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1. The two most common gases used in pneumatic systems are _______ .


2. The response line installed in a pneumatic proportional action controller functions to ________ .


3. A closed loop pneumatic control system always operates with _______ .


4. Any restriction in the instrument air piping of a pneumatic control system will _______ .


5. Restrictions occurring in the small orifices of pneumatic control system components can be caused by ________ .


6. Overtightening of the valve stem packing to a pneumatically controlled final control element will cause ________ .


7. The probable cause of erratic operation of a pneumatically controlled steam pressure reducing valve is _______ .


8. With regards to fluid flow control, an advantage of pneumatic control systems over electrical control system is ________ .


9. In a pneumatic automation system, a unit producing a signal to govern the position of the controller of the measured variable, relative to the value of the measured variable, is said to have _______ .


10. In an automation system, increasing or decreasing the loading pressure by a set amount is known as _________ .


11. If you turn the handwheel clockwise of a spring-loaded, internal pilot reducing valve, you will _______ .


12. Which of the following statements concerning the operation of steam pressure reducing valves is correct?


13. Which of the following is operated from the main engine room console on an automated ship?


14. Main engine room console alarms are to be of the self monitoring type, meaning that an open circuit to a particular alarm circuit will _______ .


15. Information on the data-logger can be helpful in determining the long term probability of machinery failure if you ________ .


16. A device which prints out a permanent record of the plant operating conditions is known as the _______ .


17. If both the “high level” and “low level” alarms come on for the same address of a centralized control console, the most likely problem is a/an _______ .


18. Ultraviolet light sensing flame scanners installed on an automated main propulsion boiler are designed so they _______ .


19. The anchor cable pass thru ______ ?


20. The steam powered deck machinery is most popular with which of these type of the ships?


21. What factor led to the replacement of steam powered machineries by hydraulic operated deck machineries?


22. Which of the hydraulic circuit is mostly favored for marine application?


23. The warp end of a wire or rope is intended _____ ?


24. When the boiler is laid up by emptying and cleaning it thoroughly on both the fire side and water side, what is this process called?


25. What technical Annex I of MARPOL 73/78 prohibit?


26. What are the common materials used as evaporator tubes or plates?


27. Which kind of call that will transfer the rest of the call below?


28. Which of the following actions should be carried out, with two (2) feet of water over the top of the bilge-well, when the bilge system is unable to pump out the aft starboard engine room bilge-well suction being fouled?


29. Which one is not a basic essential of an effective communication?


30. Which of the following statements is true concerning oil cooler?


31. Which call onboard should be prioritized over other calls?


32. The call on board that should be prioritized over the other calls should come from ________?


33. Which equipment allows change in volume of the cooling water in the propulsion diesel engine closed cooling system?


34. What do you call a communication within a particular organization only and no outside group is involved to the exchange of information?


35. For what reason why sacrificial zinc anodes are used on the salt water side of diesel engine heat exchangers?


36. A communication within the ship's emergency organization or communication within the shore emergency response team is ____________.


37. What do you call a strip of metal in a steam turbine rotor which is secured to the end section of the blading that adds strength, lessen vibration and prevents steam leakage over the blade tips?


38. Which of the following location is not included in special areas of Annex I of MARPOL 73/78?


39. An inflatable life raft sea painter should be _______.


40. In a steering system, what provide the means for moving to change the course of the ship?


41. Which of the following is recommended in an oil fog lubrication system?


42. A hydraulic system which transmits movement of the pilot house wheel to a steering engine is called ___?


43. In an electro-hydraulic steering gear system, damage due to rudder shock is prevented by _______?


44. Rotation of the steering wheel on the navigation bridge initiates oil pressure being applied to the steering gear rams by _____ ?


45. If emergency repair must be made to the upper area of the fuel tank, the tank and/or adjacent compartments may need to be _____________.


46. Which one can only be detected by a method that examines the internal structures of a weld?


47. When there is no movement of the rams on an electro-hydraulic steering gear, thr tilting box of the running pump is _____?


48. Prior to the commencement of a crude oil washing which one represents the maximum percent of oxygen, by volume, required to be achieved by a ship's inert gas system?


