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1. Which type of flux should be used when soldering electrical wire connections and electronic components?.


2. The purpose of a heat sink, as frequently used with transistor is to?.


3. Values which can change continuously, such as temperature, pressure, or level are called:.


4. The signal representing the controlled condition along a separate provided for that purpose, for comparison with signal representing the command signal to form a signal representing the deviation.


5. These are the instruments installed in a main switchboard that are very necessary in synchronizing generators, together.


6. A 20 hp synchronous motor has a full load efficiency of 90% and operates at a power factor of 0.8 leading


7. The most practical way to control the voltage output of an AC generators is to vary the:.


8. An alternator switchboard has a synchroscope and synchronizing lamps.If the synchroscope is broken what step is essential before an alternator can be parallel with the bus?


9. What is the term used when the current flow from positive to negative charge?.


10. What is the cause why an AC generator would fail to pick up voltage?.


11. An alternator is being paralleled with one on the line.The frequency of the incoming alternator___


12. A network of 4 resistor, voltage source & galvanometer that makes precision resistance measurement by comparing unknown resistance with a known or standard resistance value___.


13. DC generator commutation can be corrected for armature reaction by the use:.


14. It is an electrical device that lowers the voltage and rises the amperes.


15. The possible causes why current leaks through the frame of electric motors that add to the breakdown of insulation are___.I


16. Prior to taking a resistance reading with a volt ohm millimeter, the zero setting must be adjusted.After clipping the two leads together, you find the adjustment knob did not return the pointers to zero


17. The coil wiring that carries only the coil current in a toggle switch is referred to as the : I


18. To achieve optimum monitoring of machinery spaces in case of fire, a complete fire detector installation should consist mainly of:.


19. The total power used up in a parallel circuit is___.


20. What is the system called where the current always flows in one and constant direction.


21. Direct current generators are fitted with interpoles to?.


22. What will you do first when using a megohmeter to determine which shunt field coil is grounded in a DC machine?.


23. When insulation breaks down within a metal encased portable tool.


24. The main difference between a circuit containing low voltage protection and low voltage release is that the former contains___.


25. How come that different operation of AC generator it could hardly maintain the maximum power required.


26. In an automated pneumatic control system, what do you call the increasing or decreasing the loading pressure by a set amount?.


27. Compressed air should not be used to clean motor controller equipment because_.


28. When connecting a three-phase induction motor where damage results from the wrong direction of rotation, you should___.


29. When you are troubleshooting a DC motor that fails to start, first thing to check:.


30. On a throttle control system, the auxiliary control circuits are provided with devices to prevent excessive over-travel of the pilot valve by the motor.What are these devices called?


31. Motor controller or starter contacts may become pitted and welded together if the contacts.


32. Which statement is correct concerning an analog device and a digital device?.


33. The steady state difference between the control point and the valve of the controlled variable, corresponding with the set point is known as___.


34. An electric controller for accelerating a motor from rest to normal speed and for stopping the motor and designed for starting a motor in either direction of rotation includes the additional function of reversing and should be designed a controlled:.


35. The automatic starting, stopping and reversing of DC motors is commonly accomplished by means of magnetically operated switches called___.


36. A term taken from the Greek word meaning


37. It is the best conductor material being used in an electrical circuit.


38. The most common method of producing electricity for electrical power is by:.


39. Valves and motors are commonly term as the:.


40. What will be the resistance of 60 watt bulb in a 120 volt line?.


41. Kilowatt load is divided between two DC generators operating in parallel by____.


42. The DC generator voltage is increased by:.


43. It will be the end voltage of a AC circuit if three connections in parallel namely 5 ohms impedance, 1 ohm resistor , 4 ohms reactance if the voltage source is 110 and current is 3 amps____.


44. At what percentage of an overload can most generators withstand?.


45. A three-phase, induction-type motor experiences an open in one phase. Which of the listed automatic protective devices will prevent the machine from being damaged?


46. Most three-phase induction motors used for driving engine room auxiliaries are started by __________.


47. When electrical cables penetrate watertight bulkheads, __________.


48. The purpose of an impressed current cathodic protection system aboard ship is to __________.


49. Routine maintenance of lead acid batteries should not include __________.


50. Before testing insulation with a megohmmeter, the windings of large machines should be grounded for about 15 minutes just prior to the test as the __________.


