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1. C1 - Engine clutches are used with which type of main engine ?


2. C1 - Which of the following statements represents the advantage of using a small diameter boiler tube over a larger diameter tube?


3. C1 - Calcium minerals in boiler water are precipitated out of solution by the use of which of the listed chemicals?


4. C1 - What causes diesel fuel to be ignited in the cylinder of an operating diesel engine?


5. C1 - What is the indication of an overloaded main propulsion diesel engine?


6. C1 - What is indicated by the code number 32Y20 stamped on a burner sprayer plate?


7. C1 - When there is enough supply of fuel oil and engine failed to turn over after air staring valve has opened, what would be the cause?


8. C1 - In a single furnace boiler, where is the steam typically cooled for use as auxiliary steam?


9. C1 - What is the purpose of the relief valve in a fuel oil service system?


10. C1 - What will happen if the compression ratio is increased on any diesel engine?


11. C1 - The amount of fuel injected into a cylinder by a unit injector is controlled by __________.


12. C1 - In a jerk pump, the amount of fuel that will be forced through the spray nozzle on each upward stroke of the plunger depends on ____________.


13. C1 - If all other conditions such as bore, stroke, speed, and mean effective pressures are equal, a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine will develop approximately ___________.


14. C1 - In a diesel engine, internal combustion causes the piston to be moved by ____________.


15. C1 - What is the main advantage of unit injectors over other fuel injection system?


16. C1 - What is termed as the ratio of the brake horsepower to the indicated horsepower of a diesel engine?


17. C1 - If a fire occurs in the boiler room as a result of a leaking fuel line, what should you do first?


18. C1 - The port-and-helix metering pumps used in diesel fuel injection systems, are usually designed to produce a constant beginning and a variable ending of fuel injection. These pumps are usually ____________.


19. C1 - What is/are the purpose/s of the boiler drum air cock?


20. C1 - Which of the following statements represents the primary function of hand holes used on a boiler?


21. C1 - Before shutting off the fuel supply to stop a medium or high-speed diesel engine, why is it necessary to allow the engine to idle for a few minutes?


22. C1 - What is the purpose of gland sealing steam used during steam turbine operation?


23. C1 - What is mainly the reason why fuel injectors used in heavy fuel oil systems are provided with cooling?


24. C1 - In a boiler water gage glass,where is a ball check valve installed?


25. C1 - The duration of fuel injection developed by an individual port-and-helix fuel injection pump, is determined by the _____________.


26. C1 - What is the cause if there is a charge air pressure drop in a generator engine?


27. C1 - The time between injection and ignition of the fuel is known as ___________.


28. C1 - In diesel engines, the four basic events (intake, compression, power and exhaust) are performed once in __________.


29. C1 - What is a single element boiler feedwater regulating system used aboard ship being utilized?


30. C1 - In a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine, after the completion of the power stroke, the piston will move __________.


31. C1 - Why is diesel engines classified as reciprocating internal combustion engines?


32. C1 - What is cause by steam boiler tube failures?


33. C1 - To prevent vibration damage to the fuel supply line of a diesel engine, you may use __________.


34. C1 - A pilot valve and servomotor are utilized in mechanical hydraulic governing systems on a turbo-generator unit in order to _____.


35. Diesel engine cylinder head test cocks are used to _____________.


36. Before starting a diesel engine, you should always _____________.


37. As engine RPM is increased from idle speed to full load speed, which of the conditions listed will decrease?


38. Operating a propulsion diesel engine at less than 30% of designed normal load for prolonged periods will result in _____________.


39. Which of the following conditions is indicated by the presence of water in the scavenging air receiver?


40. The camshaft on a four-stroke/cycle engine is used to operate the __________.


41. Which of the events listed does NOT occur during the instance the piston just reaches top dead center?


42. Which of the following is the most common cause of machinery vibrations when the vessel is maneuvering?


43. What is the main operating characteristic of diesel engines that distinguishes them from other internal combustion engines?


44. Which of the two events listed occurs simultaneously in a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine?


45. What part of diesel generator engine that must be checked first if heavy smoke is emitting from the funnel during it's operation.


46. Which of the factors listed has the greatest effect on the mechanical efficiency of a diesel engine?


47. What describes the bore of a diesel engine?


48. What is an indication that there is a cracked cylinder head on a diesel engine?


49. A diesel engine indicator diagram has an area of 34 cm2 and a length of 17.5 cm. If the scale of the indicator spring is 1 mm=1.2 kg/cm2, what is the cylinder mean effective pressure?


