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1. Motor control circuits are classed as either primary or pilot control device, which of these are considered primary control device?


2. Which type of push button operator should the emergency stop button installed in motor control circuit?


3. Which of the following is a mechanically operated motor control device designed to operate only when a predetermined position is reached?


4. Which type of limit switch operator consist s of a single arm with a roller attached at the end to help prevent wear?


5. Which type of limit switch operator designed or application where the actuating object travels in two directions?


6. Which type of limit switch operator designed to operate by a direct forward movement into the limit switch?


7. Which type of limit switch operator used in application that require detection of a moving object from any direction rather than one or two direction along a single plane?


8. For extremely wet, dirty or dusty areas, what type of enclosure would be best suited?


9. What type of motor enclosure wherein all ventilating opening are so constructed but drops o of liquid or solid cannot enter the motor?


10. The term refers to the amount of torque the motor can attain without stopping is called _______.


11. When the motor accelerates from zero speed to operating speed, the minimum torque generated by the motor is known as _______.


12. When the motor is operating at rated speed and horsepower the torque produced by the motor is called ______.


13. What would the nameplate current rating given to a motor indicates?


14. The size of overload sensing element used for the motor circuit depends on the ______.


15. What is the main purpose of the field discharge circuit resistor provided in the field circuit of an alternator?


16. In the construction of alternator in a revolving field type, which statement is true?


17. How should the design of high-speed alternator be constructed?


18. The difference between the synchronous speed of an induction machine and its operating speeds (slip) may be correctly expressed ___________.


19. Which of the following devices can protect the generator in service from overload and can isolate the non-essential load from the system?


20. The three leads associated with field effect transistors are called __________.


21. Burning controller contacts when opening or putting it in operation is prevented by __________.


22. In order that a standby electric motor will automatically start when the in-service electric motor malfunctions, the selection button in the starter panels of both electric motors shall be in __________.


23. A semi-conductor is a material with a __________.


24. In general, the sizes of monolithic resistors or capacitors increase as its value __________.


25. These devices are mostly used in digital computers and portable electronic calculators to perform various arithmetic and decision making functions _________.


26. When the feeder system has no ground fault, what does the pointer of the insulation resistance indicator show?


27. What is the reason why there is a gradual rise of the point reading as a result of continued cranking whenever a megohmeter is used to test insulation?


28. For an open loop control system, which of the following is NOT true?


29. What is the importance of having feedback in a control system?


30. The use of a transfer function associated in a control system is to evaluate the _________.


31. Which of these types of transducers convert the input to output which is a function of time?


32. How would the system responds be tested better?


33. Considering a good quality control system, which of these features is NOT essential?


34. What is the ratio of the period of the output voltage to the period of the input voltage in a full-wave rectifier?


35. If the value of full-load voltage is the same as the no-load voltage, what is the best expected voltage regulation calculation?


36. A switching regulator that is configured as a voltage-inverter produces what type of output?


37. In which of the following application is a pulsating DC voltage suitable?


38. In a series regulator, what is the purpose of fold-back limiting?


39. According to their arc quenching media, what are the types of circuit breaker? I. Air circuit breaker II Oil circuit breaker III. SF6 circuit breaker


40. According to their operating mechanism, what are the types of circuit breaker? I. Spring operated breaker II. Pneumatic circuit breaker III. Hydraulic circuit breaker


41. According to their service, what are the types of circuit breaker? I. All weather II. Indoor III Outdoor


42. What type of circuit breaker is a breaker that places the interrupting unit in insulating chamber at live potential?


43. What type of circuit breaker utilize oil as arc quenching media as well as insulating media between current carrying contacts and earthed parts on the breaker?


44. Aside from plain air circuit breaker, what is other type of air circuit breaker that is used whenever faster breaker operations are required?


45. What type of circuit breaker which is eight times greater than that of ACB.


46. What is the turn ratio required to match an 80Ω source to a 320Ω load?


47. When the current through the coil of an electromagnet reversed, what will happen?


48. If the steel disk in a crankshaft position sensor has stopped with the tab in the magnet's air gap, what will happen to the induced voltage?


