sufficient size to adequately protect the boiler?


62. Which one listed below would NOT cause high suction pressure?


63. It is a boiler mounting used to get rid of impurities whenever evidence of foaming or oil is noted in the gauge glass?


64. When the plunger travel is of fixed length and variation in quantity is obtained by valve control this fuel injection is classified_______________.


65. What boiler safety interlock that prevent the flash-up sequence starting unless burner assembly is tightly secured?


66. A pump shaft that is bent or distorted should normally be____________.


67. Which of the following is NOT a reason for boiler explosion?


68. In a centrifugal pump the main function of wearing rings is __________.


69. If the pump fails to deliver liquid the possible reason is ___________.


70. Where does the oil and acids form a layer of soap-like substance inside the boiler?


71. While in operation, a centrifugal pump is noisy with excessive vibration, the cause would most likely be due to___________.


72. What do you call a decrease in boiler metal thickness which appear as small holes eaten in metal due to corrosion?


73. A succession of small pits which often occur along the normal water line in a boiler is called?


74. Why is that most reciprocating pumps are fitted with air chambers?


75. What do you call a flow of electric current between two metals having different chemical properties ?


76. What is the typical use of emergency bilge suction valve?


77. It is an oxygen hungry chemical which remove oxygen from a solution _______?


78. Which one represents the proper relative direction of flow through a globe valve?


79. What do you call the procedure of neutralizing an unknown solution with reagent of known quantity?


80. Which of the following is the reason why centrifugal bilge pump requires priming?


81. Which of the following conditions can lead to cavitations in a centrifugal pump?


82. What kind of gases make boiler water acidic and may cause severe damage to the boiler?


83. Which one is true relative to meshing spur gears?


84. On board a ship the general alarm system consists of electric vibrating bells to warn in case of emergency _________.


85. Which of the following is an inert gas which can cause no damage to the boiler?


86. What is being determined in an accumulation test of boiler safety valves?


87. In the ship accommodation area the fire alarm could sounded in case of fire accident by __________.


88. One short blast on whistle signals for handling lifeboats during drills or emergency is to _________.


89. Which of the following conditions can cause water hammering which may lead to vibration and possible rapture of the pipeline?


90. Where whistle signals are used for handling lifeboats during drills or emergency situations, two short blast on whistle means __________.


91. When whistle signals use in emergency condition or dismissal from drill how many short blast signal will be heard?


92. What is the reason why water tube boiler can generate steam pressure faster than any other type of boilers?


93. The first person who saw the incident during Man overboard situation shall _____________.


94. Onboard the ship which of the following where telephone connection is not required?


95. Engine room telephone system on board the ship connects __________.


96. Which of the following instrument uses a fathometer or echo sounding machine?


97. The minimum standard rest of an officer in charge of the engineering watch in a seven day period must be ______.


98. What is the purpose of easing of the main stop valve during initial firing of boiler from cold state?


99. What is a minimum standard rest of rating forming part of an engineering watch with in a 24 hour period?


100. In a enclosed space, which of the following are atmospheric hazards? I - Presence of hydrocarbon; II - Existence of toxic; III - Adequate ventilation; IV - Deficiency in oxygen


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