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1. In order to reverse the rotation of a two-stroke/cycle loop scavenged, direct reversing, propulsion diesel engine, the cam positions must be changed for the __________.


2. Intercoolers installed on starting air compressors, reduce the possibility of __________.


3. Which of the following devices is normally provided to prevent oil starvation in a diesel engine lubrication system utilizing the 'full flow' principle?


4. The lube oil pump used in a diesel engine is normally a __________.


5. A diesel engine exposed to widely varying ambient temperatures should use a lubricating oil with __________.


6. Two important considerations for the proper lubrication of a diesel engine include, the delivery of the oil in sufficient amount, and the __________.


7. A diesel engine should use which type of lubricating oil?


8. The highest indicated lube oil pressure in a diesel engine should be expected when the engine oil is _________.


9. The TBN value of diesel engine lube oil refers to its ability to __________.


10. Which lubricating oil additive is used in diesel engines to reduce the tendency for sludge and varnish to form on the engine parts?


11. On most modern diesel engines, the main and connecting rod bearings receive their lubricating oil by __________.


12. A well-lubricated bearing surface always appears __________.


13. Proper lubrication of the main bearings is more easily obtained in a single acting four- stroke/cycle diesel engine than in a single acting two-stroke/cycle diesel engine because __________.


14. Lube oil filters remove contaminants more efficiently if the oil being filtered is __________.


15. Which of the following should always be checked prior to starting a diesel engine?


16. Which of the listed diesel engine operating conditions should be checked immediately after any diesel engine is started?


17. The most crucial time for any bearing with regards to diesel engine lubrication is __________.


18. In a normally operating diesel engine, the main source of lubricating oil contamination in the crankcase is a result of the __________.


19. How often should the lubricating oil of a diesel engine be changed?


20. A spring-loaded relief valve is located on some lube oil filters in full flow systems to __________.


21. Most large main propulsion diesel engines use a duplex lube oil strainer to __________.


22. A magnetic strainer is primarily used in diesel engine reduction gear oil systems to remove small particles of __________.


23. Where would a coarse screen wire-mesh strainer normally be found on a diesel engine lubrication system?


24. What type of engine lubrication oil filter system sends filtered oil directly to the high pressure supply gallery?


25. In a by-pass type lubrication system for a diesel engine, the dirty oil line to the centrifuge should be taken from the __________.


26. Maximum lube system operating pressure for a diesel engine is normally regulated by a/an __________.


27. The lube oil cooler is located after the lube oil filter in order for __________.


28. Which of the following statements is true concerning a main diesel engine oil cooler?


29. Heat exchangers are most commonly found in a small auxiliary diesel engine __________.


30. Reduction gear lube oil temperatures for keel cooler installations are generally __________.


31. One advantage of a vacuum feed sight glass indicator used on cylinder lubricators over the discharge side liquid filled type sight glass is __________.


32. Mechanical lubricators for diesel engine cylinders are usually small reciprocating pumps which are __________.


33. The rate of cylinder lubricating oil metered to each cylinder of a large, low-speed, main propulsion diesel engine is __________.


34. The adverse effects of burning high sulfur fuel can be compensated for by using a cylinder oil having sufficient __________.


35. The purpose of an oil mist detector in a main propulsion diesel engine is to warn of __________.


36. Which of the following problems could develop due to the accumulation of oil vapors in the crankcase of a diesel engine?


37. Crankcase explosions in propulsion diesel engines result from __________.


38. For diesel engine piston cooling, lubricating oil can be supplied to the pistons by a/an __________.


39. Shaker, circulation, and spray are the three general methods used in __________.


40. The upper piston rings in large, slow-speed, two-stroke/ cycle diesel engines are most effectively lubricated by oil __________.


41. Wristpin bearings are difficult to lubricate because of their oscillating motion and __________.


42. A 'Blotter test' is a test performed on the lube oil of a diesel engine which can determine ______.


43. If the analysis of used lube oil indicates a high content of iron particles, this could indicate __________.


44. A decrease in the flash point of diesel engine lube oil indicates the lube oil has become __________.


45. Starting aids such as glow plugs, are installed on __________.


46. Precombustion chambers, and energy cells in high-speed, small bore diesel engines all serve to increase ________.


47. The purpose of the energy cell, or air cell, is to __________.


48. A multi-orifice fuel injection nozzle is usually used with which of the listed types of combustion chamber?


49. Open combustion chambers are designed to __________.


50. What type of marine engine has a fuel nozzle and combustion chamber located between two pistons in a common cylinder liner?