49. A basic one-loop dc generator is rotated at 90 rev/s. How many times each second does the dc output voltage peak (reach maximum)?


50. There is 900 mA of current through a wire with 40 turns. What is the reluctance of the circuit if the flux is 400 µWb?


51. An electromagnetic field exists only when there is _________.


52. What force that moves the plunger when a solenoid is activated?


53. What is the magnetomotive force (mmf) of a wire with 8 turns carrying three amperes of current?


54. In the matter time response and reactive circuits, when is the steady-state condition reached?


55. Which of these types of transducers convert the input to output which is a function of time?


56. A semi-conductor material like a thermistor is a second class resistance thermometer device characterized as __________.


57. Which of devices is used detects and measure then converting mechanical, magnetic or thermal and chemical variation into electric voltage and current?


58. When the presence of an object or target is detected without any physical contact is credited to which of the following?


59. Which type of proximity sensor that is used for non-contact metallic sensing for both ferrous and non ferrous metals? 52. Which type of proximity sensor that is used for non-contact metallic sensing for both ferrous and non ferrous metals?


60. How is the sensing field of a capacitor proximity sensor different from an inductive proximity sensor?


61. The attraction and repulsion between two electrically charge bodies refers which force?


62. When a current carrying wire is brought closer causing a change in deflection of the compass needle, this change in the direction is called________.


63. A current will cause a deflection of a galvanometer by 20%, what would occur to the angle of deflection if the current is double at same polarity?


64. Which of the following is an important advantage of an electrostatic meter?


65. Which is true about thermocouple?


66. An important advantage of an electromagnetic-type meter over a permanent-magnet meter is that ______.


67. In certain application, ammeter shunts are useful by the fact that they ______.


68. For a voltmeter, they should generally have ______.


69. Which of the following will not normally cause large error in an ohmmeter reading?


70. What would a typical frequency counters indicates?


71. Which of the following would describe a carbon-composition resistor?


72. A wire-wound resistor should be placed logically in a/an ______.


73. Which of the statement can be best defined a metal-film resistor?


74. An advantage of a rheostat over a potentiometer is the fact that ______.


75. What type of resistor of combination of resistors would be use as the meter sensitivity control in test instrument when continuous adjustment is required?


76. The voltage produced by a battery of multiple cells connected in series is ______.


77. A direct short circuit of a battery can cause _________.


78. A Weston cell is generally used ________.


79. Which of the following is an advantage of alkaline cells over zinc-carbon cells?


80. In which of the following devices would a lantern battery most likely be found?


81. In which of the following devices would a transistor battery be the most power choice?


82. For which of the following applications would a lithium battery be chosen?


83. A battery that maintains a constant current delivering capability is said to have ______.


84. Which kind of battery should never be used until it becomes dead?


85. The useful current that is delivered by a solar panel can be increase by connecting ________.


86. An advantage of methanol over hydrogen for use in fuel cells is the fact that methanol is _________.


87. An application in which an analog meter would almost always be preferred over digital meters IS ______.


88. When an electrical charge exists but there is no flow of electrical current, the charge is said to be ______.


89. A substance with high retentivity _______.


90. As the spacing between plate of a capacitor is made smaller, all factors are equal, what would be the effect?


91. In a capacitor, a material with a high dielectric constant would __________.


92. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of mica capacitor?


93. Which of the following types of capacitor is polarized?


94. As the number of turns in a coil increases, the reactance at a constant frequency_______.


95. As the frequency of an AC gets lower, the value of inductive reactance for a coil of wire _______.


96. In a circuit containing resistance and inductance, as the ratio of inductive reactance to resistance XL / R decreases, the phase angle ________.


97. A ferromagnetic core is placed in an inductor mainly to ______.


98. Assuming there is no mutual inductance, inductors in series combination resembles like ______.


99. What would be the result when moving the core further into a solenoidal coil?


100. Motor control circuits are classed as either primary or pilot control device, which of these are considered pilot control device?


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