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1. You are approaching a sea buoy which emits a racon signal. This signal is triggered by which type of radar?


2. Vessels required to have an Automatic Radar Plotting Aid must have a device to indicate the __________.


3. You are scanning the radar screen for a buoy fitted with racon. How should this signal appear on the PPI display?


4. Vessel required to have an Electronic Plotting Aid (EPA) must have a device to indicate the __________.


5. How many targets can an Electronic Plotting Aid (EPA) track at the same time?


6. An Electronic Plotting Aid (EPA) will drop off a target's vector is more than __________ minutes elapse between each manual plot.


7. Your ship is steaming at night with the gyro-pilot engaged. You notice that the vessel's course is slowly changing to the right. Which action should you take FIRST?


8. A navigator fixing a vessel's position by radar __________.


9. A line of position derived by radar range from an identified point on a coast will be a(n) __________.


10. A radar display in which North is always at the top of the screen is a(n) __________.


11. The radar control used to reduce sea return at close ranges is the __________.


12. Your radar indicates a target; however, there is no visible object at the point indicated. A large mountain, approximately 50 miles away on the same bearing as the target, is breaking the horizon. You should suspect the radar target is caused by _______


13. An indirect radar echo is caused by a reflection of the main lobe of the radar beam off the observer's vessel. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of indirect echoes?


14. A low HDOP (Horizontal Dilution of Precision) number such as 2 indicates a __________


15. You have been observing your radar screen and notice that a contact on the screen has remained in the same position, relative to you, for several minutes. Your vessel is making 10 knots through the water. Which statement is TRUE?


16. Which general statement concerning radar is FALSE?


17. Your ARPA has two guard zones. What is the purpose of the inner guard zone?


18. What is TRUE of the history display of a target's past positions on an ARPA?


19. The description "Racon" beside an illustration on a chart would mean a __________.


20. A radar range to a small, charted object such as a light will provide a line of position in which form?


21. Radar reflectors are required for __________.


22. A single vertical magnet placed underneath the compass in the binnacle is used to compensate for __________.


23. A vessel heading NNW is on a course of __________.


24. A vessel is heading magnetic northwest and its magnetic compass reads a heading of 318 deg. What action should be taken to remove this error dutring compass adjustment?


25. Deviation in a compass is caused by the __________.


26. It is a coefficient used to identify the semicircular deviation which is proportional to the cosine of the compass heading?


27. Magnetic compass deviation __________.


28. Magnetism which is present only when the material is under the influence of an external field is called __________.


29. Magnets are placed in horizontal trays in the compass binnacle to compensate for the __________.


30. The directive force of a gyrocompass __________.


31. The Flinders bar on a magnetic compass compensates for the __________.


32. The most accurate method of determining gyrocompass error while underway is by __________.


33. The permanent magnetism of a vessel may change in strength due to __________.


34. The total magnetic effects which cause deviation of a vessels compass can be broken down into a series of components which are referred to as __________.


35. The vertical component of the Earths magnetic field causes induced magnetism in vertical soft iron. This changes with latitude. What corrects for this coefficient of the deviation?


36. To find a magnetic compass course from a true course you must apply __________.


37. True heading differs from magnetic heading by __________.


38. The principal purpose of magnetic compass adjustment is to __________.


39. What coefficient is proportional to the sine of the compass heading?


40. What does RADAR stands for?


41. The Components that generates the radio-frequency energy in the form of short powerful pulse is the:


42. An increase in temperature with an increase in altitude would tend to cause:


43. A large ship close by may cause __________ .


44. It is the term used at the instant an electro-magnetic wave is apssing by an obstruction between two places?


45. it is equivalent to one complete oscillation.


46. After sailing for several minutes (making 10 knots through the water) and in constant monitoring of your radar screen , you noticed that a contact has remained in the same position relative to yours; what could be the possible conclusion of the scenario?


47. On a relative motion radar, the closest point of approach (CPA) of a contact is determined __________.


48. When using radar plotting, there are two ways in doing manual plotting. One of these is by ___________.


49. What is the difference in intensity of the illumination of the radar scope between radar images and the background of the screen?


50. What is the Shift in the frequency of a received radio signal due to the relative motion of the transmitter and the receiver?


