Assessment Test

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1. When securing a fuel oil heater, you should __________.


2. Too high exhaust gas temperature in all cylinders is cause by the following except________.


3. When the prime movers of two paralleled generators are equipped with mechanical-hydraulic governors, and are operating within their designed range, the unit with the least amount of speed droop will _____________.


4. A large change in ambient temperature, or using an oil of a viscosity different than the one recommended by the manufacturer in a mechanical hydraulic governor, will result in the need to adjust the __________.


5. If the jacket water temperature rises rapidly above normal in a diesel engine, you should FIRST __________.


6. The amount of fuel delivered for each cycle must be in accordance with the engine load, and the same quantity of fuel must be delivered to each cylinder for each power stroke at that load. Which of the following statements describes this requirement?


7. The watch engineer finds the refrigeration compressor has blown the shaft seal. In this situation, he should __________.


8. In a diesel engine cooling system, the high temperature alarm contact maker will be activated on excessively high water discharge temperature from the _________.


9. Before using a boiler compressed air soot blower system, you should __________.


10. On a diesel engine equipped with individual jerk type fuel pumps, adjustments should be bade to the tappets (push rods) of the pumps to __________.


11. On tank vessels using an automatic tape wells, free movement of the tape is normally checked by _____.


12. Failure of the speeder spring in a mechanical governor will __________.


13. An individual fuel injection pump is designed for variable beginning and constant ending of injection. For diesel engines operating a generator at constant speeds, the start of injection will ________.


14. What changes in valve timing will tend to increase the cooling effect on the exhaust valve in a four-stroke cycle turbocharged diesel engine?


15. Compensating needle valve adjustments to a hydraulic governor should be made with the engine __________.


16. If the fire ignites in the engine room as a result of a high pressure fuel oil leak, you should first ______.


17. What condition shall the chief engineer officer consult with the master whether or not to maintain the same engineering watch as when under way?


18. If the engineer on watch is doubtful of the accuracy of water level in the boiler gauge glass, he should ____.


19. Which of the following conditions should be immediately reported to the engineering officer on watch?


20. In relieving watch, the outgoing duty engineer should ________________.


21. When there is sufficient reason that the relieving officer is not capable of watch keeping duties, the outgoing in charge of the engineering watch should ________________.


22. For equal amounts of fuel injected, what change in condition will have the greatest effect on the mean effective pressure in the cylinder of a diesel engine?


23. Which of the following problems may occur if the opening pressure of a fuel injection nozzle is greater than specified by the engine manufacturer?


24. When the diesel engine hydraulic governor is operating at controlled speed, which of the relationships listed will occur between the edges of the pilot valve and the ports of the pilot valve bushings?


25. The amount of fuel injected into a cylinder by a unit injector is controlled by __________.


26. In a jerk pump, the amount of fuel that will be forced through the spray nozzle on each upward stroke of the plunger depends on ____________.


27. If the valve lash on a diesel engine is set improperly, which of the following statements represents the most serious problem that can develop?


28. In testing the boiler water for chloride content will indicate the amount of ____.


29. Prior to engaging the turning gear, precautions should be taken to________________.


30. Before the turning gear is engaged, precaution should be taken to________________.


31. What is the proper way of storing an oxygen and acetylene cylinders?


32. Which of the following conditions will tend to increase the ignition delay period of combustion in a compression ignition engine?


33. The watch engineer has been unable to transfer the fuel oil to the settling tank while underway. As the tank level is becoming dangerously low, the engineer should now __________.


34. The rate of pressure rise during the period following fuel ignition in a diesel engine is influenced by the length of the ignition delay period and the __________.


35. During engine warm-up, the expansion of cylinder head valve stems due to the buildup of engine heat, is compensated for by the ___________.


36. When there is a fire in an electric motor, normally the first step is to ___________.


37. If a diesel engine has been stopped because of piston seizure due to severe overheating, the crankcase ___________.


38. Why are hydraulic cranes being properly warmed up before they are used?


39. The possibility of a diesel engine crankcase explosion will be increased by operating an engine __________.


40. Cylinder oil is used for _________.


41. Injection lag in a diesel engine may be caused by __________.


42. What maybe the cause of injection lag in a diesel engine?


43. A pneumercator is an instrument used to indicate _____.


44. The expansion tank for the jacket cooling water which is a closed cooling type is used to ___________.


45. A good housekeeping on a vessel prevents fires by _________.


46. What reading will be obtained if we use a dry uncoated sounding rod or tape to measure the depth of water in a reserve feed water tank?


47. A dirty atomizer sprayer plate in the burner of an auxiliary boiler, would be indicated by ________.


48. A change in engine speed is required before a governor is able to make a corrective movement of fuel rack. This aspect of governing is commonly expressed as a percent and is known as ___________.