51. A diesel engine with a combustion chamber located between the crowns of two pistons is known as a/an __________.


52. Precombustion chambers differ from turbulence chambers in that precombustion chambers __________.


53. Starting aids, such as glow plugs, are usually installed on __________.


54. The desirable properties of a marine fuel oil should include __________.


55. With respect to diesel fuel, the ease with which a cold engine will start is dependent upon the __________.


56. The ignition quality of diesel fuel becomes LESS critical as __________.


57. The cetane number rates fuels for diesel engines according to its __________.


58. Which of the following statements is true concerning the cetane number of diesel fuel?


59. A mixture of 45% cetane and 55% alpha-methyl-naphthalene is found to have the same ignition delay as a sample of diesel oil. The sample can be described as having a/an __________.


60. For optimum results, centrifugal purification of heavy fuel oil should be accomplished with the fuel at the lowest practicable __________.


61. Which of the listed substances can be satisfactorily removed from diesel fuel by centrifuging?


62. Whether using a centrifuge or a simple filter, oil cleaning and filtration will be the most effective when the oil is at a __________.


63. How may water be removed from the bowl of the separator?


64. Which of the following statements represents the working principle of the water transducer used with the separator?


65. What is used as the primary operating medium during the sludge discharge cycle?


66. Where does the shoot cycle operating liquid first come in contact with the rotating forces?


67. The replacement piping for diesel engine high pressure fuel systems must be the same length and diameter as the original piping to __________.


68. Which of the listed types of gasket material should be used on high pressure fuel oil lines on a diesel engine?


69. To minimize corrosion, fuel oil strainer disks, spacers and scraper blades are made of __________.


70. For a continuous operation diesel engine, a duplex filter unit would be the best arrangement because __________.


71. Cooling the intake air supplied to a diesel engine will __________.


72. A large, low-speed, main propulsion diesel engine uses sea water to directly cool the __________.


73. An increase in the air inlet manifold pressure of a diesel engine will result in a/an __________.


74. In a naturally aspirated diesel engine, the volume of air intake is directly associated with engine __________.


75. What is the function of the after coolers installed in the diesel engine air intake system?


76. Which of the air intake systems listed will result in the lowest specific fuel consumption?


77. Compared to a naturally aspirated diesel engine, a supercharged diesel engine has __________.


78. A naturally aspirated diesel engine at full throttle will have an intake manifold pressure __________.


79. The power consumed during the scavenging process of a diesel engine is known as the __________.


80. The exhaust system for a turbocharged diesel engine functions to __________.


81. Exhaust pipes for separate main propulsion diesel engines can be combined only when __________.


82. One of the factors limiting the amount of load which can be put on a modern marine diesel engine is the __________.


83. In a diesel engine exhaust system, the cooling of the exhaust gases below their dew point, will result in __________.


84. The most common instrument used to measure diesel engine exhaust pressure is the __________.


85. Which of the diesel engine exhaust mufflers listed is usually equipped with a spark arrestor?


86. A water jacket is placed around the exhaust manifolds of propulsion diesel engines to __________.


87. In a diesel engine closed freshwater cooling system employing a radiator, proper water temperature can be obtained by __________.


88. A three-way thermostatic control valve regulates the diesel engine cooling water temperature by passing a portion of the water __________.


89. In a diesel engine jacket water cooler, with seawater cooling the fresh water, the __________.


90. Using a cooling water temperature of 225°F (107.2°C), instead of 180°F (82.2°C) in an auxiliary diesel engine, will __________.


91. If the jacket water temperature rises rapidly above normal in a diesel engine, you should FIRST __________.


92. Diesel engine jacket water is used in the fresh water distillation process as the __________.


93. What would be considered a normal temperature increase between the inlet and outlet jacket cooling water of a medium or high-speed diesel engine operating at normal load?


94. In a diesel engine starting motor equipped with a Bendix drive, the pinion moves and meshes with the flywheel ring gear due to __________.


95. Which of the following operating characteristics of the Bendix drive friction clutch is associated with a Bendix drive starter?


96. A Bendix drive starting motor disengages the drive gear from the flywheel by __________.


97. The pinion of an auxiliary diesel electric starting motor normally engages the flywheel ring gear by means of a/an __________.


98. ( Electric starting motors for diesel engines require high current for operation and ________.


99. Auxiliary diesel engine electric starting motors use __________.


100. Diesel engine electric starting motors generally require heavier duty motors and operate at higher voltages than comparable starting motors for gasoline engines due to __________.


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