51. Radar is an equipment that can easily analize the situation if the user __________.


52. What is a type of radar tube with two electrodes. Its node is a hollow cylindrical block copper containing a ring of cylindrical cavities in its wall. These are placed between two poles of powerful magnet?


53. Gibraltar port Control or Lloyd signal station is controlled by United Kingdom. They normally monitor the vessel thru radar surveilance. What particular questions they do not require?


54. The following are unwanted echoes, except ___________.


55. In confined waters WHICH of the following equiptment becomes more reliable in obtaining vessel's position?


56. To ensure that a RACON signal is visible in the 3cm. radar, one should ensure that the _____________.


57. In order to calculate course and speed of a target and determine whether the risk of collision shall exist it is prefferable to use the ARPA in ____________


58. What type of radar enhance to maximum visibility in marginal weather condition?


59. A choppy sea produces this unwanted echo __________.


60. What is defined as the radar control that reduces weak echoes to a limited distance from the ship?


61. Which electronic navigation system is considered old fashion but still in use to the present as per SOLAS regulation?


62. These may occur when a strong echo is received from another ship at close range is _____________.


63. Which is the average number of pulses per unit time?


64. In marine navigation, radar signal is _______.


65. The duration or length of a single pulse of a radar is _______.


66. PPI display of a radar means _______.


67. The bending of a wave as it passes an obstruction is called _____.


68. The scattering and absorption of the energy in the radar beam as it passes through the atmosphere is called _____.


69. The ability of a radar to separate targets close together on the same bearing is called _______.


70. Echoes in radar from two or more targets close to each other at the same range may emerge to form a single echo. The ability of a radar to separate this is called ________.


71. In ARPA, which of the following is TRUE?


72. The transmission time duration of a single pulse of radio-frequency energy is a function of the _______.


73. An upper layer of warm, dry air over a surface layer of a cold, moist air causes which of the following?


74. If a layer of cold, moist air over rides a shallow layer of warm, dry air, which of the following may occur?


75. When radar waves are trapped in a layer of the atmosphere called a surface radio duct, which of the following would be created?


76. The ability of a radar to distinguish separate targets on the same bearing but having small differences in range is called which of the following?


77. Spoking would be indicated on the radar receiver by _______.


78. The common frequencies used in merchant radar are approximately _______


79. An identification of ships, coastal areas and other targets, good range and range resolution are important because they _______.


80. A wide vertical scanner beam is important in heavy weather to _______.


81. The relative motion line, when extended past the represented position of the observer's ship, shows _______.


82. The characteristics on which range resolution depends is _______.


83. The characteristics on which bearing resolution depends is _______.


84. Which is the most accurate position by RADAR fix?


85. Which is the name of movable,radial guide line used to measure direction in the RADAR?


86. RADAR makes the most accurate determination of __________.


87. Which is the difference in the intensity of the illumination of the RADAR scope between RADAR images and background of screen?


88. Which component of the RADAR system must a returning echo strikes first?


89. Which tend to cause the rapid decrease of temperature as the altitude increases?


90. Which RADAR operation is caused by the upper layer of warm,dry air over a surface of cold,moist air?


91. Which term refers to the combination of bending of the wave as it passes an obstuction?


92. when a strong echo is received from another ship at close range, this may result to_____________.


93. Which bridge equipment is used in determining the distance to and direction of objects by sending out a beam of microwave radio energy and detectingthe return reflections?


94. If the radio signal ground wave extends out for less distance than the minimum skywave distance, there is an area in which no signal is received. This is called the __________.


95. Coral atolls, or a chain of islands at right angles to the radar beam, may show as a long line rather than as individual targets due to __________.


96. With regard to GPS, a civilian receiver may be capable of achieving the same accuracy as a military receiver if __________.


97. You are using a radar in which your own ship is shown at the center, and the heading flash always points to 0°. If bearings are measured in relation to the flash, what type of bearings are produced?


98. What is the approximate wave length of an X Band Radar operating on a frequency of approximately 9500 MHz?


99. You have another ship overtaking you close aboard to starboard. You have 3 radar targets bearing 090° relative at ranges of .5 mile, 1 mile, and 1.5 miles. In this case, the unwanted echoes are called __________.


100. Your ARPA has been tracking a target and has generated the targets course and speed. The radar did not receive a target echo on its last two scans due to the weather. What should you expect under these circumstances?


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