49. Reduction gear lube oil temperatures for keel cooler installations are generally _________.


50. Salinity cells are strategically installed in flash type distilling units to indicate the _____. I. presence of leaks in the flash chambers II. quantity of the distillate produced


51. Engine protection by means of an alarm or shutdown control can be obtained with devices that are sensitive to ___________. I. temperature II. pressure III. engine speed


52. What would be the result of adding phosphate compounds into the cooling system of a diesel engine? I. Protect the coolant from freezing II. Protect metallic surfaces from the corrosion


53. With regards to a diesel engine crankcase explosion, the most violent is the ________. I. primary explosion II. secondary explosion


54. A large low speed main propulsion diesel engine may become overloaded by ________. I. A heavily fouled hull II. Strong head winds and heavy seas


55. The exhaust system for a turbocharged two-stroke /cycle diesel engine functions to _______. I. discharge exhaust gases and smoke II. furnish energy to the turbocharger III. reduce engine room noise


56. If oil is dripping from the burner of a coil-type auxiliary steam generator, the cause may be _______. I. the oil valve not seating properly II. a loose boiler burner nozzle III. carbon on the burner nozzle causing deflection of oil spray


57. If the fuel/air ratio in an automatically fired auxiliary boiler is insufficient, the result could lead to _______. I. inefficient combustion II. dark smoke III. automatic shutdown


58. The control system for a controllable pitch propeller can be programmed _____________. I. to produce a maximum combined propeller and engine efficiency between pitch and a give engine speed II. For continuous operation of the engine at preset conditions


59. If a crankcase explosion occurs in a diesel engine, you should stop the engine and ___________.


60. If the load on a diesel engine equipped with an isochronous hydraulic governor is increased, after compensation is performed by the governor, the engine speed will _________.


61. Prolonged operation of a diesel engine with a closed cooling water system, at lower than normal designed operating temperatures can ________.


62. One remedy for a high firing pressure, in addition to a high exhaust temperature in one cylinder of a diesel engine, is to __________.


63. When an auxiliary boiler is panting and emitting black smoke, you should ______.


64. A large, low-speed, main propulsion diesel engine is operating at 80% load and normal speed while the vessel is in calm seas. As the intensity of the seas increase, the engine speed governor maintains the same RPM, although the load indicator indicates an increase in load beyond its allowable limits. Which of the following actions should be taken?


65. In diesel engines, hydraulic valve lifters are used to _________.


66. Some diesel engine are fitted with a thermometer in the cooling water outlet from each cylinder. If the cooling water temperature from cylinders begins to rise above normal, you should suspect ________.


67. In a diesel engine exhaust system, the cooling of the exhaust gases below their dew point, will result in ______.


68. Which condition could cause the feed pump of an auxiliary boiler to lose suction?


69. Which of the following statements is true concerning low pressure distilling units?


70. Which of the following will have the greatest effect on the mean effective pressure in a cylinder of a diesel engine operating at normal load?


71. Some fuel injection systems utilize port-and-helix metering. Which of the following statement describes a system ‘timed for port closing’?


72. An engine with high exhaust temperature but low compression is due to_____________ .


73. Which of the following conditions could cause black smoke to be discharged from the stack of an auxiliary boiler equipped with turbine-driven rotary cup atomizers?


74. What is the purpose of a hydraulic valve lash adjuster?


75. The highest pressure in any closed diesel engine freshwater cooling system is at the ____.


76. Increasing the load on an engine using a double-helix type injection pump varies the effective stroke of the pump to start __________.


77. During a routine round of a diesel engine generator, you observe a low oil level in the governor sump. If there is no visible sign of external leakage, you should suspect the cause to be a/an ________.


78. The longer ignition delay period resulting from the use of low cetane fuel, will result in ___________________.


79. The bearing used to support the crankshaft of a diesel engine are generally called _________.


80. If the intake, or exhaust valve stem clearance is found to be excessive, in addition to too little movement of the rocker arms, you should check for __________.


81. An indication of excessive soot accumulation on boiler water tubes and economizer surfaces is due to____.


82. The overspeeding of the diesel engine driving an electric generator could cause _____.


83. Steam drum water level indicators must be calibrated to compensate for density differences between the indicated drum water level, and the actual drum water level. If no compensation is made, the indicator will show a _____.


84. Before using the steam soot blowers of boiler at sea, you should __________.


85. Which of the substances listed is satisfactorily removed from the fuel b a centrifugal oil purifier?


86. Diesel engine automated control systems may utilize sensing devices of dual function, with sensing ranges providing both alarm and engine shut down capability. Which of the key points listed would only require an alarm sensor?


87. The primary objective of the auxiliary exhaust system is to supply steam to the _____.


88. You would not see a flow through the sight glass of the lube oil gravity tank overflow line when the __________.


89. An AC diesel generator incapable of being paralleled with the main bus normally employs an isochronous governor in order to ___________.


90. You are standing watch in the engine room, with an auxiliary boiler. You should blow down a gage glass periodically to ______.


91. The term ‘proper metering’ as applied to a diesel fuel injection system, can be best defined as __________.


92. In a diesel engine, the spring force required for proper valve operation is determined by ___________.


93. Adjustments to the compensating needle valve in a hydraulic governor should be made with the engine at ____________.


94. The pressure differential across a diesel engine lube oil system duplex, filter should be checked to _________.


95. During diesel engine warm-up, which type of valve lash adjuster compensates for the change in the length of the exhaust valve stem?


96. Before the seas get rough, it is a good safety practice to _________.


97. If a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine is overspeeding due to leakage of lube oil into the cylinders, what should you do to stop the engine?


98. Prior to taking over the engineering watch, which of following responsibilities shall an officer of an engineering watch rely to the incoming watch?


99. Fuel oil enters the main engine cylinder through ______________.


100. If the valve tappets in a diesel engine are set at greater clearances than those specified by the engine manufacturer, those valves will __________.


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