51. The multiple prefix 'tera' (T) means __________.


52. Which of the following devices should be used to measure the temperature of a battery electrolyte?


53. In a series circuit, which value will remain unchanged at all places in the circuit?


54. If the pointer fails to return to zero when a megger is disconnected, the __________.


55. Which of the following components are used to convert alternating current produced in the generator windings to direct current?


56. Line losses in a distribution circuit are kept to a minimum by __________.


57. Which of the listed conditions describes the effect on intrinsic semiconductor operation as a result of a temperature increase?


58. The final step in testing a circuit for a ground involves the use of a megohmmeter. A grounded switch or cable will be indicated by a megohmmeter reading of __________.


59. Which of the following statements is true concerning the cleaning of electrical contacts?


60. Which of the following describes the action when the handle is moved to the "start" position of a drum-type motor controller used with a compound motor?


61. The multiple prefix 'mega' (M) means __________.


62. To minimize magnetic field interaction between electrical conductors in physical proximity, it is best to keep them __________.


63. A nickel-cadmium battery is receiving a normal charge and gases freely. The charging current should __________.


64. Reduced voltage applied to a motor during the starting period will __________.


65. Armature cores in a DC generator are made of laminated steel sheets to __________.


66. The item referred to as a pigtail on a DC motor brush rigging is a/an __________.


67. What is residual magnetism?.


68. What electrical device is being used to protect both the motor and wiring from excessive resistance ? I- Circuit breaker II- Overload relay III- Safety fuse.


69. If a 65 HP engine drives a DC generator and if the generator has an efficiency of 85%, how many kilowatt does it deliver?.


70. The resistance of a conductor depends upon its length, cross-sectional area, ____.


71. What is the use of a reverse power relay?.


72. Thermistor are among second class of resistance thermometer utilizing elements made of semi-conducting material all of which have the characteristic of _____.


73. A capacitor discolored due to excessive heat should be___.


74. When two or more generators are connected in parallel, what device is used to disconnect a generator from the line if a generator starts drawing power from the line?.


75. A water soluble substance that is generally sour to the taste and is capable of reacting with a base solution to form a salt that contains hydrogen molecules or ions__.


76. As part of the electrical instrument maintenance on board, what should be adjusted?.


77. As an armature revolves within a magnetic field, friction is developed between therotated magnetized particles as they pass through each magnetization cycle.This result in


78. What is ohms law?.


79. The opposition of the establishment of magnetic line of force in a magnetic circuit is.


80. A synchronous AC machine that comprises a magnetic circuit interlinked with two electric circuits, or sets circuits, rotating with respect to each other and in which power is transferred from one circuit to another by electromagnetic induction.


81. How can the machineries or equipment be monitored of their respective performances, failures in a fully automated vessel?.


82. Before you remove a small capacitor which is connected to a de-energized circuit, or which is disconnected entirely, you should_.


83. In a motor, hot bearings indicate troubles.What is the safe operating temperature permissible for most bearings operating under normal operation?


84. The open circuit voltage of a fully charge lead-acid cell is ___ volts.


85. This is used to amplify the signal coming from the nozzle and flapper.It is found that without this, signal transmission and final actuation of the correcting unit would take too long making the arrangement impracticable


86. What is the maximum content in % of sulfur dioxide to be maintained in inert gas system on board tanker vessel?.


87. The distance between a generator and its load is 100 feet.What would be the approximate total voltage drop through a two wire supply cable if the current carried were 5


88. Decreasing the frequency in a capacitive circuit while holding circuit voltage constant will result in/an:.


89. Lighted pilot light at propulsion station indicates steer motor is__.


90. What is the equivalent 1 horsepower of an electric motor that develops a power of 858 watts?.


91. When the ship steering wheel on the navigation bridge is turned, the difference between the position of the wheel and that of the rudder is known as:.


92. Which of the listed faults cannot be eliminated, EXCEPT by turning or grinding a commutator with a rigidly supported tool?.


93. What kind of transformer where the high voltage winding is being entirely wound over the low Voltage winding?.


94. The condition of an electric DC circuit wherein the switch in place in


95. Purpose of transformer in AC to step the voltage of generators and lower___.


96. What will the material have if it retains a large part of their magnetization after the magnetizing force is removed?.


97. Adding resistance in series with the shunt field winding of a DC motor without a load, will cause the motor speed to:.


98. Which is the following is the first step in restoring the residual magnetism in a DC generator?.


99. The purpose of the synchroscope when paralleling generator is to:.


100. A small particle which is part of an atom that is said to have negative electrical charge.


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