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1. A MODU must have a self-contained breathing apparatus to be used as protection from gas leaking from a refrigeration unit. To meet this requirement, you may use __________.


2. The litter on a MODU must be capable of __________.


3. Each buoyant work vest on a MODU must be __________.


4. For use as protection from gas leaking from a refrigeration unit, each MODU must be equipped with a __________.


5. A minor heat burn of the eye should be treated by __________.


6. The immersion suit requirements for MODUs apply to units operating in the Atlantic Ocean __________.


7. A MODU is inclined at an angle of loll. In the absence of external forces, the righting arm (GZ) is __________.


8. According to 46 CFRs Part 199, for each passenger vessel normally operating above 32 degrees north latitude, the minimum number of immersion suits to be carried for each lifeboat is at least __________.


9. The light on a personal flotation device on a MODU must be replaced __________.


10. Each hand portable, semi-portable, and fixed fire extinguishing unit on a MODU must be tested and inspected at least once every __________.


11. Each person on a MODU carrying immersion suits must wear the exposure suit in a boat drill, or participate in a drill which includes donning the suit and being instructed in its use at least once every __________.


12. In the event of a fire, the doors to a stair tower must be closed to prevent the spread of fire by __________.


13. Severe airway burns will cause __________.


14. Which of the listed substances is not susceptible to spontaneous combustion?


15. Burning diesel oil should be treated as which class of fire?


16. The required periodic inspection of MODU lifeboat winch control apparatus must include __________.


17. Which of the listed characteristics applies to a semiportable CO2 system?


18. If your vessel has a starboard list after taking on fuel, you would transfer fuel __________.


19. During the required periodic boat drill aboard a MODU, each person not assigned duties as per the Muster List ("Station Bill") is __________.


20. Which is the best way to ensure adequate oxygen is present for safe entry into a seldom used cargo tank?


21. The first action in the treatment of a person suspected of having airway burns is to __________.


22. Halon 1301 enters the fire area as a __________.


23. You are involved in an emergency landing of a helicopter on the water. You should inflate your life jacket __________.


24. If the metacentric height is large, a floating MODU will __________.


25. A fire in the paint locker would probably be __________.


26. The person-in-charge of a MODU shall insure that the fuel tank of each motor-propelled lifeboat is emptied, and the fuel is changed at least once every __________.


27. A vessel would most likely develop a list if you were __________.


28. The person-in-charge shall insure that each lifeboat on a MODU is lowered to the water, launched, and operated at least once every __________.


29. Each EPIRB required on a MODU shall be tested using the integrated test circuit and output indicator every __________.


30. How often must the emergency generator be tested on a mobile offshore drilling unit?


31. Each emergency generator on a mobile offshore drilling unit, when tested, must be run under a full load for at least __________.


32. If the empty weight of a B-III semi-portable CO2 fire extinguisher is 35 lbs (15.9 kg), what is its full charged weight?


33. The fireman outfits required for MODUs are not to be used for any other purpose except for __________.


34. If a boiler has been laid up dry for an extended period, it will be unsafe to enter the steam and water drum immediately after it has been opened, as there may be ________


35. When treating a chemical burn, you should flood the burned area for at least __________.


36. How many people onboard a MODU must be trained in the use of the fireman's outfit?


37. A fire in a fuel oil settling tank is a __________.


38. Fire axes required on MODUs must be stored in the enclosure for fire hoses with the location marked '__________.'


39. If not attached to the nozzle, each low velocity spray applicator on a MODU must be stowed __________.


40. If fuel oil is burned from the port side tanks alone, the ship will __________.


41. Before entering any space that has been sealed, its oxygen level should be tested. What level of oxygen in the space is equal to fresh air?


42. Chemical burns are caused by the skin coming in contact with __________.


43. Each distress signal and self-activated smoke signal must be replaced not later than the marked date of expiration, or from the date of manufacture, not later than __________.


44. The material or substance involved in a class "B" fire can be burning __________.


45. A qualified person must be assigned as the second in command of a lifeboat on a MODU if the lifeboat has a capacity of more than __________.


46. The master or person-in-charge of a MODU shall insure that each deck from which lifeboats are launched is __________.


47. Clogged limber holes can endanger a ship's stability by __________.


48. One life preserver or buoyant work vest is required to be worn on a MODU when a person is __________.


49. Which of the following precautions should be taken when treating burns caused by contact with dry lime?


50. Which of the fire extinguishing agents listed doesn not uses a chain breaking action to put out a fire?


51. At the required fire drill conducted aboard a MODU, all persons must report to their stations and demonstrate their ability to perform the duties assigned to them __________.


