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1. If the operating speed of a diesel engine increases without an apparent change in the engine control settings, you may suspect a __________.


2. Direct reversible main propulsion diesel engines would normally be fitted with a/an__________.


3. The direct acting mechanical governor used with some small diesel engines, controls fuel flow to the engine by __________.


4. The purpose of the compensating adjustment used in a diesel engine hydraulic governor is to __________.


5. When preparing to light off a cold boiler equipped with a return flow fuel oil system, the recirculating valve directs the flow of oil __________.


6. Which of the automatic boiler controls listed should be tested prior to lighting off an auxiliary boiler?


7. The purpose of designing some waste heat boilers with sinuous fire tubes, is to __________.


8. Which of the following is necessary for all waste heat boiler installations, regardless of design or manufacturer?


9. With which of the following types of diesel engine arrangements is a waste heat boiler most likely to produce the maximum steam pressure, temperature, and flow conditions?


10. Casing drains may be required on a waste heat boiler gas passage side to__________.


11. Constant capacity, pressure atomizing, fuel burners designed to meet a wide variation in steaming loads on an auxiliary boiler, are __________.


12. The primary function of a flame safeguard system, as used on an automatically fired auxiliary boiler, is to prevent __________.


13. A photoelectric cell installed in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler burner management system __________.


14. During unsafe firing conditions in a large automatic auxiliary boiler, various control actuators are interlocked with the burner circuit to prevent start-up, in addition to safety shutdown. These controls are referred to as __________.


15. The pressuretrol which is installed on an auxiliary boiler senses steam pressure changes and __________.


16. Which of the following statements describes how the fuel oil enters the whirling chambers of the sprayer plates used in a auxiliary boiler return flow fuel oil system?


17. The solenoid valves in the fuel oil supply line to an automatically fired auxiliary boiler, are automatically closed by __________.


18. A variable capacity, pressure atomizing, fuel oil burner functions to __________.


19. When the steam pressure drops below a set value on an automatically fired auxiliary boiler, fitted with rotary cup atomizers, the combustion control system will __________


20. Control of the fuel oil metering valve in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler is accomplished by a __________.


21. Which of the following types of feed water regulators is commonly used with a water-tube, natural circulation, auxiliary boiler?


22. Heavy soot accumulations in an auxiliary boiler could be caused by __________.


23. Burner ignition failure in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler would be caused by __________.


24. In the event of a flame failure in an auxiliary water-tube boiler, you must __________.


25. A burner producing black smoke in an automatic auxiliary boiler, would be caused by a/an __________.


26. A feed pump for an auxiliary boiler might lose suction if the __________.


27. A safety valve on an auxiliary boiler simmers constantly and cannot be stopped by several quick blow-offs using the hand relieving gear. The problem may be __________.


28. When checking for the presence of sulfite in the feed water of an auxiliary boiler, you are in essence checking __________.


29. Before any work is done on a burner in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler, you should always __________.


30. Before any work is to be carried out on a burner in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler, you should always __________.


31. Which of the listed items should be secured before performing any maintenance on a solenoid operated air start valve?


32. If a diesel engine has been stopped because of piston seizure due to severe overheating, the crankcase __________.


33. The principal hazard to personnel when using a diesel engine fuel nozzle tester is _______.


34. An immediate repair is required if a leak occurs in the high pressure fuel piping between the injection pump and fuel nozzle because of the __________.


35. Which of the following precautions should be taken when cleaning the air filter on a diesel engine equipped with a turbocharger?


36. Following the failure of one turbocharger on a large, crosshead, main propulsion diesel engine, fitted with multiple turbochargers, which of the following actions should be taken prior to further operation of the engine?


37. If a tube ruptures in a water-tube auxiliary boiler due to low water, you should ___________.


38. What is the best way of stopping an over speeding diesel engine?


39. If a crankcase explosion due to a hot spot were to occur, the size of the explosion is dependent on which of the following?


40. Which of the following oil mist to air ratios would most likely lead to the most severe crankcase explosion?


41. In the event of a crankcase rich oil mist to air mixture explosion, where the doors are blown off the engine, which of the following may occur after the initial explosion?


42. After stopping a diesel engine with a high main bearing temperature, what is the time one needs to wait before a diesel engine crankcase can be opened?


43. Which of the following is one of the ways to prevent a scavenging fire on a slow speed diesel engine


44. Oil in a scavenging air space on a slow speed diesel engine can be ignited by which of the following


45. If a scavenging air space fire occurs on a slow speed diesel engine and the engine is stopped, which of the following should be done to prevent distortion due to heat?


46. Which of the following would indicate a scavenging air fire in a slow speed diesel engine?


47. If a diesel engine were running at 20% overload with a smoky exhaust, you should__________.


48. In accordance with Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR Part 112), which of the listed starting aids is acceptable for use with the emergency diesel generator?


49. Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR Part 56) require steel tubing connections and fittings used with diesel fuel oil systems, to be either flared or __________.


50. In accordance with 46 CFR Part 46, diesel fuel oil system valves for removing water or impurities are __________.


51. The governor utilized with the device shown in the illustration has become inoperative while the vessel is underway at sea. Which of the following statements describes what action should be taken? Illustration MO-0119


52. A diesel engine operates erratically, over speeds, and fails to restart when cranked at normal speed. Which of the following problems is the most likely cause for the engine failing to restart?


53. The reversing cams of some four-stroke/cycle diesel engines are brought into position by __________.


54. A diesel generator governor is hunting. After changing the oil, the governor is flushed and the compensation needle valve is adjusted, but the hunting persists. You should NOW __________.


55. The most common contaminate of governor hydraulic fluid is __________.


56. If the compensating needle valve of a hydraulic governor is opened more than necessary the governor will __________.


57. ( A large change in ambient temperature, or using an oil of a viscosity different than the one recommended by the manufacturer in a mechanical hydraulic governor, will result in the need to adjust the __________.


58. Adjustments to the compensating needle valve in a hydraulic governor should be made with the engine at __________.


59. If the speeder spring of a main propulsion diesel engine governor breaks while operating at full load, the engine RPM will __________.


60. The hunting of a diesel engine may be caused by __________.


61. Governor hunting is caused by __________.


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