50. Oil mist detector takes a succession of air samples from all the compartments within the crankcase. When is the oil mist detector alarm activates?


51. Main air compressor is use for starting of main engine at what pressure?


52. Injection lag in a diesel engine may be caused by __________.


53. The effect of a partially obstructed exhaust ports on a diesel engine is _______.


54. In the cylinder head of a two-stoke/cycle diesel engine, valves are used for ______.


55. Which of the terms listed represents the ratio between the highest and lowest fuel oil pressure at which the burners will remain ignited?


56. Theoretically, what are by products of perfect combustion in a diesel engine?


57. The control rack to a unit injector regulates fuel delivery by ____________.


58. What are he pinion gears used in main propulsion reduction gear mechanisms generally constructed of?


59. The amount of oil atomized by the return flow variable capacity atomizer, used with some automatically fired boilers, is controlled by the ________.


60. What pressure does a naturally aspirated diesel engine at full throttle have in an intake manifold?


61. How do you determine the engine displacementof the cylinder?


62. The boiler feedwater control valve varies the unity relationship between steam and water flow in what condition?


63. In comparison to straight flow mechanical atomizers, return flow atomizers provide relatively uniform atomization over a wide firing range due to the ________.


64. Before any auxiliary diesel engine hydraulic starting system is opened for servicing or repair, What should you do first?


65. What should you do to properly blowdown a boiler gage glass?


66. What is the reason why a corrosion by electrolytic action is uncommon in modern water-tube boilers?


67. Burned gas from each cylinder is directed to the exhaust manifold which is part of___________.


68. What harmful condition can result if a diesel engine is operated at very light loads for long period of time?


69. What is the proper way to quickly reduce high water level in a steaming boiler?


70. Which of the following procedures will tell you that the lube oil being used by the engine is still in good condition?


71. How is the amount of valve opening and closing being controlled in a single element feedwater regulator?


72. How is the firing range of a steam assisted fuel atomizer regulated, to cope with change in the steam demand?


73. In a properly designed boiler, which of the end points should be reached first?


74. Turbo-generator governing system maintains constant turbine speed by using a flyweight-actuated pilot valve to control hydraulic oil flow to a throttle valve operating cylinder which _____.


75. What is a practical way of checking for excessive fuel injection in one cylinder of an operating diesel engine?


76. What component nirmally stops an auxiliary turbine boiler feed pump?


77. The thermal energy produced by an internal combustion engine is transformed into ____________.


78. A bright shiny appearance of the sealing surfaces on diesel engine compression rings indicates ____________.


79. Which of the following reasons represents why the designed compression ratio of a gasoline engine is lower than that of a diesel engine?


80. Maintaining the lowest possible scavenging air temperatureat all times in a marine diesel engine is not recommended due to the possibility of the __________.


81. Piston ring located at the lowest groove is called _______.


82. During which of the listed piston strokes of a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine, is the piston moving downward?


83. In the event of a failure of the pneumatic control system, a multi-element feedwater regulator is designed to operate in what manner?


84. What is the use of Phosphate in the chemical treatment of boiler ?


85. What is the characteristic of a crankcase safety cover that differs from the other access doors?


86. A piston in a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine makes four strokes during each ______________.


87. What determines the number of events occurring in a cycle of operation in an internal combustion engine?


88. How is engine displacement calculated ?


89. Why do most large main propulsion diesel engines use a duplex lube oil strainer?


90. The minimum fuel oil delivery pressure required for efficient injection depends primarily on the __________.


91. What is the unit of Brake specific fuel consumption?


92. C1 - In the operating cycle of a four-stroke/cycle diesel engine, blowdown to exhaust manifold pressure must occur before the piston begins the exhaust stroke to minimize __________.


93. C1 - When starting a turbine driven boiler feed pump, care should be taken to ensure that the re-circulating valve is open, which of the following valves should be closed when starting?


94. C1 - What will happen if there is an Increased of the compression ratio of a diesel engine while maintaining the designed rate of fuel flow?


95. C1 - What is the other use of the boiler surface blow?


96. C1 - In a boiler equipped with an automatic feedwater regulator, what could cause erratic variations in the water level?


97. C1 - Water-tube boiler screen tubes protect which of the listed components from high furnace temperatures?


98. C1 - What do you call the rows of tubes installed along the walls, floor, and roof of the furnace?


99. C1 - What must be the appearance of a piston compression rings during inspection for an efficiently operating diesel engine?


100. C1 - Which type of feedwater regulator listed provides the MOST effective regulation of boiler water level under all operating conditions?


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