52. The person on a MODU who is responsible for maintaining the engineering spaces in a clean and sanitary condition is the __________.


53. Which of the following would be considered a Class "B" fire?


54. The document certifying the correctness of the load line marks on a MODU is called the __________.


55. A load line is assigned to a MODU to insure adequate stability and __________.


56. Compliance with the terms of the load line certificate on a MODU is the responsibility of the __________.


57. Periodic surveys to renew the load line assignment for a MODU must be made at intervals not exceeding __________.


58. If a person is unconscious as a result of an electric shock, you should first remove the victim from the electrical source and then __________.


59. Fire fighting agents, such as Halon and Purple K, suppress the fire by __________.


60. Under the regulations implementing MARPOL, a mobile offshore drilling unit is required to have an International Oil Pollution Prevention (IOPP) certificate when the unit __________.


61. The International Oil Pollution Certificate required by MARPOL is issued to U.S. flag MODUs by the __________.


62. Burning paint, turpentine, or grease would be an example of which of the following classes of fire?


63. The International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate on a MODU is valid for a period of __________.


64. Who is responsible for reporting a casualty for a mobile offshore drilling unit?


65. Who shall insure that all records required by regulations are retained onboard a mobile offshore drilling unit involved in a casualty?


66. In the event of a casualty to a MODU, who is responsible to make records available to the Coast Guard official authorized to investigate the casualty?


67. The master or person-in-charge of a MODU is required to submit a casualty report of an international grounding under what condition?


68. Since electrical burn victims have been subjected to electric shock, the first medical response is to check for __________.


69. Halogenated fire extinguishing agents such as Halon 1301 extinguish fires by __________.


70. The master or person-in-charge of a MODU is required to submit a casualty report of an intentional grounding when __________.


71. In the case of an injury, causing a person to be incapacitated for more than 72 hours, the master or person- in-charge of a mobile offshore drilling unit must submit a report to __________.


72. Which of the following substances is to be considered as fuel for a class "B" fire?


73. Where would you find the FCC authorization for transmitting on your rig's EPIRB?


74. After having activated the emergency position indicating radio beacon, you should _________


75. What should you do with your emergency position indicating radio beacon if you are in a liferaft during storm conditions?


76. How often is the line throwing appliance required to be tested on a mobile offshore drilling unit?


77. When a rescuer discovers an electrical burn victim in the vicinity of electrical equipment or wiring, his first step is to __________.


78. Which of the listed precautions should be taken when testing a line throwing gun?


79. You are in a survival craft broadcasting a distress message. What information would be essential to your rescuers?


80. During an evacuation from a MODU, an individual without the option of a survival craft or liferaft should enter the water on the leeward side, except when __________.


81. With no alternative but to jump from a MODU, the correct posture should include __________.


82. After being launched from a MODU, a totally enclosed survival craft which has been afloat over a long period of time, requires __________.


83. On offshore drilling units, the lifeboat fuel tanks must be emptied and the fuel changed at least once every __________.


84. Who is charged with appointing persons to be in command of the lifeboats and/or liferafts on a mobile offshore drilling units?


85. A self-righting survival craft will return to an upright position provided that all personnel __________.


86. Which of the following classes of fire would probably occur in the fire room bilges?


87. In a typical automatic fire alarm system, which of the listed actions will not cause an indication of a fire to be given in the annunciator cabinet?


88. The purpose for the bag or box on top of some survival craft is to __________.


89. Who is responsible for lowering the survival craft?


90. To activate an air regeneration canister on a survival craft, you __________.


91. The air regeneration canister on a survival craft is designed to __________.


92. The air regeneration canister on a survival craft should last approximately __________.


93. When abandoning a MODU, following the launching of the survival craft you should __________.


94. When the scuppers are plugged and an oil spill occurs on deck, you should __________.


95. Fire detecting systems on merchant vessels may be arranged to sense the following, except __________.


96. According to regulations, the capacity of a liferaft is required to be marked __________.


97. The difference between the starboard and port drafts caused by a transverse shift in weight is called __________.


98. In the Oil Record Book, a comprehensive list of operational items are grouped into operational sections. Each section is codified by a/an __________.


99. Subtracting the height of the center of gravity corrected for longitudinal free surface effects from the height of the longitudinal metacenter of a MODU yields __________.


100. On a MODU, when may a work vest be substituted for a required life preserver?


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