49. You can find the procedures for the reporting oil discharge into water in the ____________.


50. Which is the best extinguishing agent for electrical fires?


51. Air trapped in the hydraulic fluid of the steering system may be indicated by _____?


52. Which of the following practices listed should be avoided because it represents a fire hazard?


53. In an engine room, lower level fire stations should undergo regular maintenance including;


54. Which of the following is true about Potable and non-potable water system aboard ship?


55. A hot work hazard is/are ______________. l. Fire; ll. Explosion; lll. Glare injury; lV. Heat injury


56. In an emergency, the electro-hydraulic steering units can be directly controlled by the _____ ?


57. During welding or burning aboard a vessel fire prevention should include the following: I. Posting a fire watch in the immediate area II. Providing an extinguisher which is ready for immediate use III. Requiring the fire watch to remain on post for 30 minutes after the completion of welding or burning


58. The process of boiling seawater in order to separate it into freshwater vapor and brine is usually defined as _____ ?


59. Which of the following equipments are used before entering an enclose space? l. Life lines; ll. Sparking tools; lll. Hard hats


60. What injury hazards are present, if hot work is being done in the machinery spaces? I. Glare; ll. Heat; lll.Shock


61. When a low pressure distilling plant is operated with less than the designed vacuum, the _______ ?


62. The purpose of the hydrostatic release on an inflatable life raft is __________?


63. Which of the following statements represents the basic principle of operation of an electrical salinity indicator/


64. Distilled water from an evaporator may be discharged into a potable water tank ___ ?


65. Heavy seas could forced a rudder to move suddenly. What part of the floating link provides protection to the linkage in such situation?


66. In rotary vane actuator, when the seals (made up of steel sealing strips) are leaking, what would be the possible resulting condition?


67. In an electro hydraulic steering gear system, which function does a hunting gear perform?


68. The thrust from the propeller is transferred to the ship through the ______ ?


69. Which is the most temporary form of information storage?


70. Which of the following are units of measurement for density EXCEPT _____ ..


71. A reading of zero on a Bourdon tube instrument generally means ______ .


72. A displacer level sensor uses a _________ .


73. A two-position single-point action controller has been adjusted to minimize cycling and would only be suitable for ______ .


74. In an automated control system, which of the following statements would apply to any type of closed loop system?


75. The control mode where the position of the final control element has a linear relationship with the position or value of the controlled variable, in known as ______ .


76. A controller with floating action has a controlled variable where the nrange of values produces no motion of the final control element. This range of values is called the _______ .


77. The range of values through which the input can be without initiating an output response is known as ________ .


78. When a controller is provided with reset rate adjustment, a change in this adjustment results in a change of the ________ .


79. Which of the following control actions, when combined with proportional-position action, will eliminate manual repositioning of the set point for each load change to produce an automatic reset action?11. Which of the following control actions, when combined with proportional-position action, will eliminate manual repositioning of the set point for each load change to produce an automatic reset action?


80. The mode of control, whereby the speed of motion of the final control element is linearly proportional to the deviation of the controlled variable from set point, is called _______ .


81. Increasing the “reset rate” of a proportional-plus-reset controller _______ .


82. The meat box temperature control circuit, as used in the ship service refrigeration system, is an example of _______ .


83. The mode of control employed by an alarm circuit is a ______ .


84. The control mode in which the final control element is moved from one to two fixed positions to the other is known as ________ .


85. The cylinder loading mechanism used on low pressure air compressors is an example of which mode of control?


86. The controller set point of an automatic control system is 65.5°C. The valve closes when the output temperature reaches 71°C, and reopens when the temperature fgalls bellow 60°C. The type of positioning action in this controller is known as ______ .


87. The steady state difference between the control point and the value of the controlled variable, corresponding with the set point, is known as ______ .


88. “Offset is an inherent characteristic of which of the following types of control modes?


89. The quantity or condition which is measured and controlled is known as the _____ .


90. A control action which produces a corrective signal relative to the speed at which the controlled variable is changing is known as ________ .


91. A mode of control, whereby the position of the final control element in linearly proportional to the rate of change of the controlled variable, is called _______ .


92. The amount of change of a controlled variable that is necessary to cause a specific change in the position of the final control element depends upon the ________ .


93. Reset control is also referred to as ________ .


94. The value of the controlled variable, which under any fixed set of conditions the automatic controller operates to maintain, is known as _______ .


95. What is the value of the controlled variable that the automatic controller operates to maintain?


96. The ratio of output response to a specific change in the input is known as ______ .


97. When the vessel’s steering wheel on the navigation bridge is turned, the difference existing between the position of the wheel and that of the rudder is known as ______ .


98. In an automation system, the effect of the control action sensed by a controller is known as _______ .


99. Which of the listed devices would be installed at a control system air pressure reducing station?


100. A computing relay is used in a pneumatic control system to _______ .


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